- Reprinted(typed?) by Marc at epsilon from the - June/July 1986 issue of Bulletin Board S

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- Reprinted(typed?) by Marc at epsilon from the - June/July 1986 issue of Bulletin Board Systems Magazine. SPECIAL INTERESTS Paranet BBS Explores Fringe Sciences In James J. Speiser's opinion, the exploration of paranormal phenomenon is beset by two warring camps. On one side are the believers, who Speiser says have been accused of careless or even fraudulent research. On the other side are scientists who close their minds to anything other than mainstream science. "Unfortunately, for those of us in the middle, caught in a seemingly endless cycle of ignorance, the questions always get posed in the likes of The National Enquirer, while the "answers" are published in the Skeptical Inquirer. What you have are two monologues, where there should be one dialogue." To encourage such a dialogue, Speiser started ParaNet/The Other Side, an Arizona bulletin board dedicated to "filling the information gap between believers and non-believers in the fringe sciences." The unusual is the ordinary on Speiser's BBS. It regularly deals with Unidentified Flying Objects, astral projection, mysterious burning deaths, extrasensory perception, reincarnation and the possibility of plesiosaurs in our lakes. "Man is surrounded by mysteries," said Speiser. "His Fascination with the unknown is as old as knowledge itself. But untill now, much of our ignorance of these subjects could be ascribed to lack of suitable mass communications. Many of the myths surrounding these mysteries were propagated because there was no way to get the right knowledge to the right people." The BBS is operated by The National Fringe Sciences Information Service in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It is the flagship board of the ParaNet System, which is a planned network of such boards around the country, dedicated to the enlightenment of individuals seeking the truth about the paranormal. "I envision ParaNet as a series of bulletin boards around the country, collecting data in the form of new and significant studies, and disseminating it to interested individuals, including high school and college students, housewives, telecommunications magazine editors, and theoretical physicists," said Speiser. He said he expects and welcomes challenge and skepticsm and hopes that not only scientists but also average people will take part in the dialogue. The BBS includes brief reports of unusual occurrences, such as a fireball spotted over Vancouver, British Columbia in Febuary and an obituary for Edgar Cayce biographer Gladys Davis Turner. Other files include an article on ancient astronauts and several on UFOs. Speiser's BBS uses the BBS-PC software. It's open twenty-four hours at 602-837-0062. His voice number is 602-837-9838. The UFO Information Service in Seattle, Washington, share's Paranet's interest in UFOs. The board stocks both news articles and research reports and is used primarily by researchers, doctors, military brass, and other experts in the field. The BBS, which requires sysop verification for access, is online at 206-722-5738


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