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Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 November 10, 1990 ARKCOV1.ASC -------------------------------------------------------------------- a clipping taken from the LA Times, March 15, 1982 Ark of the Covenant FOUND?? Tom Crotser, leader of a recent expedition to uncover the Ark of the Covenant, says his find has been supported by a Jordanian archeologist. Samir Ghisan said he knows of the corridor on Mount Pisgah that Crotser claims leads to the chamber containing the fabled Ark. Ghisan, now at Loma Linda University in California, formerly was regional director for the Museum at Madaba, Jordan. Crotser, of Winfield, Kansas, claims to have discovered the golden box (the Ark) that is said to contain the original Ten Commandments and the Rod of Aaron. But he says he won't release his photographs until he can show them to European financier David Rothschild, who, Crotser says, will rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Vangard notes >>> Quotes are taken from "The Holy Bible in Modern English" translated direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek languages by Ferrar Fenton. In the case of the Rod of Aaron, there are many references which all seem to be related to the original STAFF OF MOSES as found in Exodus and Numbers. We must also realize that Moses and Aaron were brothers. Now there is specific mention of the STAFF OF MOSES. It is in Exodus where Moses first countenances God in the form of a Burning Bush. At that time, Moses is instructed to "take that STAFF, for you shall perform wonders with it." The staff is called the ROD OF GOD in its first occurrence. Page 1 Moses complains that he is not the best choice to be the spokesman for the EVER-LIVING. At this time, God instructs Moses to solicit the aid of his brother Aaron, the Levite. In another verse Moses says he is slow of tongue, to which Pharoah will not listen. The EVER-LIVING replies, "See, I will make you like a GOD to Pharoah, and Aaron your brother shall be your RECITER. " The EVER-LIVING spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, - "Since Pharaoh has said to you "Give us an Evidence (that your God has power and is thus real)", Instruct Aaron, "Take YOUR ROD (GOD'S ROD now transferred to the control of Aaron in the function of high priest)and throw it down before Pharoah and it shall become a serpent." Then follows the ACTUAL meeting of Moses and Aaron with Pharoah. Moses and Pharoah therefore went to Pharoah, and did as the EVER-LIVING commanded, and he threw down HIS ROD before Pharoah, and before his ministers, and it became a serpent. But Pharoah summoned the scientists and chemists, and they also did it, assisted by the engineers of the Mitzeraim, by their delusions. For each of them threw down THEIR RODS! and they became serpents, but the ROD OF AARON (now GOD'S ROD is fully identified as AARON'S ROD) swallowed their rods. The EVER-LIVING then said to Moses, "The heart of Pharoah is decided not to let the people depart. Confront Pharoah in the morning, when he goes to the bath, and stand to meet him at the band of the river, and take the ROD which turned to a serpent in your hand. Then say to him, "The EVER-LVING GOD of the Hebrews has sent me to you to say, 'Let My People go and serve Me in the desert. But if you will not listen to that, thus says the EVER-LIVING, by this you shall learn that I am the MASTER: - When I STRIKE WITH THE ROD which is in my hand upon the waters which are in the river, they shall turn to blood! And the fish which are in the river shall die; and the river shall stink; and the Mitzerites shall loathe to drink of the water of the river!" The EVER-LIVING also said to Moses; "Say to Aaron; Take your ROD (note again God instructing Moses to instruct Aaron about the use of HIS (AARON'S) ROD) and extend your hand over the waters of Mitzer; - over the streams, over the brooks, the pools, and over all the reservoirs of water; and they shall become blood; and they shall be blood in all the land of the Mitzerites, both in wood and in stone." Again Pharoah refuses to allow the Hebrew people to go into the desert to make sacrifice to the EVER-LIVING. Page 2 Then the EVER-LIVING said to Moses, "Command your brother Aaron; 'Extend your hand WITH YOUR ROD over the rivers, and streams, and lakes, so that the frogs may come up over the land of Mitzer." Still Pharoah refuses, Consequently the EVER-LIVING said to Moses; "Say to Aaron, 'Extend YOUR ROD, and beat the dust of the Earth, and it shall become lice in all the land of the Mitzeraim.'" And he did so. Now comes an interesting turn of events, Moses now takes command of the situation at God's instruction. This occurs after the affliction of boils. The EVER-LIVING afterwards said to Moses, "Extend your hand to the skies, and there will come hail in all the land of the Mitzeraim, upon man, and upon beast; and upon all that is in the field, in the land of the Mitzeraim." So Moses extended HIS ROD to the skies, and the EVER-LIVING uttered His voice; and fire ran along the ground, and the EVER- LIVING poured hail upon the land of the Mitzeraim. And there was hail, and continuous FIRE mixed with the hail, very cruel, such as had never been like it in all the land of the Mitzeraim from when it had become a nation. Pharoah begs that it be stopped wherein Moses replies, "When I am outside of the city, I will spread out my hands to the EVER-LIVING, WHEN THE VOICES WILL CEASE, and the hail will not continue...." Next comes the plague of Locusts. So Moses extended HIS ROD over the country of the Mitzeraim, and the EVER-LIVING drove an east wind over the country all that day and all the night until the morning came, and the east wind carried the locusts... Then comes the EXODUS wherein the Red Sea is parted. The EVER-LIVING then said to Moses; "Why do you cry to Me? Command the children of Israel to march. And you, RAISE YOUR STAFF, and extend your hand over the sea, and it will divide itself, and the children of Israel can go through it as upon dry land...." The people then experience the phenomenon of the Mana, which is followed by a period of drought. Here we come to the miracle of the water which comes from the rock... the EVER-LIVING says to Moses; "Pass along before the face of the people and take with you the Magistrates of Israel. Take also in your hand THE ROD with which you shall strike upon the rock, and water shall come out from it, and quench the people." Page 3 Another mention is made of the water being removed from a rock in Numbers. It is brought out after the children of Israel are marched into the Wilderness of Tzin, where they settled in Kadesh. Water in the area was deficient for the needs of the nation and the people complained about the hardship induced upon them by the command of the Lord that they should move to such a barren wilderness. Then the EVER-LIVING spoke to Moses, commanding; - "Take your STAFF, and convoke the Parliament, - you and your brother Aaron, - and command the rock in their sight, and it will give them water; and bring out water for them from the rock, and quench the thirst of the people and their cattle." Moses therefore took his STAFF FROM THE PRESENCE OF THE EVER- LIVING, as he was commanded; and Moses and Aaron addressed the crowd before the rock, and said to them ; "Listen now you rebels! out of this very rock water shall come for you." Then Moses raised his hand, and struck the rock with his staff twice, and a rush of water came out, and quenched the thirst of his people and of their cattle. God later instructs Aaron and Moses to ascend to the Peak of the Highlands, where Aaron removes his robes, and clothes Aliazar his son with them, and Aaron died there on the top of the Peak. Then Moses and Aliazar came down from the Peak. And all the People saw the death of Aaron, all the house of Israel; so they wept for Aaron for thirty days. As to the tablets of the Ten Commandments, the Bible quite specifically states that the Ten Commandments are in the Ark of the Covenant. It is interesting that there were TWO sets, the first of which was destroyed by Moses on finding his people engaged in blatant idolatry. This is shown by the following verse from Exodus, The EVER-LIVING afterwards said to Moses, "Cut for yourself two tablets of stone, LIKE THE FORMER ONES, and I will write upon them the Commandments which were upon the FIRST THAT YOU BROKE..." The proof of that the tablets of the Ten Commandments are in the Ark are shown by this verse from Deutronomy (the speeches of Moses, which form the Moab additions to the original Covenant made in the land of Horeb, this one being Speech XII before Moses dies). The EVER-LIVING says to Moses, "Now that your days approach death; summon Joshua, and station him in the Hall of Assembly, and I will instruct him..." When Moses had finished engraving the commands of this Law (the Moab additions) in a record to its end, he commanded the Levites who carried the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, saying; Page 4 "Take this Book of the Law, and place it INSIDE THE ARK OF THE COVENANT of the EVER-LIVING, your GOD, and it shall be there as a witness to you, that I knew your rebelliousness and your stiff neck..." And the EVER-LIVING says to Moses, "Go up the hill by the ford, - to Mount Nebo, and survey the land of Canaan, which I will give to the children of Israel for possession; and you SHALL DIE UPON THE MOUNTAIN THAT YOU ASCEND, and be added to your people, as Aaron your brother DIED ON THE HILL OF HILLS..." -------------------------------------------------------------------- We called Winfield, Kansas in the hopes of locating Tom Crotser. The operator says no one by that name is listed in their phone directory. The next step was to try Loma Linda University in San Diego. A call was placed on Saturday morning which amazingly enough was answered. A search of the University directory showed no GHISAN, although there was an astronomer with a name something like Gazelle. We definitely plan to try the University again next week. This file has been uploaded to the ICJR BBS which is the direct organization which is headed by Mr. Vendyl Jones. Vendyl is the man on whom the character "Indiana Jones" was modelled. Vendyl and his group have been actively searching for the Ark of the Covenant and the Ashes of the Red Heifer for many years now. John Hill works with Vendyl and is the Sysop of the ICJR BBS, they are at


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