Date: 12-26-89 22:25 To: All Subj: Archangels EID:5980 139ab334 Do what thou wilt shall b

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Date: 12-26-89 22:25 From: Paul Hume To: All Subj: Archangels EID:5980 139ab334 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. For those who have expressed an interest, here are the images I use for the Archangels in the Quarters. I trust not too badly mauled by the vagaries of the text processor available on my Apple II... Raphael: Fair skin, blonde hair, delicate but strong features. Dressed in yellow robe shot with mauve threads. He holds a Caduceus. Raphael stands lightly upon a spring-green field, wet with dew. The rising Sun backlights him in pure, golden/white morning light. His wings are white with gold highlights. Gabriel: This is the one that may seem wierdest. Sea-green hair, pale blue skin, in a scaled robe of blue with orange highlights. His features are aquiline - classical Roman. He bears a great Cup. He stands above the billowing waves of the sea, backlit in Orange light by the setting Sun. His wings are white with blue-green highlights. Michael: He stands in the desert, or sometimes a sun-baked field of bare soil, under the blazing noonday sun. Red hair, golden-tan face, strong, square features. Red metallic robe with green highlights flashing from it. He bears a great sword two-handed. His arms and shoulders are those of a warrior. Wings are coppery. Auriel: Auriel stands on the mountains - black, silent, snowcapped - but looking down over a fertile valley, filled with crops and lowing cattle and bleating sheep. He is dressed in simple robes, almost homespun, of the four Earth colors, russet predominating. He bears a platter of the fruits of the soil, and I often see Him bearing a shepherd's crook or staff. It is night yet cold, silver light illuminates the scene - whether from the Moon or "the midnight Sun" I cannot yet tell. Auriel has dark hair, Mediterranean complexion, a half-round, half-square face with a pleasant smile. His wings are dark - black with bluish highlights, like a raven's. Mostly, I just get a hint of the Archangelic image. Instead, the Solar image of the Quarter (rising, setting, noonday, etc.) floods the circle with the appropriate color of light. I also usually feel a breeze from Raphael, a humid tingling sensation from Gabriel, prickling heat from Michael, and solid, massive stability from Auriel. Well - not too bad apart from some oddities in the line wraps... Gods I hate trying to get from an Apple WP prog, either Mac or II, into flat ASCII - always some crud crops up. Hope these are of some use. Love is the law, love under will. Paul --- ConfMail V3.31 * Origin: Zonzr - Fairfax, Va 703 845-1125 Opus 1.03b (1:109/114)


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