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Disclaimer - the Arcane School IS NOT PART OF AND IS NOT CONNECTED WITH THE SEVEN RAY INSTITUTE. It is a part of Lucis Trust, and is mentioned here since there may be those of you who are looking for such a demanding school in the esoteric sciences. The Sysop is affiliated with this school, and is presenting it for your information. The Arcane School The Arcane School was created by Alice Bailey in 1923 as a training for discipleship. The School provides sequential courses of study and meditation for adult men and women, based on esotericism as the science of service and as a way of life. Practical training in group work integrates the student into the principles underlying the new era in human evolution in which he may develop his own inherent potentialities to the fullest extent. The student arrives at an awareness of himself as an essentially spiritual being, his place of service in relation to others, and his responsibility as an aspirant to discipleship to the working out of the Plan for humanity. The science of meditation is of fundamental importance throughout the work of the Arcane School. Through meditation the soul may be contacted and the life of the soul given experssion through the personality equipment. Through meditation the gap in consciousness between the personality and the soul may be bridged, and th energy of the sould released in service. The aspirant to discipleship is in training to becom "an expert in the life of the soul." The Arcane School is conducted throughout the world by correspondence only. Work in the Americas is handled through headquarters in New York, for Great Britain and the Commonwealth in London, and for European language groups in Geneva. A centre in Buenos Aires handles the South American work in the Spanish language. The Arcane School is non-sectarian and non-political; people of all religions and political beliefs are served. For further information, contact The Arcane School 113 University Place, 11th Floor New York, NY 10003


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