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CUFON - UFO INFORMATION SERVICE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES ____________________________________________________________________________ DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE Headquarters Air Force Intelligence Service Fort Velvor Virginia 22060 DAD 25 January 1983 Possible Unauthorized Release of Classified Material INSA (MSgt Heldman) DA l. Per our telephone conversation today, I am forwarding Mr Robert Todd's FOIA request along with the AFOSI message for determination as to classification level. As you can see, Mr Todd retyped the message "for easier reading." I have talked to AFOSI/DADF, Nadine Dulacki. According to her, they did not release the message to Mr Todd nor does she know how it came into his possession. Maj Kilikauskas (AFSAC/INOB, 664-4488) has looked at the t( message and he feels that it is a fake for several reasons: a. There never has been an office within AFSAC (or 7602nd) with the symbol INS, INSR, or IT. b. There has never been a "Cpt Grace" (or anyone with the surname Grace) assigned to AFSAC. c. The purported imagery interpretation done is outside AFSAC's and AFOSI's mission. Further, AFSAC has no individuals who are photo interpreters. d. The term WNINTEL is spelled phonetically on each occurrence. OSI should certainly be familiar with the correct spelling. Further, the document is replete with grammatical errors, typing errors, and in general, makes no sense. 3. The document is not in the standard, acepted format for classified messages. Neither Maj Kilikauskas nor Mr Nehlig (who has worked in AFSAC many years) remember hearing of a "Project Aquarius." Further, Maj Kilikauskas had no idea if the information purportedly supplied by this Capt Grace is, in fact, classified at the Secret/WNINTEL level. He suggests that both NASA and Coast and Geodetic Survey be contacted to see if they have an interest in the message. 2. Finally, I have talked to Mr Earl Middaugh (AFOSI/IVOE, 767-5144). He remembers a FOIA request that his office staffed which involved an AFOSI message similar to this one. However, they were unable to identify it as OSI originated. He thinks perhaps this might be the same message. I have forwarded a copy of the Todd request to the AFOSI Freedom of Information Office (Bob Walker, 767-5262). Upon receipt both Mr Walker and Mr Middaugh will be better able to determine if this is a legitimate AFOSI document. 3. Until a determination is made, we will regard the document as classified. SUSAN COOKSEY 2 Atch Documentation Management Branch l. Todd Request 2. Message, 2 cys (S/WNINTEL) ____________________________________________________________________________


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