Item: A.P.R.O. au revoir? - According to a letter dated 03/01/88, it seems that A.P.R.O. (

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Item: A.P.R.O. au revoir? ---- According to a letter dated 03/01/88, it seems that A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) is no more. Below, is a reprint of the form letter received in response for more information on the organization. Several questions this person has concerning the unfortunate events which have occurred there recently: Is there no one there who can carry the ball forw a rd? Is one of the oldest UFO organizations involved in serious research into the phenomenom at the point whereby its existence i s based on the determination and efforts of one person?****************************************************************** 1 Mar. 1988 Dear Friend: I regret having taken so long to answer your r equest for information but our editor, Mrs. Lorenzen, has been very ill, and we were hoping that in time she would be in a c ondition of health that would permit her to resume her duties as editor and memory bank for publishing the bulletin. Since this now appears to be an impossibility, with her doctor advising a complete rest from any responsibility, we have n o choice but to thank you for your interest, tell you of the other UFO investigating organizations you might wish to join, a n d recommend a list of excellent books for you to read. CUFOS, 2457 W. Peterson, Chicago, IL 60659 MUFON, 103 Oldtow n e Rd. Seguin, TX 78155 "ABOVE TOP SECRET" by Timothy Good, (English Author) 1987 Sidgwick & Jackson, Ltd. 1 Tavistock Chamb e rs, Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2SG "INTRUDERS" by Budd Hopkins 1987 "COMMUNION" by Whitley Streiber, 1987 " CLEAR INTENT" by Lawrence Fawcett & Barry Greenwood, 1984 Prentice-Hall "Project Identification" by Harley D. Rutledge, Pro f essor of Physics at SE MO State U. May your interest in UFOs last a long lifetime. Sincerely, Robert G. Marsland, S a ying "Goodbye" for APRO Signed: Robert G. MarslandMagnolia. It was on its side, up about 500 feet. Q. What was your firs


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