Procedure for Removal of Lower Vibration Energies Conscious Astral Projection, requires yo

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Procedure for Removal of Lower Vibration Energies Conscious Astral Projection, requires you to remove the "lower Vibration" or "Negative Energies" from your physical and mental self. Failure to do this will no doubtly result in a non-fulfulling experience. Most of the time, unless you release these energies, you are not able to consciously project in the fullest capacity. I have used these techniques, and have had a very good response by their usage. However, you must follow the steps completely. If there is any chance of fatigue, postpone this procedure until you have rested fully, and can function with a clear head... PREPARATION: A quite place to recline undisturbed, without the chance of fatigue.. PROCEDURE 1: Relaxing the inner self... 1. Do not cross your legs or wear tight fitting clothing that might cut off your circulation in any way. 2. Relax you body and clear your mind from the conflicts of the day.. 3. Allow your mind's eye to picture a special place..this can be a beach, medow, or other calm tranquil place of your choice. 4. Imagine that it is a clear day, the sun is warm, and there is a slight breeze blowing across your body. You feel the breeze toss your hair slightly... ** After you achieve a peaceful feeling, proceed to step 2 ** PROCEDURE 2: Cleansing the inner self... 1. Follow the steps in procedure 1 first... 2. Imagine that your body is a glass container, what ever shape you desire... It is helpful at this point to just use your image. 3. Allow your body to fill itself with a warm, orange colored liquid. (2) There are several major negative energies to concentrate on, however we will use the most common at this point. 4. It is important that you notice the feeling of the liquid, and that it is a pleasant feeling of warmth. 5. Allow yourself to concentrate on the feelings of ANGER, JEALOUSY, HATE, GREED, LUST, and VANITY. You must think of each negative force and release each one into the liquid slowly, one at a time. 6. After you have released the lower vibrations into the liquid, notice in your minds eye...that the liquid has now thickened a bit. It is changing colors from orange to a darker color. 7. Allow your fingers and toes to become as a spicket...allow the liquid to ooze out from your container slowly. You notice a feeling of tranquility after it is released. Again, do this slowly and note the changes in yourself. 8. Now that the liquid has completely dispursed. Draw on the energies of the light from the sun to fill your glass container. As you do this allow your container to take on the form of your physical body again. 9. The energy from the suns white light is beginning to RADIATE!! You must say this to yourself 3 times..."RADIATE" "RADIATE" "RADIATE".. 10. You begin to feel the white light fill your body with its pure energy. All of the lower vibrations are gone, and you may now continue onward with your pre-astral plans... I trust that your experience was a pleasurable one, and that you will pass along this document to someone that could benefit from its use. If you find that it has helped you...why not leave me a note describing your feelings on the subject, on Astralite... Until we meet again, "The Wizard Ariel"


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