UFO Sighting Report West S eattle, Washington March 13, 1988, Sunday, 1:55 AM by Donald A.

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UFO Sighting Report West S eattle, Washington March 13, 1988, Sunday, 1:55 AM by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. MUFON Washington State Direct or Narrative by Mr. N (name on file with MUFON), age 26, witness: I was coming back with a friend from a trip to eastern Washington, and I dropped h im off on California Way and the north end of Alki looking towards the North [across Elliott Bay toward Magnolia] when I saw this object. The object was o n its side; its manuevers were so weird. I saw 3 lights going around and ar ound. It was low, maybe 500 feet up. Q. Did your friend see the object too? No. My friend was asleep in the car and he had had a long trip s o I didn't want to wake him. He was pretty sleepy when I dropped him off so I didn't mention seeing the UFO. Q. What did the object look like? It was on its side, like a plate on its side. I'd seen it when it turned, like a frisbee, it went up and down, around and around, and then up and down. It was a very li ght night that night. The moon might have been out. [The moon was in fact out and was in its last quarter.] The stars were really bright that night. Q. What were you doing when you first saw the object? I was driving o n I-5, and I had just exited and was driving across the West Seattle bridge, when I first saw the object. I saw it again when I drove up California Way from Alki Drive [actually this highway is Harbor Way, the road becomes Alki Avenue aft er it passes Duwamish Head]. I couldn't see it again until I drove up the h ill on California Way because of the trees. After I dropped off my friend I stopped at the park [Hamilton Viewpoint Park] but by the time I got there i t had vanished. It had green, red, and violet lights. The green and red lights were more visible but the other light looked like it was mixed with the other colo rs, kind of soft like. The object was darker than the background, what with the reflection from the lights along the outline of the Sound. It was basic ally a dark shape with lights. It was out over Puget Sound, closer to Alki than to Magnolia. It was on its side, up about 500 feet. Q. What was your first reaction to seeing the object? I was trying to determine if it was an airplane or a helicopter but even a helicopter couldn't make those kind of manue vers. First it made a sideways step motion: sideways then forward, sideway s then forward, sideways then forward. Then it bounced up and down like a basketball. Then it repeated the step motion three more times, followed by the up-and-down motion like a basketball. It never repeated this sequence f or the same length of time. It made it look like a streak in the air, like a welding torch in color. It was disk or plate shaped, and seemed thin. It also stopped, in t he air, sideways, and I could see the lights going around the rim (3 lights) . Whenever it bounced like a basketball the lights stopped moving in a circ ular motion. Then it would turn on its side and move in the step motion. I would guess that its width was about a car length (a small import car). The motion it made really looked like the "blip" tracings you see on a heart mon itor [oscilloscope]. Q. How did you lose sight of it? Once I drove into t he park I could see it and then it was gone. Like it disappeared. That rea lly surprised me. I was thinking, "Where the hell did it go?" Q. How much sleep had you had? Well, I had slept for 3 hours at a rest area. We lef t eastern Washington at 3 p.m. We had stopped along the way so we had had a 5-6 hour drive plus sleeping. The trip took a total of 11 hours. File: AL KI.UFO 3968-T 03-APR-88 Dir: 12 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy From: Donald Johnson Acc: 8 Erratic Motion UFO seen in Alki, Wash. (Download Read Quit ?):


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