September 23, 1987 Mr. Dear Mr. Some things you have right, and some things you have wrong

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September 23, 1987 Mr. ___________________ _______________________ _______________________ Dear Mr. ______________ Some things you have right, and some things you have wrong. The machine itself was obviously a landing vehicle only, and it had no unusual features and no power plants with which we were not quite familiar. I believe it still exists and is kept someplace near Wright Field. Your greatest error, of course, comes in the finding of the bodies-- there were no bodies; there were four very normal individuals, all male. Unfortunately, they had no memory of anything in the past (probably by design), but they were highly intelligent. They learned the English language within a few hours and it was our decision not to make public spectacles of them, but allow them to be absorbed into American culture as soon as we were sure that they did not bring any contamination with them. I believe all four have done this very successfully. One assumed a simple name and proved himself to be an expert on computers, although he had not memory of such devices. He became the president and innovator for one of the largest and most successful computer organizations. A second one became a world famous athlete, and because of his quick reaction time, exceeded any normal person in his performances. He is still a noted professional athlete. The third became enamored with finance at our capitalistic system. He has made himself famous as a Wall Street raider, and is very rich. The fourth, I have lost track of and have no clues as to where he might be. However, I consider the decision to let these people meld into American life, completely justified, and I can see no point in trying to reverse that decision. I hope that you will let matters lie as they are. The results are completely satisfactory, and nothing is to be gained by further publicity. Very truly yours, (signed) E A W


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