Hi, I received some email, that the ALIEN_47.JPG pic seems to be only a well done doll ! I

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Hi, I received some email, that the ALIEN_47.JPG pic seems to be only a well done doll ! Is there any article of this special MUFON doll available ? please send email to: leo@zelator.in-berlin.de Here comes the received mail: Date: Mon, 11 May 92 18:20:34 EST Message-Id: <9205112320.AA03334@Phoenix.CAM.ORG> From: Joe@Phoenix.CAM.ORG (Joe Martinez) To: leo@zelator.in-berlin.de Subject: Alien body from UFO-crash? JPEG-pic 1/3 Status: RO > Is this an dead alien body, which crashed 1947 in Roswell, > New Mexico ?? Or just a "well made doll" ? > > Picture scanned from the book:"adams planet" by Johannes von > Buttlar. > If somebody knows more about the UFO-crash in Roswell,New Mexico > from 1947, please forward any info to Stefan Hartmann,Berlin,Germany. > > email to: leo@zelator.in-berlin.de > Sorry to post my follow-up on this subject so late. The picture looks too good to be true and unfortunately it is. :-( This is a photograph of a mock-up shown at an Esoteric fair in Montreal (Canada) in 1980 or 1981, I don't remember which of the two. They showed a real life size doll of what an extra-terrestrial being of the greyish type looks like (although it's more like beige). That photograph was taken by Christian Page, a local journalist which has been studying the UFO phenomenon for about 15 years. I attended a conference a couple of months ago on which Christian Page was a guest speaker. He informed the audience that he had given the photographs to a participant he met at a UFO congress in the US. I don't clearly recall, but I believe he said he gave them to either the editor of a UFO magazine ("UFO Magazine" ?) where they later appeared in an issue or maybe to Johannes von Buttlar. All this despite the fact that Mr. Page had warned the recipient about the source of the photographs and told him not to use them in any misleading or fraudulant manner. This kind of trickery doesn't help the serious researchers in this area and casts serious shadows of doubt into the credibility of real and unexplained cases and phenomena. Such fraud should be denounced and exposed for what it is. It also tells us much about the total lack of integrity and the sloppy research conducted by some questionable journalists and/or authors. -- Joe Martinez Internet: Joe@Phoenix.CAM.ORG Date: Sat, 9 May 92 01:55:03 -0700 From: Grayscale Message-Id: <9205090855.AA22496@milton.u.washington.edu> Sender: pan@milton.u.washington.edu To: leo@zelator.in-berlin.de Subject: Re: UFO-pic-wax doll ? Status: RO I heard that the Alien foto was forged from a boss at work. He is a Japanese with ties to Canon. I am a friend of Bob Gribble, the Seattle MUFOON director and will attempt to find out more <> information on the MUFON story. >>By the way, I only "heard" a claim that the Ed Walters story >>and pictures are fake !:-( I have believed that Gulf Breeze was a hoax since I saw the pictures! John Lear, Robert Lazar, Keyhoe etc etc knew the 'truth' . . . all published. Have you seen "Matrix I" or "Matrix II" ?! Alien USA bases have been set up. 44 members of a "delta tean" were killed at a US/alien facility a few years ago. , THERE IS MOR INFORMATION. 10,000 cattle have been killed in the USA since 1976. People are serious about the <> here in America. Reagan decided to stop giving some foods to the poor so he can "stock" mass public prisons. In Los Angeles we had a riot. Extra-terrestrial thinking will bring all human beings to the realisation that there is a superior life force on the planet Earth. The Army manual on Physics talks of Flying Saucers as a reality . . . Do you know about Project Aquarius ? ? Date: Sun, 3 May 92 21:45:05 -0700 From: Grayscale Message-Id: <9205040445.AA09102@milton.u.washington.edu> Sender: pan@milton.u.washington.edu To: leo@zelator.in-berlin.de Subject: Re: UFO-pic Status: RO I've heard that the alien was actually a wax doll which was on display as a joke at a Canadian MUFON convention and supposedly you can see a zipper on the suit .... or so the story goes. Thanks for the update on the picture! Regards, pan@milton.u.washington.edu


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