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THE ALEPH-BETH: ATTRIBUTIONS (YETZIRATIC, TAROT AND SEPHIROTIC) HEBREW SYMBOL. YETZIRATIC TAROT PATH ON TREE OF LIFE LETTER MEANING ATTRIBUTION CORRESPONDENCE DELIMITED BY ====== ======= =========== ====================== ==================== Aleph Ox Air Fool/Swords/Princes Kether-Chokmah Beth House Mercury Magician Kether-Binah Gimel Camel Luna High Priestess Kether-Tiphareth Daleth Door Venus Empress Chokmah-Binah He Window Aries Emperor Chokmah-Tiphareth Vau Nail Taurus Hierophant Chokmah-Chesed Zayin Sword Gemini Lovers Binah-Tiphareth Cheth Fence Cancer Chariot Binah-Geburah Teth Snake Leo Strength Chesed-Geburah Yod Hand Virgo Hermit Chesed-Tiphareth Kaph Fist Jupiter Wheel of Fortune Chesed-Netzach Lamed Oxgoad Libra Justice Geburah-Tiphareth Mem Water Water Hanged Man/Cups/Queens Geburah-Hod Nun Fish Scorpio Death Tiphareth-Netzach Samech Prop Sagittarius Temperance Tiphareth-Yesod Ayin Eye Capricornus Devil Tiphareth-Hod Peh Mouth Mars Tower Netzach-Hod Tzaddi Fishhook Aquarius Star Netzach-Yesod Qoph Ear Pisces Moon Netzach-Malkuth Resh Head Sol Sun Hod-Yesod Shin Tooth Fire Judgement/Wands/Kings Hod-Malkuth " (bis) Spirit All 22 trumps -- Tau Cross Saturn Universe Yesod-Malkuth " (bis) Earth Empresses/Coins -- 様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 BRIEF DEFINITIONS OF THE LETTERS - From Crowley =============================================== ALEPH the ox suggests a yoke, mildness and patience, sexual innocence, and plowing. BETH shows a roof, floor and wall; the dwelling-place of man in the world of illusion. GIMEL the camel is the means of crossing the abyss from Tiphareth to Kether. DALETH the door is provocative (Venus), it is the Gate of Supernals (between Chokmah & Binah). HEH the window reminds us that the light reaches us through understanding. VAU the nail suggests the fixation of the Supernals in Tiphareth. ZAYIN the sword reflects intellectual analysis and the attribution of the path to Gemini. CHETH the cross-bar on the uprights suggests a fence - more properly the Holy Graal. TETH represents the serpent, the symbol of Leo, the Uraeus, in the House of the Sun. YOD the creative and directive hand (euphemism for sperm), which sets things in motion. KAPH the hand as the hub from which spring the 5 elements through Jupiter and the Wheel. LAMED is an ox-goad in shape; and has a profound relation with Aleph (see Liber AL Legis). MEM shows a wave, and is the only letter whose word equals its Yetziratic attribution. NUN a fish, living in water (death) indicates the powers of Scorpio - generation thru decomposition. SAMECH the prop boosts Yesod toward Tiphareth, linking Microprosopus with his foundation. AYIN refers to the meatus; this explains the linking of Capricorn to the Devil. PEH the mouth is represented by the shape of the letter itself. TZADDI a fish-hook; the definition is also a matter of the letter's shape. QOPH the shape is fairly suggestive of the back of the head, showing the ear. RESH the head is the solar seat of consciousness, the brain as an extension of Yod (qv). SHIN 3 fangs of tooth or fire are shown; devouring is implied, also judgement of spirit. TAU the phallic meaning is Saturnian, and the cross shows 4 elements solidifying in Earth.


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