9/12/93. MESSAGE FROM ALCYION I be now here. I be Alcyion, and speaking from Within Of The

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9/12/93. MESSAGE FROM ALCYION I be now here. I be Alcyion, and speaking from Within Of The Lighted Essence of THAT WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL. I greet of thee, Thomas, and ask that thee place of these My words to print form. "I, Alcyion, say onto thee ones this: no more the toil be there to take heed of words unfamiliar to thee, nor the time for doubt there be, for thee's time that be appointed now to happen. Let of there be no sorrow in thy heartplaces, for thou has been forewarned and given instructions aplenty for to take part in, thus giving allegiences to thine CREATOR ATON and the Highest Most Wondrous Being ALL THAT BE ALL THINGS ALL AND FOREVERMORE ALL." "Today marks of beginning of what thee calls 'endtime' for those who effort not but in mudded clay and filth excrement and to utter delight in the doing. This I say as so said." "Matters not that this be clear--but matters most is that thee have had of opportunity presented onto all that would hear. There be no mystery kept from thee ones--only thee be the mystery to the ONE SOURCE ABOVE. Thee cannot support of thyselves other than through demise of someones else. Such as that cannot be the longer maintained, as no ones make special notice of the wrongdoings onto change." "Play therefore of thy games, thy magic, thy fleshly seekings. Play, for that be all thee take notice of. There be so much more than that to have been made available to thee--but this thee refuses to admit to thy vision inner. So be it all. So be the aim of Higher Ones to stop of, and this minute be so in doing. I take now leave of this thy sorry mess of hovels not suitable for the pigs, for pigs have more the sense required. I take no issue with thee beyond the feeling of sadness at failure in reasoning with thee, for thee in fact know not that thee are so foul and repugnant. Thee in certainty be of great mystery to Me. I know of Others that feel of same." "I want not that some few be left in the feeling of abandonment, for thee ones be in the mistaking of thy CREATOR ATON if so done. Fear not, thee never be forsaken, onto eternity. I say this be so as so said. I leave of thee now, but never far I be from thee. I be now in sadness to clear." Thomas, thou must place this to thy message base. It be not thy way, and it be not MINE way, but be this so done. I be in contact with thee again this day. BIN DA TU, my son, BIN DA TU. The wording be correct. Thee be again welcome. I be clear. (Transcribed 12:03 p.m. MDT, 9/12/93)


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