9/11/93. 2:47 p.m. MDT I be now here. I be Alcyion, and in speaking from Within of Lighted

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9/11/93. 2:47 p.m. MDT I be now here. I be Alcyion, and in speaking from Within of Lighted ESSENCE OF ALL THAT BE ALL THINGS ALL. Now My Words to please be put forth in thy writings, Thomas, if thee will. "Harken, thee ones of Earth Shan. These My words thee to hear please. Come to awakenings, for now be thy opportunity. What is meant by Me seems to be in confusing for thy ears not now tuned to My frequency. I say to thee words thee not seem to comprehend, and so I say again in ways more attuned to thy abilities. Such as this be in response to My scribe's attempt at explanation of what was written but not understood. He be at loss to tell ones of no prior understandment of time what means "time". There be but few on placement thine who KNOW some things about this subject. They tell not--in fear for their own lives." "Time be of essential essence/matrix for to hold a continuity between spaces of "non-time", in thy language. This "now time" of thy awareness be of frequency of 2089.831 hertz and building--depending upon thee. Such as this be of a common thread of time matrix running through all "space/time" of thy universe. Thy needs be to keep of 2089.831 IN placement so that with merging of thy dimension with dimension behind and dimension in front of thee (both of them higher in frequency than 2089.831), "time continuity thread" be maintained." "So to do becomes of necessity, as without "balance" between of thee and thy Creator (ATON), no such continuity can be met, and thy earth cannot do this without thy roles being included. These words are but words adding up to equation meaning balance--balance with thy Universe. Thee have been given the way to carry forth that which must be implemented into thy lives; for to disregard and therefore NOT DO means of requirement for to "take in" of all planet dimensions relating to earth planet this. No longer can earth of itself be relied on to do what be ALL thy tasks. This I say be so." "So to figure out what all writings be about, requires that thee re-read of all past writings now been given onto thee. That this suits not thee matters not--for in the continual refusal, thee be of making thy own demise--and there be much TRUTH in said consequences, even onto some ones "un- creation". Strict words these--even onto "harsh", but what must be said must be understood. I want not other than to be gentle, caring and of helping ones wishing for this, but this be MOST SERIOUS OCCASION, and there be time possibly not left for such manners. This thee MUST REALIZE." "Thy very lives depend upon thy collective doings as outlined. This begins with each individual learning and then doing. Thee have been near to total hoodwinked by thy adversaries. Now, hard time it is to change, but change thee must, or likely perish from this present life experience." "Can thee do this? That be question asked and answer sought. This thy planet requires of more than words written down. She requires of thy supportive ways, else She must collapse down. Be as thy Creator--BE of Creator--BE of CREATION. BE that thee may continue to BE." Thomas, send of these My thoughts in form to network basing. It be hoped that essence within will formate understanding. Thank of thee, and I be now clear.


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