9/11/93. 9:54a.m. MDT. I be now here. Name Alcyion. I speak from within of the Lighted Ess

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9/11/93. 9:54a.m. MDT. I be now here. Name Alcyion. I speak from within of the Lighted Essence of THAT WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL. Greetings onto thee, Thomas, and please now to place forth these MINE WORDS. "On this thy day of sunlit skies, there be in place very many of those who await of thy response to these My Writings. They await signal that thee be in interest changing. This be not notable as yet for thee mysteriously cares for only the substance of thy earth-bound "mystics", who be now in great numbers busily misleading thee ones all. It be now perhaps better to step of aside and allow for thee to demise selves, as thee be now doing well. Thee scoff and rant in thy usual way to suit of tastes long now developed. There be few apparent willing enough to try on "new suit" and see if there be "better fit"." "Will thee arise to occasion now presenting? I think of not, for when all comes to all, thee be same as always have been. I leave of rest to be pondered of." "Now, in keeping with policy of Hierarchy ALL Ones, thee are to be told of TRUTH of matters apparent. This thee not believe of either but SO BE IT." "Thee now reside on planet dimension whose time fabric be much changed, as apparent by thy now changed dateline "time", which be in TRUTH to be 1998. Thou have been hoodwinked again as ever, and have all experienced a loss of exactly five years in thy lifeforms apparent. This be to be as though thee be stolen of thy ESSENCE LIFE to exact upon for benefit of thy adversarial ones--who masterminded such." "If thee were to go unattended in this matter, it would be against all policy of SOURCE ALL, WHO provides for thy ability to catch up to thy "time voidance" with Guidance afforded thee ones now. Now to "time unfolding" statement made earlier: "time" be in speeding up so as to continue in semblance of "time" ahead--which be now 2033 at theron fabric. This be not good bodings for the many that refuse of the allowing for higher frequencies being necessary to "bring up" their individual capacities to withstand and accommodate such change. Thee that be of THY SOURCE make transition with ease." "I, Alcyion, have of great interest in thy matters, as what thee not know and carry forth in thy own selfish interests, now be having an effect upon "time segments" behind and before thee ones of Shan. There be to be final adjustments necessary should thee continue thy persistent slothful ways, as thy dimension be unable to keep of energy balance in a way necessary for "time continuum" to enjoin properly and stay enjoined correctly. This be said as so said, and I, Alcyion, make of statements said in TRUTH OF ALL WHICH BE ALL. Never be there a "time" that be allowed of continuence when "it" not coordinate in balance with others." "For too long now, thee have been coddled and cooed to sleep the sleep of babes. Thee not be blamed in total, as thee have not the brilliance of thy adversaries, and seldom do other than thee be directed in doing. When spoken to in TRUTH, thee resent such strongly, as thee have been trained as purely "sheep" onto believing of the LIES presented over and over for two millenia now. I be NOT in castigating, only giving of what is apparent and which thee like not one whit to hear of. Does such mean then that it be not accurate for to say? Nay, thee have of unusual opportunity and thee insist upon wasting of such, as be again usual." "It be found to teach against the will of the many much too difficult. Although I take such to be a personal failure, it be thee that makes of now "bed", for thy future DEMANDS that thee change----and thee refuse. SO BE IT AND SALU." "I place now for thine eyes these words: be in KNOWING OF THY CREATOR, and be in making of attempts to set things "right" with HE WHO CARES FOR THEE AND BEYOND THY UNDERSTANDMENT. This thee have been carefully told--and for those who look and find, there be no such thing as "fear" in thy heartplace. To those say I, be of good faith and know that thee are not forsaken by thy Father, nor by thy FATHER OF FATHERS. Thee are indeed of THAT WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL." Thomas, please to present these My Words to thy source communication as soon as today. I thank thee again, and once more I wait and I watch. I be now to clear and out. And thee be much welcome.


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