9/10/93. 10:55 a.m. MDT Yes, Thomas, I be Alcyion, and in speaking from Within of Lighted

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9/10/93. 10:55 a.m. MDT Yes, Thomas, I be Alcyion, and in speaking from Within of Lighted Essence of ALL THAT BE ALL THINGS ALL. I come now with words for thy putting down to printform, and to those that be in the listening for them. "I be Alcyion, and I greet of thee! May that these words have a ringing of TRUTH to thine ears of inner place within. Too long now thee suffer and commiserate with thy fellow participant in this thy play of plays. Bring forth now thy balance onto thy CREATOR--HE that be by name ATON. Give room for thy doubt but also be in trying to find TRUTH to these words Mine. Long ago there be placed onto placement thine a group of beings known to thee as "adversary", "darkness ones", and the like. These ones travel in total evolness--their only intent in life forevermore, as be known by their actions. This evolness be to be at end point, for no longer be they allowed residence thereon. This be in response to directive of Hierarchy of Cosmos Ones. THEY be in total disgust at this thy behaviors so long manuvered by "adversary ones". THEY give of opportunity to present of THEIR VIEWS towards of ways now foreign to most hereon. This thee must try and be of recognizing, for to do less be awful in it's conclusion. Thee be not aware as yet of seriousness of not the undertaking placed before thee. Too many not of know right way to living hereon or anyplace of CREATION ALL. This be not ignorance, this be sloth and refusal to change of ways. Thee not enjoy the hearing? I must advise that such be the overview seen, and not just by ME. Thou will reach no new ground by the refusing to heed. Why do thee toil in vain for what can not happen as thee have been promised? Be it not possible that thee have been hoodwinked? Why be it so unpleasant to hear TRUTH spoken? For in thy refusals of changement, thee hurts not only self, but all others as well. This be Law of Universal One. Be it not seen that such be in happening at all places on thy planet dimension? Let us therefore change of patterns foul and beget so much the more. Ways be not difficult then. As much as thee helps self, thee helps others and thee helps Me, Creator ATON and thy Universe. Please to see and ponder. This be My Message for the day present. I bid thee Adonai." Thomas, please to post this at earliest time convenient and to network transmitting base. I bid thee leave. Salu and Adonai. I be now to clear and out.


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