+quot;This be Alcyion back again. I be of thy new sun imposing upon thee of Shan. My Inten

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"This be Alcyion back again. I be of thy new sun imposing upon thee of Shan. My Intent be again of teaching thee ones of Shan the Rules of this, thy Universe. May these words Mine be in reaching of ones ready for the hearing them. KNOW thy CREATOR to be that which HE BE--that be ATON. Now be stated lessoning TWO: Be TO thine CREATOR ATON in all ways loyal so that in the keeping of allegience, thy lives move to forward always. There be more of life than being hereon. Life of Universe be much different when ones be removed of this planet placement, as such be one emplaced for restitution values only and not paradise found. This be not so now for certainly seen, but even thereon there be new hopes for a betterment, if efforts be so made. Thy rules be not known thee. Keep of thy CREATOR ATON in thy thoughts uppermost, for to include in thy deeds many and with each action be most aware of combination working far the better. This be stated as important training for betterment of deeds--now long unattended that thee can see of lack of the knowingness. DO NOT TO OTHERS DO THAT THEE WISH NOT FOR TO HAPPEN ONTO SELF. This be most cardinal rule for to follow, for all actions onto others of falseness, of deceit, of KILLING, be in done to SELF as well. Be this not seen? All actions in UNKNOWING be to be forgiven as to thy IGNORANCES, but now warned be of not forgiven the more. This is so stated as being correct! Thee will effort to behavior more fitting as beings of CREATION ALL THAT BE ALL THINGS ALL! TO KNOW NOT THAT THEE OFFEND OTHERS be incorrect in behavior patterns, for there now be emplaced for eradification of such forces that lead ones to destroy of one another by careless deeds and thoughts. This be onto likened behavior modifying tools of CREATION ALL IN ALL for thy benefit. Use of such for it behooves to do so. This be difficult for the many to understand, so long now just opposite of what be required of the many. Those relative few cannot hold sway the longer, but thee must pick up traces by selves and go on down of road now dustridden with disuse. Be knowing that thee can, therefore thee must, if thee are to outdistance "time" now again unfolding. This be spoken more of soon. I leave of thee ones again, as now lesson be ended. Keep of thy thoughts active upon direction of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL THAT BE ALL, for that direction be UPWARDS in spirit movement as always be It's desire." Now, Thomas, see that thee moves this onto network base for transmission by morrow next. I thank of thee. I now clear to be out.


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