Thomas, I be near. I be called by name +quot;Alcyion+quot;. I be of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL

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Thomas, I be near. I be called by name "Alcyion". I be of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL THAT BE ALL THINGS ALL and I be of origin thy sun of new brightness shining behind that of thy sun of old. My Intent be to speak onto ones thereon that have courage to be in learning of that which not has been present onto them for til now. I come as commissioned to by THAT WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL. I be as thy friend, and not with harmful thoughts. If it pleases thee, would thee be placing of these words to printed source, in this case computer, so that others willing to learn can be made aware of these Teachings? I therefore thank of thee. Please then let us begin. "I be Alcyion and in speaking to those ones having endearment to their SOURCE ALL, who effort in GRACE and goodness of heartplace. It must take of courage to drop of ways known, for to replace with Teachings of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL THINGS ALL be of urgency in all ways of thy planet dimension. I say of these Words not with disdain for thy lot, for it be thereon much of difficultness in living of thy lives, and for most part because of evol brotherhood that has existed in placement for so long the period called by thee "time". These beings foul have long since tampered with thy thinking, with thy very lives, and to the point whereby thee now think as they! This be not to be so continued--as thee will find. Now then come and learn, learn of My Teachings and Teachings of Others that be now in thy spacement of beingness, for They be in place for such reason, to give thought and direction to ones of non-direction. Teachings be given in short duration only, for thy attention span be much weakened. Much that be taught be in simple lessons, for there be no complexity to be of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL THAT BE ALL. We begin today with lesson one. KNOW THY CREATOR. Thy Creator, to all but very few, be ATON. Such KNOWING be kept from thy ears and eyes for very long space of "time", except until recently (1987) in thy present societies. This be way of thy adversary and his forces most evol. They be not able for to continue of masquerade not the longer for they be of black and WE BE OF LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL THAT IS ALL. This knowledge thee must KNOW for to not accept bodes not well for the wayward that refuse. This be not to be forcefully crammed into thee that doubt, but time has come for this thy understandment. Other ways less gentle be then the way of the WONDROUS ONE OF CREATION ALL IN ALL. It must be that thee should realize/remember. It be given onto thee now for that to happen in placement now. This be thy part of covenant made, do thee but see? Not caring for upholdment be considered now as UNcaring. My lesson be now over. To begin again soon be My Endeavor. I be in clearing." Thomas, please to forward on to thy network. 9/9/93.


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