Notes on the Alchemical Transformation of Mercury NOTE: THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT IN ANY WAY R

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Notes on the Alchemical Transformation of Mercury NOTE: THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT IN ANY WAY RECCOMEND THE EXPERIMENTATION OF ANYONE WITH MERCURY FOR INGESTION. MERCURY IS A DEADLY POISON THAT WILL CAUSE DEATH OR SERIOUS BRAIN DAMAGE. NO PORTION OF THIS ARTICLE IS TO TREAT OR DIAGNOSE. HEALTH SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE HANDS OF A QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. According to the Oral and Written Instructions of the Natha Alchemists Mercury, or Parada in Sanskrit, has a long and detailed history of use. The purpose of this paper is to share some of my own discoveries on this fascinating and forgotten subject. Parada traditionally has many different names, most of which are obscure synonyms in the Sandhya Bhasya, or Twilight Language. The Twilight Language is an intentional language, intentionally designed to thwart misuse of certain formulae. The use of these formulae were only intended for those who had experiential access to twilight states of consciousness, and were familiar with the unique symbolism of such dimensions. In the Natha lineage where the Alchemical teachings originated, these states where obtained through a thorough training in yoga or union, and its main method, Samadhi, or mystical union. Some of the common words used to symbolise Para are: Rasa, Rasendra, Suta, Rasesha, Raseshavara, Capala, Rasa raja- - and many others. Most of these words are synomynous with Shiva, indeed one of the most common synonyms refers to Para as the “semen of Shiva”. This is in and of itself, very revealing. Shiva, in the Tantric literature, symbolizes INFINITE TIME. In order for creation to come into being Shiva enters into “play” with his opposite, Shakti. Thus the concept of time, and limited experience becomes possible. In the process of making Para consummable, Para is mixed with this opposite; the only substance which can control Shiva’s incredible potential, purified Sulphur: the ‘Menses’ or blood of Parvati. Technically speaking, Shakti is Ahamkara or literally ‘the I-maker’, the power behind ‘I-ness’, the kundalini shakti itself. A human only exists based on the fact that Ahamkara deceives herself into believing that she is identical to the limited body/mind/personality. When kundalini is completely awakened, she realizes that she is Shiva’s ‘power’. Unfortunately, for the uninitiated or unexperienced person, once this shakti is ‘awake to itself’, it forgets the limited body-mind, and remembers Shiva. She sacrifices herself to him and obtains instant enlightenment. The problem for the uninitiated is quite simple, those who have not trained in meditation and the total loss of limitations, both of time and of body-mind, will at worst lose the ability to identify with the body, i.e. physical death. At best, the huge influx of kundalini will overwhelm the limited energy/immune functions of the body like hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity running through 110 volt wire. Remember, that Shiva is also the Lord of death. Mercury, as the semen of Lord Shiva, is the physical embodiment of the fire of transformation. It can provide incredible amounts of tejas to an organism, and can make that organism capable of digesting almost anything. Para can also provide unlimited amounts of prana, thus with prana and tejas, fire and water, para can provide unlimited Ojas, the Quintessence. Because it controls these three, it can also control the three doshas, or bodily humours. Sulphur is the physical embodiment of blood, that which the body uses to create everything else, and the only thing capable of controlling mercury (Note: blood plasma is called Rasa in Sanskrit). Sulphur is the womb which creates the child Kajjali, the black sulfide of mercury. Kajjali, as we will see in the later description of the samskaras, is the alchemical child from which all of the other alchemical substances are created. The most famous of the mercury-based compounds is the rasayana Makaradwaja. Makaradwaja consists of mercury, sulfur, and gold. This compound is capable of providing vitality, energy, increased immune function and longevity to its taker. It also is excellent for diseases such as AIDS and different forms of cancer. The average treatment routine, repeated on a yearly basis, should last from 3 to 6 weeks. Para is known in its purified, solidified form to remove curses, provide protection from ghosts, possession and Nagas and Demons (yakshas). It is a substance that brings luck and good fortune to the wearer. It removes blockages in the subtle body and is very heating in its action; in fact it should be worn only in the coldest months of the year especially for a person who has any Pitta or fire element in their constitution. This is part of the mystery as to why Shiva is often portrayed on top of cold desolate Mount Kailash: an unattached mind with senses unattached are the prerequisites for success in sadhana in general, alchemical sadhana in particular. Members of the Bhairavi cult, worshippers of a particularly wrathful form of Lord Shiva, have been known to live hundreds of years through the alchemical use of such mercury-based compounds. Indeed some are said to even have obtained immortality. Statues of the Bhairavi cult display some of the characteristics of this incredible life extension; beings so mutated from alchemical sadhana as to resemble other dimensional Bhairavis more than humans. This is their actual appearance, yet they may appear as any age to the observer, and do not usually display their true appearance to the uninitiated. In Rasa Shastra, the Art of Tantric Alchemy, Mercury is considered as a living substance--a living being. In the process of preparation it goes through all of the same processes as the sadhaka who seeks liberation, and the child or soul who seeks incarnation. First the Para is ‘awakened’, made ‘hungry’, it is’ fed’, made to ‘swoon’, and finally ‘killed’. This ‘killing’ is the act of incineration. Thus, more than mere symbolism, the preparation of Mercury is the preparation for enlightenment itself, the true Gold of the Wise. The Samskaras of Mercury ("Karmic Processing") According to Ayurvedic and Tantric texts, there are 19 different samkaras of Parada, or Mercury. These nineteen are, in order: 1. Svedana 2. Mardana 3. Murchhana 4. Utthapana 5. Patana 6. Nirodhana 7. Niyamana 8. Dipana (or Sandipana) 9. Anuvasana 10. Grasamana 11. Carana 12. Garbha druti 13. Bahya druti 14. Jarana 15. Ranjana 16. Sarana 17. Kramana 18.Vedha 19. Sarira yoga Vajranatha ©1993 This article may be freely distributed electronically or otherwise so long as the original text is not altered in any way.


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