Msg: #6379 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 27-FEB-88 06:52 PM Subj: Air Force Paranoia To: Jim Speiser As

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Msg: #6379 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 27-FEB-88 06:52 PM Subj: Air Force Paranoia From: Joe Holland To: Jim Speiser As a probe to get at the Texarkana area I began calling BBSs near the area. This did not produce as yet anything about UFOs, because of the frustratingly laborious process of signing onto unlikely boards that you have no information about. However, it did turn up the information that the Air Force is into the Fido network of BBSs, so I thought I would pass that information along, to enhance the general paranoia. Numbers so far called: Paris, TX, 80 miles west of the UFO site,"The Sand Worm"1(214)7842273, no answer on 3 tries on 2/27,2/27/88. Shreveport, LA, 80 miles south of the site: *"Twin City Opus"1(318)8692703, busy or carrier only. *"Bayou"1(318)6356767 Invalid number. *"The Swamp"1(318)6887078 Laborious 2-call signon, many games listed, hardly any messages, nothing relevent found. ***"Dawn Patrol" 1(318)7978310, Sysop Top Sergeant Paul Browning (presumably Air Force). Bulletins in this BBS say that communications and technical information messages are exchanged or "echoed" to 15 stations in the Shreveport area, Fido node 380. I didn't find any echoed information, but did not check very far. A bulletin also refers to the "squadron BBS" which I assume is the Barksdale AFB BBS below. *"Second to None"1(318)7474862, Bossier City LA, not called, same sysop as "Dawn Patrol" ****"Peacekeeper"1(318)7468767, Barksdale AFB. I did not call this, because to contact the air force about UFOs would require heavy consideration of strategy, and policy decisions, that I have not made yet. More messages about that later. I have several more Shreveport BBS numbers, but gave up that method for the time being. It could be cheaper to make random voice calls. The Astral Board, 1(412)8246566, in Pennsylvania, which you have talked to, is also in the Fido network, does a lot of exchanging of UFO messages, but this is far away from Shreveport. The Astral messages repeat as if they were going around and around.


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