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AERIAL ANOMALIES INTERNATIONAL ()----------------------------------------------------------------() P.O. BOX 66404, MOBILE, ALABAMA 36606, U.S.A. INTRODUCTION Since prehistory, man has been observing unusal happenings in the sky. Those occurences have been given various names to suit the trends of the times. However, in almost every instance, the identifying nomenclatures used were either inaccurate or misleading for the various forms of reported experiences. Historically, we have used a variety of names such as angels, flying shields, mystery airships, phantom planes, ghost rockets, flying saucers and unidentified flying objects to describe aerial phenomena. But those terms are both restrictive and lacking in accuracy. The phenomena that we study ranges from micro specks in the sky to macro masses sometimes comparable to unnatural structures. Observations by witnesses of truly enigmatic occurences in the sky fall into two broad categories: (1) Natural aerial phenomena and/or (2) Unknown aerial phenomena (having an apparent intelligent source). Both categories deserve serious disciplined study. It is essential that we differen- tiate between the two categories and classify, when possible. Because of this crucial need, we do not go beyond the point of referring to anomalous aerial phenomena by other names such as spaceships, flying saucers and UFOs. To do so would be equivalent to stating that we study spaceships, flying saucers and unidentified flying objects; none of which would be accurate. We use such terms only as historical and reported references; not as verified identifiable nomen- clatures. We oppose the use of misleading names which help to give the press, public and scientific community a totally false impression of actual aerial phenomena. In order to overcome the stigma attached to this subject, we need the help and support of the most experienced and knowledgeable people available. Investigators, researchers and serious students of aerial phenomena are encouraged to share their works and findings with us. We endeavor to make as much factual information available as possible to both our associates and to the public at large. Should you wish to participate in our activities or have a work published and distributed, please contact us for details. A NON-PROFIT ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF ANOMALOUS AERIAL PHENOMENA STUDIES (Educational, Investigative, Research - founded on June 26, 1989)


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