To: The Cegorach Msg #71, Dec-20-93 10:25 AM Subject: Aeonics Larry - SOme thoughts on Hor

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From: Paul Hume To: The Cegorach Msg #71, Dec-20-93 10:25 AM Subject: Aeonics Larry - SOme thoughts on Horus as Lord of the Aeon... - The Aeon of Osiris centered on the mythic "tragedy" of the Dying God, for from the perspective of the man standing upon the Earth, the Sun dies each evening, is reborn each dawn; more, the long night of Winter is a death, as the Sun "gets far away" and then "returns" in Spring. The Aeon of Horus, on the other hand, was born in, and exists in, a world that knows that the Sun is not going anywhere. The perception of death is an "accident" of our planet's orbit and axial tilt. Death as the great leveller, which we can overcome only by an act of salvation, as from an enemy, is similarly an illusion in the Aeon of Horus. One sees the transition from death to life as of going from one room in a house to another. The image of the Hawk, who rides high in space and sees the Sun when it is still below the horizon to the man on Earth, strikes me as another good symbol for this. - The Aeon of Horus is the Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child. Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (hey, He knew what he was doing, within the bounds of that incarnation). The human in the Osirian realm received knowledge from an established Guru, the Hierophant of Tarot, the bonds of tradition. Paul is closer to the world of Osiris than Christ was, in a sense: when Iwas a child, I thought as a child...Now I am a man and have put away childish things. The "man" (ie. free human in incarnation) of Horus never puts away the hunger to learn, the awareness of new things, even hidden within old events, the innocence before which there is no evil. The "social task" of the Aeon is to make a world where this innocence cannot easily be exploited by authority (a child's loving nature is catnip to the slime of the pedophile, for example; respect for the Will of the child would restrain the pedophile, or failing that, a 9mm dose of social reorientation - sorry, rant button went off). - Horus is the Warrior God: the Aeon is (at its start) one of warfare, as all Aeonic changes are, against the negative aspects of the old order, which resist fundamental change. This does not mean everything that was true in the Aeon of Osiris ceases to be true. The formula of resurrection and regeneration is still valid, but it is not the end of the matter anymore. Just as Newtonian physics remain valid within their frame of reference, but do not define the Universe as once they were thought to before relativity and other new models arose that explained things inexplicable under Newtonian mechanics. Horus is the Child, the eternal promise, dynamic, and ever growing. Humanity no longer yearns towards a static paradise, but the cycle of challenge and learning. The peace of the grave is a respite from learning, like summer holidays. Thou shalt yearn for death; death is forbidden, O man, unto thee. This is some free association on the idea of the Aeon, and is entirely my own fault (though I crib from some others, natch - but my twists on their thoughts are not to be blamed on the original authors). Your mileage may vary. Paul --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: The Arena of Anon * Herndon, Virginia * (703) 904-9669 (31:1000/3)


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