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NEOPAGAN DRUIDISM TODAY -- ATTITUDES & ORGANIZATIONWhat "Neopagan Druidism" is--- Neopagan Druidism is a religion, a philosophy and a way of life, rooted in ancient soil yet reaching for the stars. Like other new religions throughout history, we are responding to the crises of our times -- philosophical, environmental and spiritual. Like many other members of what has come to call itself the "Neopagan" community, we are polytheistic Nature worshipers, attempting to revive the best aspects of the Paleopagan (original) faiths of our predecessors within a modern scientific, artistic, ecological, and wholistic context, taking a nondogmatic, pluralistic approach. Like our namesakes, the original Druids, we're people who believe in excellence -- physically, intellectually, artistically, and spiritually.What ADF is--- The full name of our organization is A'r nDrai'ocht Fe'in: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. The first half, pronounced "arn REE-ocht fane," is Modern Irish for "Our Own Druidism" (or "Druidry" or "Magic"), and that's what we are -- an independent tradition ("denomination") of Neopagan Druidism. But since many people have trouble pronouncing and spelling the long name, we usually just call it "ADF".What ADF does--- We're designing and performing powerful magical and religious ceremonies to change ourselves and the world we live in, including regular public worship of the Old Gods and Goddesses, as well as rites of passage (weddings, child blessings, etc.). We're adapting the polytheologies and customs of both the Indo-European Paleopagans and the Neopagan traditions that have been created over the last fifty years. We're researching and expanding sound modern scholarship (instead of romantic fantasies) about the ancient Celts, Norse, Slavs, Balts, Greeks, Romans, Vedics, and other Indo-European peoples, in order to reconstruct as much as possible of what the Old Religions really were. We're working on the development of genuine skills in composition and presentation in the musical, dramatic, graphic, textile, and other arts. We're creating a non-sexist, non-racist, organic, flexible and publically-accessible religion to practice as a way of life and to hand on to our grandchildren. We're integrating ecological awareness, alternate healing arts, and psychic development into our daily activities. We're holding regional festivals to help our members meet, study, pray, and play together with other like-minded folks. We're actively preparing for the day when Neopagan religions will be part of the mainstream global culture, with large congregations meeting at temples and sacred groves throughout the Western world.Who runs ADF--- ADF is led by a board of directors, known as the "Mother Grove." The major officers are the Archdruid (President), the Vice-Archdruid (Vice-President), the Purse-warden (Treasurer), Scribe (Secretary), Preceptor (Dean), the Registrar (Mailing List Keeper), Chronicler (Head of Publications), and Members' Advocate (Ombuds-person). Over the years, the Mother Grove has included many educated professionals as well as gifted amateurs. The Archdruid is Philip Emmons "Isaac" Bonewits, known in the Neopagan community as an author (Real Magic, The Druid Chronicles Evolved, Authentic Thaumaturgy), editor, teacher, polytheologian, activist, priest, and bard. He has been a Neopagan Druid for over twenty years, having been ordained apriest in the Reformed Druids of North America in 1969. What you can do as a member of ADF---- As a member, you'll be able to communicate with hundreds of others interested in Druidism, organize or join local congregations (known as "groves"), attend regional gatherings, and enroll (if you wish) in the toughest Neopagan leadership training program in existence. The Membership, Networking & Subscription Form that you'll fill out will give you the chance to list all the research areas, arts, skills, and interests you have that you'denjoy sharing with other members. You'll also be able to tell us what your personal priorities are, how you think ADF should focus its energies, and what sorts of related volunteer work you're ready to perform (no passive observers, please).Becoming a Druid--- You join by filling out our MN&S Form, giving us the information we need to put you in touch with other Druids who share your interests, and enclosing an appropriate donation. We have several membership categories, with different requested donation levels: Regular (publications sent Bulk Mail) $20 year Regular (First Class, Canada/Mexico) $25 year Regular (Other Foreign, Airmail) $30 year Family (no duplicate pubs) $10 year Exchange Editor (no duplicate pubs) $10 year Prisoner $10 year Supporting $100 year Sustaining $250 year Lifetime Individual $750 Lifetime Family (no duplicate pubs) $250 Subscriptions to "The Druids' Progress" are now separate from memberships, and cost $15 per year (USA Bulk Rate), $20 per year (FC,Can./Mex.), or $25 per year (Other Foreign, Airmail). Prisoners may subscribe for $10 per year ($15 for FC,Can./Mex.; $20 Foreign/Airmail). SPECIAL NOTE FOR THE NETS: D.P. is now under the management of the newly elected Chronicler and his team of elves in New Jersey, Seattle and Los Angeles -- no more one- person production bottlenecks! Regular, Supporting, Sustaining, or Lifetime Membership entitles you to receive News from the Mother Grove, the ADF Membership Directory, discounts at various ADF sponsored events, and frequent urgings to engage in hard work. Prisoners do not receive the ADF Membership Directory, though they are listed in it and may place notices in the News and form their own groves.Family Members (whether Regular or Lifetime), and members who are editors of publications with which we exchange subscriptions, do not receive additional mailings of our regular publications, in order to save postage and trees. Once you've joined ADF, we encourage you to study the books listed in our Members' Guide and Study Manual, join any local grove activities available (or start your own!), and to eventually consider a self-dedication into the First Circle of Druidism.Where the money goes--- Non-earmarked donations go into the General Fund. From there, regular percentages are transferred into special funds to pay for publication costs, postage, phone bills, office equipment and supplies, research costs, charitable works, travel expenses, regalia inventory, etc. A Land Fund exists to save money to eventually purchase land and buildings for our own College of Druidism. You can, of course, send us an earmarked donation for the support of any activity or office you wish to give particular assistance to. ADF is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as a "501(c)(3)" tax-exempt organization. Memberships and general donations are fully tax deductable in the USA. Subscriptions to DP, donations for regalia items, donations for attendence at ADF events, or anything else for which you receive a tangible benefit are only partially tax deductable, as explained in the IRS instruction booklets that come with your tax forms.If you would be interested in mentioning us in your will or making a large donation for tax purposes, our Pursewarden would be delighted to hear from you. No Officer of ADF currently receives a salary, though the Preceptor and the Archdruid may eventually. Financial reports are published regularly. Any member willing to travel to Madison, WI may make an appointment with the Pursewarden to see our financial records. I I I I I------------------- I I I I I I I(c) 1993 c.e. by A.D.F.Contents may be freely reprinted by Neopagan media, including BBS's,


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