LOOKING FOR MR. GOOD GUIDE by Susan Davies How many of us have looked up at the sky or gon

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嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様邑 LOOKING FOR MR. GOOD GUIDE by Susan Davies 塒様様様様様様様様様様様様余 How many of us have looked up at the sky or gone to church looking for spiritual guidance only to come away feeling that God or the angels were too far away from our earth bound existence. That spirit reality was too hard to comprehend or even to see? Yet, how many people still believe they have a guardian angel watching over them or that they have felt God talking in their ear? I propose that we are not alone in this world even when we think we are. That, in fact, there are many spirit beings who exist solely for the purpose of guiding and protecting us who are at our side from the moment we are born. These higher spiritual entities are our spirit guides, our own spiritual coaches in life who help us fulfill our personal goals and purposes. Your spirit guides are right next to you, concerned about you, watching you, helping you and assisting you with your everyday problems and challenges. In this article, I want to show how I came to know my guides and one guide in particular. To me, the guides signs are clear and recognizable and all you have to do is be open to them and youll be able to recognize their presence in your lives as well. Several years back, I kept hearing from friends about how they were in touch with and communicating to their spiritual guides. At the same time, I kept coming into contact with books that described guides, angels and ascended masters. All this information was very new and exciting to me and I was very curious. What exactly is a guide? Do they have names? And their own lives? Are they angels? Balls of light? Shadows of aware-ized consciousness? Do I have guides? And if I do, where were they when my car broke down on the highway in the pouring rain? And where were they when I lost my keys, overslept, got a sunburn or worse? Was it one of them at my side when I was pushed out of the way by a gust of wind before a Mack truck whizzed by me on the highway? These burning questions seared their way into my brain as I was coming up from a dream ridden sleep, one January morning and the insistent sunshine dug into my sleepy eyes demanding an answer. O.K., O.K.,I give up! Show yourselves to me, pronto!, I shouted into the air, upon fully awakening. Expecting an immediate response, I waited for their reply. I heard nothing. I saw nothing!` Deciding to experiment, I took one long deep breath and announced in solemn earnest, O.K. gals, guys, guides, whoever you are, whatever you are, I am ready to see you, ready to hear you, everyday and in every way. I really want to meet you and so I am asking you to please show yourselves, (angels, ascended masters, guides), to me! I put my request out, speaking with great gusto, fully expecting a reply to be returned to me in some form. I thought that hints would come my way now in one way or another. I was truly convinced that my job now was to make sense of them when (and if) they came! I can do that!, I thought to myself. My first clue arrived several days later. Like an alarm clock, the same song would wake me up every morning, for about a week! The song played over and over in my head until I decided to find out what it was. Was it old or new? Rock n' Roll? Pop? I thought it might be one of those run of the mill but Oh god, I can't get it out of my head type songs. The song kept singing... If you don't know me by now.... you will never, never, never know me, oo ooh!.. I think it was the fifth morning when I finally guessed who sent me this music via voice mail. It was my guides! A chord of knowing-ness struck my heart. It was THEM! My guides were speaking to me through the music, through the lyrics of that particular song! But what were they singing? If you dont know me by now.... Wait a minute, I thought,If I don't know them by now, I will never, never know them! Do they mean me? Come on! Private jokers in the room! Well, I guess they had been around me a long time or could be or will be! O.K. So the laugh was on me. I got their clue. Hurray! The eagle has landed! Contact has been made! My sister Beth and I set a date to enjoy post holiday shopping in cozy Chestnut Hill, Pa. and she was late to meet me. Fortunately, I remembered where her apartment key was and let myself into her place to wait for her there. My attention span for the Glamour magazine on the coffee table lasted about two minutes and so I wandered around, occasionally looking up at the clock. Another ten minutes went by and still no sign of Beth. Suddenly, I hear a voice in my head. Hurry!, it says. Hurry? Do you mean me?, I mentally respond. Hey, I'm the one who's waiting for her, remember? The inner voice answers, You have to find something you need here and then she will come.Oh good, I thought, another (guided) game! Hmm, what could I be looking for? A magazine? Nah. Something in the kitchen? No! THINK! Someone wants to send a message. How about ...a book?! I run over to the bookshelf and peruse through Beths books. Well, well what have we here? How to Build Your Own Parachute, Huh? How to Teach Your Kitten to Read Uh, No! The Love You Make; Story of the Beatles, Hmm, cool!, I page through the book. I'd like to borrow this book from Beth anyway, I think to myself. Suddenly, Beth walks through the front door..... My boyfriend and I made plans to go to Casa Maria in nearby King of Prussia for our Valentine's Day celebration. After driving through drenching rain, we arrive only to wait a half an hour more for our table. Stationed at the cocktail table next to the bar, we order drinks and wait. I realize Im not alone when I mentally hear a voice say to me Move your chair! Still argumentative from the long car journey, I mentally retort, Not a chance, bub, I'm staying right here! With that, I close my ears. Soon after, I start to feel real uncomfortable, like I can't sit with my chair against the wall anymore. I've got to move! It becomes an absolute necessity! I quickly slide into another seat near the table and upon straightening up, I see a picture of the Beatles staring at me from across the way. It was the funniest picture of them I'd ever seen, John, Paul George and Ringo dressed up in ponchos and sombreros! The picture totally cracked me up. Oh, please, I thought, not those guys again! So I remarked to my date, Looks like the Beatles are following me! It was the second time I was guided to see a picture of the Beatles. First, the book at Beth's house and now this, so things were starting to look a little coincidental. Having gathered these several clues, I knew there had to be something coming up that would tie everything together! I guessed the really big hint would show up soon and indeed it did. I started having dreams about white limousines, not daydreams but night dreams, and every night for about one week! Limos, limos everywhere. By the seventh day, I thought, Oh boy, tonight must be the seventh limo, Well, you get what you focus on! That night I had a dream of a really big , white limousine and this time I was sitting in it and talking to a man in a very white suit who told me that he was a Jewish entertainment lawyer. We rode for a very long time and conversed about art, politics peace and music. Just before I got out of the car, I asked him what his name was. He told me it was Zenithofsky. Zenithofsky, I thought, What kind of name is that? Hmm, sounds Jewish, but is it? The pieces of the puzzle came together the following week when I went to a channeling session with the entity Ascordia, a Seraphic Angel (and close friend of mine). During the session, I asked her about the strange set of coincidences concerning the Beatles book and picture and did they have anything to do with my dreams about the white limousines and Mr. Zenithofsky? Well, yes, she said, it does! Ah-hah! Answers at last! Ascordia continued, It seems that the Beatles were very catalytic in stimulating the world in such a way that you want to be and they were a driving force in the planetary transition that begun in the 1960's. They, in essence, became the zenith of the sky in music and we say that John Lennon is guiding you at this time to help with your music and you will be channeling his inspiration. Silence....Phew! What was that she said? John Lennon! Musical genius and mastermind behind the Beatles, my guide? Wow! Extra, double wow! John Lennon, wow! It's been three short years since that Spring of 1990. I have been communicating with my guides and John Lennon ever since! I have developed an awareness of them, I can hear them and I can feel them. They seem to be right here in this time/space but somehow they are also located in a dimension that is distinctly separate from my own. I sense John Lennon not as the rock star John, but as a man. A simple man; a common man who is quite down to earth! Painting him as a rock star is just too one dimensional for he is much, much more than that. He came to the earth plane already highly evolved with a purpose to enlighten people and he did so with his music. He continues to guide and enlighten many earth bound beings', such as myself, who have similar purposes. These purposes are generally to be of service to humanity by teaching them through lyrics and song about their spiritual origins and to remind them of their spiritual heritage and love filled natures! When my guides are around me, I feel a great peace but I can also sense other moods, at times, including silliness and hilarity. For the guides and John Lennon have a great sense of humor! Just recently a coworker was talking about someone in her family who had just passed away, My boss broke into the conversation saying You shouldn't talk about dead people! And my guides immediately responded by whispering to me Yeah, because they could be hanging around! Their response and the general situation made me roar with laughter and nobody knew why! I have given you my story about how I met my guides and Guide (John Lennon). There is more to be said but generally guides are always there for you to consult with, to plan your day and future with, to ask advise and opinions about your personal problems and challenges. There are many ways to get in touch with them. The key is to be open to their presence, to listen and to be aware of their answers and to accept what comes as the next step on the way to a closer relationship. This can be achieved by meditation, prayer, automatic writing or channeling. Just be open to the possibility that they are there even when you don't think so, even when you least expect it. Just last summer, I went out to the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City with my Japanese friend, Nao, who calls himself Jim. He's really into Jim Morrison of the Doors and feels like he's Jim reincarnated. However, Nao was alive when Jim was still living, so we just laugh about dead rock stars and such. At this museum-burger joint-bar- tourist hangout, we took our time combing through all the rock-n-roll memorabilia, combing through all the guitars, poster and signed photographs. Later, after our food arrived, I realized something was amiss! I hadn't seen any Beatles stuff! Where in the world was John? Then I had to giggle, for as I turned around to look at the wall behind me, I heard a Guess who? 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 RUNIC RUMINATIONS 青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 My name is Marcus Wohler. I have been studying metaphysics since the summer of 1989 with emphasis on divination. I have been working with the old Runic alphabet which was used as an oracle in ancient Northern Europe. Utilizing a new casting technique with Runes allows me to recognize general trends for each birth month and I hope the messages will be helpful to you. Best wishes! M. W. 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 NOVEMBER For People Born In: 青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 January: A new beginning should bring you a great sense of self satisfaction and peace. Perhaps you are undergoing a strong transformation that leads to a self-understanding. Your interaction with others should go well this month and you would do well now to plant your seeds for the future. February: Your relationships will improve greatly in the weeks to come and will become greatly beneficial because of mutual goals. You could feel and be very fortunate now. If you listen to your higher self you could achieve innovation and progress in an unusual way. Your finances could take a giant leap forward. March: A relationship holds a surprise for you as you become closer and closer. Marriage could come unexpectedly. Your mind should be very sharp and precise now and it is therefore a good time to take exams or to make plans. Also look for situations that stimulate you or bring excitement. Deal with affairs as they come and trust your inner promptings. April: Even though some surprises may be in store for you, there will still be a feeling of being unsettled. Completion of a matter brings a turnaround and a wish will be fulfilled after all. Your thoughts may be on future securities. May: Lack of fulfillment motivates you to push for results. If you do so you could see immediate changes. A possible health problem is in the process of being cleared up and legal concern could come to a successful conclusion. Improvements will come once you overcome confusion. June: After relaxation, you will become more aggressive in achieving your goals. A male person could support your affairs. A sudden change for the better is indicated. There could be a promotion or increase in salary. Some karma is about to be cleared up once and for all. July: Your health will be on the upswing and you will feel much stronger. This month allows you to take on more activities. Business matters and travel should be successful. Telephone calls or telegrams bring desired news. You will be more decisive in which way to proceed. August: Focus on desires and wishes as they are within reach, if you set your wheels in motion. People should be beneficial to your affairs and relationships are about to improve. This should be true for one person in particular. Not all affairs will be settled at once as you may have to wait for responses. September: Travels may be a stop and go thing and you may cancel a trip for a more important one later. You will come to realize that little actions do indeed influence the big picture, so take a closer look at tdetails as it will pay off at a later date. You will be able to plan your time more precisely and effectively. October: Try to get in tune with your environment. You could find answers there that you are looking for. However, do not allow others demands to overwhelm you, time will prove to be on your side. You may have to adjust to some changes which may require a sacrifice. November: Your life is improving but there will be additional challenges ahead of you. Frustration can be a motivation to take charge. There is a chance that you will get to know yourself better. Once you do so, you will relate to others in a more balanced way and you'l be ready for a new way of life. December: The focus will be on new beginnings in order to find peace and to become a happier person. You are now able to forget or transform past suffering into constructive channels. Children may also influence you in aitive way. Look forward to an event to attend to as it should be beneficial. 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 December For People Born In 青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 January: Work and income will be on the upswing this would be better off staying at home than traveling. It would be beneficial month. Your efforts may now be recognized and rewarded by a superior. A personal relationship holds more passion and dedication. Services rendered will lead to success. February: Your efforts to improve relationships will have positive results. However, you may have to wait and see how the other side will react. Some kind of disloyalty could arise in the near future. Use this month to focus on progress in work and finances. March: A relationship that used to work and where you applied a lot of energy towards may experience friction this month. It is important to be honest with yourself and learn what this relationship has to offer and if it is worthwhile maintaining. It is necessary to integrate your more loving and intuitive side of your personality into your life now. April: You will experience a death of some kind which brings tears and requires a great deal of faith on your part. Eliminate situations that you dislike or that do not bring fulfillment. A sick female person is on the way to recovery. By the end of the month, things are going to improve again. May: You could be on a roller coaster this month where your emotions are concerned. A falling out with a friend can be resolved but may leave tension. Instant successes are not likely as situations will require time to improve. June: Progress in your affairs could cause some worry or stress. Either your progress will not be as fast as you hoped for or you took a wrong step somewhere along the line. Think well before you act and try to maintain integrity and balance. July: Try not to get too involved in personal matters and do not overwork yourself in any way. You could easily burnout in the coming weeks. Do not make hasty decisions as you will regret them later on. Look after your own needs. August: Do not worry as you will find the direction and strength needed to bring issues to a successful conclusion. Temporary losses will, in the end, benefit you. Travel may be a hassle now, so pay close attention. If undecided in a personal matter, wait until the right action becomes self evident. September: This month, you would be better off staying home than traveling. It would be beneficial for you to improve your home during this time period. Business will take a turn for the better through your own efforts. Mid-month should be the best time to strive for solutions. October: Your home environment will take a turn for the better this month. If you are living with a partner, interests should be negotiated. Eat a variety of foods to maintain your energy level. If studying or reading, you may be over ambitious. Do not forget to take a break. November: Not knowing where you stand at present drives you to make changes. You should observe what you desire most in life and strive for it. You may give yourself or another person a gift to compensate for lack of fulfillment. Positive changes are ahead but you have to take the first step. December: Knowledge you are seeking will come to you and a relationship will become more attractive now. Avoid overindulgence during the holidays. Make sure to burn up those additional calories! After taking a holiday break, you will have more energy available for work that has to be done. 崢陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 ASCORDIA SPEAKS 喞陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 (This message was taken from a lecture given by Ascordia at the Ascordia Center Open House on Sept. 10, 1989 in Phila., Pa.) Good Evening one and all, this is Ascordia speaking. I am very glad to be here this evening as it is always my privilege to be amongst humanity, as you call yourselves and, as I would like to call you, my friends and colleagues. I have been commissioned to be of service to all of you here who have entered these hallowed doors of the center. For, it is in my capacity, as an angelic being, to be of service to those who wish to know a little bit more about themselves than they have before, a little bit more about their world and perhaps a little bit more about their universe than they have before. For these are times of change, as all of you understand it. These are times of great dynamics that are playing upon your psyches, playing upon your physiology and ultimately, playing upon your spirituality. As has been indicated, by other entities that you are familiar with, this is a time of upheaval. This is a time of great change amongst the populace in terms of understanding their own divine origin. All of you are absolutely and wonderfully divine. All of you, then, are sparks of Gods divinity as I am also, then, a spark of Gods divinity. You are no different than I am in that our origins are of a sacred nature. I have spoken, then, in front of some of you before. And you already know my rap, in a matter of speaking. The rap, then, that I'd like to give tonight would be one about learning about yourself by loving yourself, by actively taking on opportunities to give yourself love and nourishment and support. This perhaps sounds a little pollyanna-ish, as if you have heard this rap before from other authorities or from other individuals, perhaps your mother and father, perhaps your church, perhaps your school. What I would like to say at this time, is that we of the Angelic realm have a great feeling about you, that we feel that you are neglected in the art of loving yourself. You have not quite learned the fundamentals of loving yourselves enough so that you are completely satisfied with yourselves at any one time. There are new energies coming into this planet. They can be interpreted along the energy equivalent of color or sound or light itself. A silvery light, then, that is coming in, is the harbinger of new energies that will activate the higher centers of your mind, which will automatically create the need and the opportunity to love yourselves more completely, more profoundly and more sophisticatedly. So we of the Angelic realm are here to help you, then, to encourage you to incorporate these energies correctly. That can only be done by activating certain points in the body and in the mind. My job, then, is to activate you in my fashion by sending energy to the various chakra centers of the body as well as to certain minor chakra or energy centers that will automatically trigger those areas of the mind to be able to receive the higher light frequencies that are now coming into contact with your particular planet and atmosphere. (I am giving you a technical description then of the changes that are occurring on this planet at this time.) For you may interpret these changes as feeling out of sorts, as feeling disoriented, as feeling a little crazy perhaps, as feeling not knowing what to do with yourself, not knowing what choices to make for yourself anymore and not being sure of who you are! And of course, this is because these energies are triggering higher mind centers which require that you be integrated and focused at other, say, psychological levels. For what is required for all of you is to become psychologically healthier and happier in order to integrate Celestial energies. This is what is occurring on your planet in the terms of, as you know of, as healing. For all of you, now, have experienced healings in some fashion. And they are all, then, for the purpose of creating a psychologically healthy personality. Ill health occurs within the mind first and then in the body. All states of health are equivalent to states of mind. When you can learn to balance your states of mind, when you can learn to integrate different aspects of personality, when you can make friends with both the lovable and unlovable parts, then you are indeed on the road to good health and to loving yourselves more completely. It may not be an easy task, for all of you have been a little hard on yourselves For you have not been able to forgive yourselves, completely. You have not been able to forgive your trespasses; you have not been able to forgive your non-communication with others; you have not been able to forgive the fact that you have been imperfect or have not created your ideal situation in life. You have all, then, been very disappointed with yourselves! So you have not forgiven yourselves for your disappointments. You have carried these grudges, then, within you as heavy weights upon your minds and upon your hearts. When you can learn to release these weights of guilt and of unnatural feelings of shame and distorted anger towards yourselves, then you will be ready to take on the new vibration of self-love and self-acceptance. This, perhaps, may not be an easy task, for all of you have been encouraged to criticize yourselves, belittle yourselves and to think ill of yourselves. You have found fault with yourselves in your past for one thing or another and, consequently, it has been very difficult to forgive yourselves. All of you know how to forgive others. All of you have learned to perhaps forgive your mother or your father. All of you have learned perhaps how to forgive your teachers and your clergy and society at large. And perhaps some of you have even learned how to forgive God, if you feel that He has transgressed against you. But none of you here have really learned how to forgive yourselves completely. For if you cannot forgive yourself, ask yourself, Why? What is it so bad, so deeply embedded and so hor rible about myself, that I could never forgive myself? For when you can practice daily , the art of self forgiveness, then you can truly practice self-love. This is the first part of my rap and I must stress to you the importance of taking responsibility for how you treat yourself! For no one else will take responsibility for you, except yourself. It may be difficult, for many of you may be screaming out, I do not want to take responsibility for myself! Its too hard! (I don't even like myself to begin with, so why should I even bother?) I want somebody else to take care of me, and make me right, and make me good again so I can function as a whole human being. And what I must tell you is that this will never happen in the way that you think it will. What will happen, however, if you continue to neglect yourself, is that your guides will take care of you. And they will create situations for you in which you will encounter your own distortions, your own feelings of unworthiness, unloveableness and unlikeableness. Your guides will take care of you and they will give you experiences, in a fashion, which they know you can handle. So know that your are loved, if you do not love yourself, for all of you have guides. If I did not make that clear to you, all of you, then, are lovingly assembled and nurtured and carried through your life's experience by an assemblage of entities who's sole purpose is to take care of you. Just as it is my purpose, then, to take care of the masses of humanity that come through these doors in the Philadelphia area, then, it is also the guides task to care of you as you go through the doors of your existence, of your life's purpose and activity. All of your guides are here with you. And I see many of them around you. And they are very happy to be here in the company of one such as myself who can pay them homage and pay them their respects, you see. For guides are very unknown to the public. Your guides are hardly known to yourselves! And yet they toil constantly towards your behalf, on your behalf, for your betterment and for your soul development. And so, I say to you, the second part of learning to love yourselves, is to give thanks to your guides for helping you along the way. For as you begin to open up, then, to the reality of your guides and guidance in life, they will be able to open their hearts to you and be able to communicate with you more and more strongly. As Amy had first begun to channel the great Master Daniel and then her own guides, she was able, through their love and kindness, to open up her heart chakra to the energies involved in order to channel myself, her higher self, the Ascordia Shamalia being that she knows and that you know through her. All of you, then, need to hear and to understand these words at this time. For all of you are going through "changes", is the idiomatic expression? And there are many books now written about changes and how life is a continual stream of changes. There are mid-life crises and mid-life changes; and adolescent crises and adolescent changes and adult crises and adult changes. And it seems as if there is never a crisis or change that is not just around the corner waiting for you! And so what I say to you, now, is that in order for you to handle what seems to be an acceleration of change, in your life, you will need to be able to accelerate your own abilities to love yourself. And you can do this, in part by initiating the processes of self-love: by practicing the process of self-forgiveness, daily, and by paying homage and giving thanks to For those who seek spiritual guidance from some advanced discarnate being from the astral plane but do not possess the proper etheric antennae to tune in to the likes of a Seth or Emmanuel or "The Pleiadians", working with a divination tool like the Tarot cards might be just as effective. Tarot cards, when used properly, are a very thought provoking means to gain metaphysical knowledge and insight. And I have come to believe that a Tarot reading is a form of channeling, if you will, for the images and symbols presented in a Tarot reading are, in fact, the language through which higher intelligence (i.e. higher self, spirit guides.) communicates its message and guidance to you. You could liken a Tarot card reading to a personal channeling session whereby information is expressed symbolically through pictures rather than through the spoken word. Though the Tarot is helpful tool to use in receiving important personal information, it takes quite a bit of discernment and proper analysis to understand the meanings of the cards and layout. I must admit, it took me some time and lots of hair raising situations and struggles to interpret the Tarot cards correctly. (Does the Death card mean I have just two weeks to live?!) I got my first deck in 1990. In looking back, I'm convinced that my spirit guides tricked me into buying the deck and beginning my (bittersweet) relationship with it. Soon after opening the deck of cards, I was giving myself readings which appeared to be very positive, telling me that I'd be rich, successful, famous and that the girl of my dreams was waiting for me just around the corner. Real ego boosters. (That's how your guides lure you in) Before I knew it, I was consulting the cards to decide whether to see the clock show or the 11 clock show. Should I order Chinese or Pizza? Should I ask her out? Should I get out of bed today? Should I get a life? AAHH!! I was a Tarot card JUNKIE! My guides had me right where they wanted me (and there was lots of work to do) This is when they lowered the boom! Suddenly, cards I had never seen before started popping up like a sudden outbreak of measles! Scary cards. A man impaled with swords laying in a pool of blood. A nude couple chained to a horned demon. People being hurled from a crumbling tower! My deepest, nightmarish fears stared back at me from the floor. I must have shuffled wrong, I thought. But, the same cards would continually appear in the Tarot layouts time and time again! I was confused and distraught over the sudden change in my readings. What did all this stuff mean? Why so much negativity? I only liked the cards when they said good things about me...things I wanted to hear. I wasnt too thrilled with my present readings! My future didn't look real good! In my confusion, I sought advice from a professional channel, who, in the reading, told me that I needed to adjust my attitude towards the cards and to see the Tarot in a different way. I was told to simply see the Tarot layouts as a mirror reflecting my psyche in the moment rather than a prediction of a dire future that I had no control over. That the Tarot is simply a mirror, a mirror of your soul, if you will, reflecting back to you your own thoughts and actions which create your present life circumstances. The Tarot are like close friends, sometimes they can be too honest and honesty can be scary or even painful. With this realization, I saw that the Tarot layouts could not possible determine my future, good or bad, but rather, indicate and illuminate the subconscious patterns and issues (good or bad) that presently effected my life circumstances. Those ominous layouts were merely indicating my own thoughts and feelings about my present reality. Since the time of that reading, I feel much more in control now that I better understand the workings of the Tarot and rather than use the Tarot cards to predict my future, I listen with discernment to the wisdom and guidance that the cards offer so that I can create my future. I have been able to give Tarot readings for myself (and others) now, which are much more helpful than before as I interpret them in a much more deeper, psychological fashion. I see the Tarot layouts now as indicating the subconscious patterns and beliefs in our lives that need to be changed, transformed, enhanced or released in order for us to be more happy and fulfilled individuals. You can work with the Tarot in this way so as to reveal for yourself those issues that need to be worked on and worked through. The Tarot will indicate where you need to release negativity, blocks and fears from your heart and mind so as to enhance the quality of your thinking and feeling and to uplift the quality of your life! Liken the Tarot as a mirror and if you were to look into this mirror and discover that your hair was all messed up or your face was dirty, would you scream in horror? Sink into depression? Shatter the mirror with a baseball bat? Or wash your face or fix your hair? Hopefully, you would do the latter, for if you can objectively look into the mirror and reflect upon its image with out fear but with good common sense, your consequent actions will create a more radiant and clearer image and a much cleaner face for the future! 栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩 OUR SPIRITUAL NEIGHBORS 栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 A Gift from Gendarion to Help You Prepare for Planetary Waves ofChange 青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 This is part two of a four part article based on the transcript of a Gendarion channeling by channeler Debby Starks Taylor. You are the master of the helm within yourself. Then you can continue to combine with other master helmsmen who will have a similar, direct access to intuitive awareness. Through combined expression, through association with these other master helmsmen, you will feel a securing is taking place from within/beyond/above/around/within the mind. A vision shared is a vision expressed in grand ways. Unite and form units of energy , thought and feeling. Believe that you are progressing in your understanding of higher energies or frequencies of feeling that transform and empower rather than ones that demean or lessen your experience of joy. So the mind must be open to new thoughts and open to freedom from fear of all kinds. The mind, being the central focus of depth of awareness, needs to listen to True thoughts that process themselves in your mind...True thoughts of awareness of a Flame of Life that burns strongly and completely full in love. If all can realize that we are all being beckoned toward listening to the ONE INNER SOUND OF GODS MIND, then, when extraneous patterings and chatterings of fear from Ego make noise, more will find themselves delightfully listening to what is True. The sounds of Wisdom come up from within. These sounds provide a reservoir of energy that combine with the same in others. So see how listening to the sounds within and augmenting your ability to receive your own spiritual direction insures that you will be tuned to a sense of bonding with the One within that truly secures all. Continue to remind yourself that you have the most correct understanding that can exist for you now. See that precognition will come to you many times. Keep records of your precognitions (intuitions). Affirm your intuitive connection by noticing the confirmations from such records. This will help you gain confidence and will teach you to honor you (inner spiritual) connection. It is almost as though there are many puppets or dolls roaming the earth today who appear to have the answers... who appear to have been given power in some way to dictate the activities and constructs of living. Yet, you find as you turn to listen to the sound of the Inner Mind, that Mind and Stillness is combine to create strength. This strength can continue to free all individuals. THERE IS NO PUPPETING WHEN ONE OWNS HIS OWN AUTHORITY. There is no puppeteering when you can be a witness to the Truth that lies within all humans. When the true strength of all individuals is recognized from within, then all beings will realize their Worth. Then, they can progress toward complete, Divine Consciousness. No longer will we be motivated by the demands of fear. There will be a massive shift in consciousness. Things that have been valued or held dearly for so long will only be suggestive or reminders of a not-so-distant past. So, to all who read this, hearing the call within yourselves, continue working toward freeing yourselves from the bonds of over dependency upon externals for your well-being. Connections with those who are consciously awakening are worthwhile. Such connections are like building a bridge across a river. You continue to hold the connection, building one connection on the other. The bridge strengthens, yet remains flexible, moving or swaying occasionally with the sounds and with the winds of change. You can count on and trust in Gods ability to move through the bridge or network or community you are creating. Access God through community in these coming times. Community...coming into unity...coming into alignment with the Self through willingness to open and trust with others. There are many who will move forward and be more progressive in their actions, speaking clearly about simplicity of Divine Truth. We see collections of beings, building various small units. We see this as being worthwhile and valuable at this time. To have a variety of small units...diversity and harmony without homogenization...is a critical element of survival in this time ahead. Encourage diversity of thinking, diversity of perception, diversity of the realization of God's energies. As long as there is a focus on the fact that God is the one who is making change, and individuals gathering together are willing to continue to acknowledge this Inner Light, in whatever form, as the causative or healing factor, the approach is worthwhile. 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 WHATS GOING ON IN THE HEAVENS? by Helene Schmidt 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 This column is meant to give anyone who reads it valuable and practical astrological information. Astrology is meant to help us lead better lives based on an understanding of what is going on in the heavens and how it relates to what is going on with here on earth. HS. Let us first talk about the moon cycle. The moon effects the movement of all the fluids on the earth as well as the fluids in our bodies. As you have probably noticed, it affects human emotions as well. The new moon each month is the beginning of the moon's cycle. It is a time, in practical terms, to begin new things. In mid September, the new moon was in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a detail oriented sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. This was a perfect time to begin the process of learning in an organized way. This was when most children started school but it was also a good time to begin a business or anything that required attention to detail. The next new moon, in October, is in Libra. The theme for this one is partnership, cooperation and relationship beginnings. The full moon is the culmination of what has gone on since the last new moon and it can be a point of culmination for things that have gone on longer that that. For example, there are more births on the full moon than at any other time during the moon's cycle. The full moon in September was in Pisces. Being opposite the Sun in Virgo, it showed that the culmination of the moon cycle indicated a balance of spiritual values and attention to practical details of living. This polarity showed up at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, which is the yearly Woodstock in our area. Lots of people camped out so practical details were important but it was as if everyone knew each other. The moon was waxing full in Aquarius, the sign of universal brotherhood, on its way to that spiritual oneness represented by Pisces. The Uranus/Neptune conjunction is still creating the need for change in the area of finances. The best time to make them, however, is at the end of September when the two planets go direct. When the planets are retrograde, which they have been since Spring, it is time for planning and contemplation. There is an aspect coming up on this conjunction mid-September which brings the issue of relationships into the financial realm. So, before making big financial changes, it will be time to sort out how they will effet your relationships and how you can make it all work together harmoniously. Halloween this year is liable to be explosive! Drive carefully! Until next time, Happy Trails! 臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆 SO TO SPEAK Channeled by Amy Bortner 臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆臆 Q. Daniel, tell us more about the Ascended Masters and the angels and how they are guiding us at this time. A. The question that you have asked me concerns the origins and purposes of the Ascended Masters and the Celestial hierarchy. The Ascended Masters are many, there are many beings who have ascended, so to speak, into a realm of a fraternity of beings who are interested in serving as guides and teachers to human beings. We have mastered our soul lessons on the earth plane. We have come to appreciate and understand completely the virtues of mind and come to appreciate the joy, mystery and beauty of life through, perhaps, thousands and thousands of lifetimes, in which we could pursue different aspects of our soul growth. By learning different soul lessons through thousands of incarnations, we have come to appreciate and apply the universal principles and laws of mastery on the earth plane. So that we, in our fashion, can impart that knowledge back to others who are behind us so to speak in their development. The Ascended Masters have always existed as long as the planet Earth has always existed. for that is part of the blueprint of the planet itself, that there always be fraternities or organizations of beings who, (being formally earth bound spirits), could return to help those other spirits who were still bound to the lessons and karma of the earth planet cycle..Very much like those retirees who offer their expertise to younger individuals in the field of their choice, this is how we see ourselves, then, as retirees who are back to be totally of service to those who are still struggling with their issues of soul growth and progress. The Celestial hierarchy is vast, infinite, omniscient and ever present. Those celestial beings that you need to deal with, however, are those that deal with the nurturance of souls on the earth plane. The angels who are primarily concerned with the earth plane are from the Seraphim and Cherubim orders and there will be more of those angels who will make themselves known to individuals At this time, we are working in tandem with the Celestial hierarchy as there has been a command or edict from the upper echelons of the Celestial realm to speed up the progress of mankind at all levels-the personal, the public, the social, the biological, the physical and the environmental level. This is a giant leap forward and so the soul lessons and the progress that would normally take perhaps lifetimes to complete, are now being completed in this lifetime. Events are being sped up so that the lessons that you are learning are more intensified in their affect because it is being compressed in time. Your lessons are being compressed within a certain limited time so that your reactions and feelings and expectations to them are being intensified so that you can make quicker evaluations and decisions about your reactions and so that you can come to apply these principles more quickly so that you can progress through these lessons more efficiently. There is a need to speed up your soul lessons at this time so that you can become more quickly the leaders of others who in their fashion, need too quicken their soul lessons. So it is a manifest principle at all levels, that your Karma is being cleansed more quickly, that you are coming to learn your responsibilities as a human being more quickly accordingly. And so, more and more of us are coming through channelers and psychics and sensitives so that we can teach you your lessons, can teach you your laws and principles by which to quicken your lessons. To teach you your position in the realms of spirit as one of many beings who are also inhabiting your reality. This quickening, then, is part of a greater cycle that occurs at the universe level, at which other beings determine the nature of the cycle of the universes and their length and breadth of development in their progress so that is a natural outcome of a cycle of growth of your universe system as well. For the hierarchy of masters and angelic beings are part and parcel of your training, are in charge of your training, if you will. We are the beings, then, who are in service to you, and, in fact, are in service to the world! We are the beings who assess and determine and evaluate your progress (as you in your fashion, evaluate your own progress!) And so we are the teachers for you, the teachers and guides in these times of rapid change. For this is a time of experimentation, of taking great risks, of taking great pains to exemplify all of the great and universal and masterful truths of the ages in your own lifetimes, in a condensed version and in a very rapid and intense form. These are my words to accommodate your position at this time, to understand what to do with yourselves for the next days, or weeks or months ahead! As you know, there is a plan! And not only for the next hundred years or so, but for the next two or three hundred years or so! So we want to see to it that there are seeds planted in every community and in every state in this great United States. So that there will always be leaders and examples and guides for the masses to follow and So that there will always be teachings and trainings and schools and centers for large groups of people to attend to. So that they can once again reeducate themselves as to their very nature, to their very sacred nature, to their divine origins, to the fact of their being spirit in the flesh, of being multidimensional spirits in the flesh, of being ultimately, immortal and eternal and infinite spirits in the flesh. So that they can completely understand the fact that they are always co-creators with God at all times, within their experience, here on the earth plane. This is a giant leap forward! What we of the ascended masters and the angelic realm have to say to you at this time is listen to the Self, That is your prime purpose at this time. Listen to the inner voice. The inner voice may not be Daniel or Ascordia or all the other beings who are in service to you, The inner voice can merely be your own intuition, it can merely be the impulses that you have denied all your life, the good impulses, the natural impulses to be creative, to be expensive, to be joyous, to be harmonious, to be graceful, these are the impulses that we ask you to listen to, the impulses to care for others, to be compassionate, to be empathetic and empathic and to be of service. Listen to those impulses. And listen to what they say to you and ask of you. Listen to the inner self is what we say at this time is most important. For some of you yet still do not know what you truly believe, or truly value, or truly have meaning for you or truly gives you joy. So instead of trying to seek this out externally, or trying to seek this out internally by reading books and volumes of literature, seek out your inner self, by listening to your inner voice, by becoming aware of it through meditation, through inspiration, through creative states, through taking care of the physical body. The need for progress is what all of you ultimately achieve in your understanding of Self, that you need to progress, that you need to change, that you need to transform. That you need to evolve and so, your struggles, your conflicts, your pains, as well as, your joys and your accomplishments and your integrity are all part of the evolution of the self, of the transformation of the self, of the progress of the self. We of the hierarchy, the Ascended Masters and others who work in tandem with the angelic realm, the Celestial realm, have our work to do, in terms of leading and inspiring and guiding and nurturing you in various ways, shapes and forms. Whether it be through the experiences that you have or through the dreams that you have, or through 崢陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 REALITY By Tony Kenton No man is an island unto himself, For if he chooses, he also loses. One can not know love or hate, without first joy and sorrow. One can not relate to things which one does not touch tomorrow. Man can not express, that which he does not possess. One must give in order to receive, less one live, if only to be deceived. To possess is to know, and to know is to grow. Reality is a matter of belief, and belief is another form of matter. Conceived and controlled by the unknowing, knowing mind, that chooses and reflects that which one selects. The problem of existence, comes from a matter of resistance. Alone, or in union, there can be no conflict or confusion. But separate and apart, opposites are at the heart. One must involve two, and that is the clue. The outer edges of reality bend and bump, but they do not break. Because the inner content shares and shapes, that which we take. We will choose and select that which is believed, but we will experience that which is relieved. 喞陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融 THE ART OF MEDICINE CONSISTS OF AMUSING THE PATIENT WHILE NATURE CURES THE DISEASE! 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 崢陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 A MEDITATION BY LINDA WIRTA Waves, pulses, undulating tones, Blinded by shades of lightness. Dwelling within as well as without. Wrapped in soft blankets of awareness. Blending; melding; Being, Creating, manifesting; procreating He. Tenderness, a childish wish. Coinciding, interlacing; shifting, lifting Nymphs and waifs. Shades of purple and green A field of wildflowers. A bubbling brook The sands of time. Oceans of life`Hearts of heather. Warm, soft feathers. Smells of lavender and rose. Wisteria, too Shades beyond color Smells beyond odor Feelings beyond emotion Light beyond brightness. Knowing and remembering abundance. Maximum Allowing, unfoldment Experienced God. 喞陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 浜様様様様様様様様様融 些 AREA EVENTS 該 藩様様様様様様様様様夕 +-------------------------------------------+ |GREATER PHILADELPHIA HOLISTIC GUILD Meeting| +-------------------------------------------+ Sunday, Nov. 14 7 PM 501 E. Gravers Ln., Wyndmoor, Pa. (corner of Stenton Ave. on the Wyndmoor side) Dr. Albert Schatz, discoverer of Streptomycin, will be the featured speaker at the GPHG meeting this month. Dr. Schatz will discuss how our relationship with the Earth affects our relationship with (and the work we do with) our bodywork clients. For more information and directions, please call Angie Rapalyea at 215-233-0825. +-------------------------------------------+ |GREATER PHILADELPHIA HOLISTIC GUILD Meeting| +-------------------------------------------+ Sunday, Jan. 9- 7 PM Arnold's Way Health Food Store, Main St., Manayunk Ed Martinez, Financial Consultant will be the featured speaker at the GPHG meeting this month. Mr. Martinez is a financial expert with Sun Financial Group in Radnor, Pa. and will speak about how to keep more of your earnings and pay less of your earnings in taxes. For more information and directions, please call Angie Rapalyea at 215-233-0825. 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 UPCOMING EVENTS WITH DEBBY TAYLOR 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 +----------------+ |DREAMSTUDY GROUP| +----------------+ Thursday, Nov. 4 6:30 PM $10.00 Rockledge, Pa. (Cheltenham Twp)., Call: 215-663-0704 Increase your spiritual insights through sharing dreams. +-------------------+ |CHANNELING TRAINING| +-------------------+ Saturday, Nov. 13 & Sunday, Nov.14 10 - 4 PM $180.00 Rockledge, Pa. (Cheltenham Twp.) Call for details. 215-663-0704 +------------------------+ |AN EVENING OF CHANNELING| +------------------------+ Wednesday, Nov. 17 8 PM Donation Pebble Hill Church, Edison Furlong Rd. Doylestown, Pa. Call: 215-663-0704 +----------------+ |MEDITATION GROUP| +----------------+ Monday, Nov. 22 7:30 PM $10.00 Rockledge, Pa. (Cheltenham Twp.) Call: 215-663-0704 +---------------+ |A DAY TO DEEPEN| +---------------+ Saturday, Jan. 29 10 - 4 PM $60 Chalfont, Pa., Call: 215-663-0704 A day of yoga, meditation, sounding and breathing to deepen your personal spiritual connection 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 UPCOMING EVENTS WITH ANGIE RAPALYEA 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 +-----------+ |CHANT CLASS| +-----------+ Wed. Oct. 20 through Wed. Nov. 17,7 PM $50 501 E. Gravers Ln. Wyndmoor, Pa. Call: 215-233-0825 +----------------------------+ |SACRED NATIVE AMERICAN CHANT| +----------------------------+ Thurs. Dec. 2 7 - 9 PM $10.00 Discovery Book Store, Lansdale, Pa. Call: 361-9227 +-------------------------------------------------------+ |LEARN TO BUILD YOUR OWN MEDICINE WHEEL (EARLY DECEMBER)| +-------------------------------------------------------+ Location: Skippack, PA. Call 215-584-5201. 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様 CLASSIFIED LISTINGS 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様 KATHERINE STILES COGAN, Artist /Metaphysical Teacher, is now offering a creative guided meditation class at the Medici Gallery, Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 PM 68 North 2nd St., Phila., Pa. 19106 (Olde City) Also available, TAROT READINGS. For more information, Call: 215-925-4352 栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩 ASCORDIA CENTER SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FALL - WINTER 栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩 The following events are sponsored by the Ascordia Center. All workshops and channeled events are based on the wisdom teachings of the Ascended Master Daniel and the Seraphic Angel Ascordia. +-------------------+ |AWAKENING THE HEART| +-------------------+ Learn how to open up your heart to divine love and to the transcendental energies of the celestial realm. Using heart attunement meditations and creative visualizations, we will access our hearts sacred center in order to receive and express the divine energies of joy, bliss and ecstasy. Awaken your heart! Awaken your life! +----------------------------------+ | A.T.H. LECTURE/MEDITATION SERIES | | Ascordia Center (Chestnut Hill) | +----------------------------------+ Sunday, Nov. 7 7:30 PM $10 Sunday, Dec. 12 7:30 PM $10 Sunday, Jan. 9 7:30 PM $10 Address: 219 E. Willow Grove Ave., Apt. S-3, Phila., Pa. 19118, Phone: 215-242-8832. Registration is required, please call to reserve your seat. +----------------------------------------------------------+ |A.T.H. MINI-WORKSHOPS - Medici Gallery (Phila.-Olde City)| +----------------------------------------------------------+ Monday, Nov. 15 7:30 PM $25 Thursday, Dec. 16 7:30 PM $25 Address: 68 N. 2nd St. Phila., PA. 19106, Phone: 215-627-8109/215-242-8832. Pre-registration is required, please call to reserve your space in the workshop. We will explore various techniques for opening the heart chakra including creative visualization, angelic tonals and creating heart mandalas. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring notebook, pen/pencil and crayons. +---------------------------------------------------+ A.T.H. WORKSHOPS - Ascordia Center (Chestnut Hill) +---------------------------------------------------+ Saturday, Nov. 20 1:30-5:30 PM $45 Address: 219 E. Willow Grove Ave. Apt. S-3 Phila., Pa. 19118.Phone: 215-242-8832 Pre-registration is required, please call to reserve your space. Sunday, Dec. 5 1:30 - 5:30 PM $45 Inner Light Book Shop (Princeton, NJ.) Address: 252 Alexander Rd. Princeton, N.J. 08540, Phone: 609-683-8108. Pre-registration is required, please call to reserve your space. Saturday, Jan. 15 1:30 - 5:30 PM $45 Ascordia Center (Chestnut Hill) Address: 219 E. Willow Grove Ave. Apt. S-3 Phila., Pa. 19118, Phone: 215-242-8832. Pre-registration is required, please call to reserve your space. In these workshops, we will explore various techniques for awakening our hearts to joy, bliss and ecstasy. Creative visualizations, key affirmations, core belief review and angelic tonals will be used to attune you to your hearts sacred center. At the end of the workshop, there will be a channeled presentation by Ascordia to respond to the workshop participants questions and concerns. +------------------------------------------+ |A.T.H. TRAINING PROGRAM - WORKSHOP SERIES| +------------------------------------------+ Ascordia Center Six Mondays Starting Monday, Jan. 25 7:30 PM $125/series - $25/session #1,2 Choose to Love Yourself Part 1,2 #3,4 Letting Go of Fear Part 1,2 #5 Your Personal Joy #6 Heaven On Earth Call the Ascordia Center for more information and registration. +----------------------------------------+ | ASCORDIA CHANNELING | | HEAVEN ON EARTH - THE NEXT 200 YEARS | +----------------------------------------+ Friday, Dec. 3 7:30 PM $10 ($12 non-members) See of Tranquillity 27 N. 13th St. Allentown, Pa. 19103 The Seraphic Angel Ascordia will give a lecture tonight on a most interesting topic, the dynamics between humans and angels over the next two hundred years. This evening will feature lecture, question and answer period and guided meditation. Phone: 215-435-0944 +---------------+ |ANGELS AMONG US| +---------------+ The celestial kingdom is actively working upon our behalf in these times of great upheaval and change. Find out how you can attune to the angels and celestial energies and make contact with your guardian angel so that you can be protected and provided for during your own personal evolution. +-------------------------+ |LECTURE/MEDITATION SERIES| +-------------------------+ #1 Tuesday, Nov. 9 7:30 PM $10 Inner Light Book Shop, Princeton, NJ. Call: 609-683-8108 #2 Thursday, Nov.18 7:30 PM $10 Medici Gallery, Phila., Pa. Call: 215-627-8109 #3 Monday, Dec. 6 7:30 PM $10 Ascordia Center, Chestnut Hill, Pa., Call: 215-242-8832 +--------+ |WORKSHOP| +--------+ Saturday, Dec. 11 1-5 PM $35/$45non-members See of Tranquility, 27 N. 13th St. Allentown, Pa. 19103, Phone: Call: 215-435-0944 for pre-registration. +-----------------------------------------+ |DANIEL CHANNELING -MAGIC, MYTH AND RITUAL| +-----------------------------------------+ Friday, Nov. 5 7:30 PM $10/$12 non-members See of Tranquillity, 27 N. 13th St. Allentown, Pa. 19103 The Ascended Master Daniel will give a lecture on this most interesting topic this evening. Following the lecture will be a question and answer period and a guided meditation. Call: 215-435-0944 for information and registration. +----------------------+ |DARE TO DREAM WORKSHOP| +----------------------+ Explore the hidden mirror within, your inner dream world, in this experiential workshop. We will use various dream analysis and interpretation techniques to discover our dream world perspectives and creative potential. Guided meditations, storytelling and waking dream exercises will be used. Saturday, Nov. 13 1-5 PM 35/$45 non-members See of Tranquillity, 27 N. 13th St. Allentown, Pa. 19103 Call: 215-435-0944 for information and registration. Saturday, Jan. 22 1-5 PM $45 Ascordia Center, 219 E. Willow Grove Ave.,Apt. S-3 Phila., Pa. 19118. Call: 215-242-8832 for information and registration +-------------------------------------------------------+ | CHANNEL PANEL | | Keeping Your Spiritual Balance in a Topsy Turvy World | +-------------------------------------------------------+ Sunday, Nov. 21 2-5 PM $18 Pebble Hill Church, Edison-Furlong Rd. Doylestown, Pa. 18901 The Channel Panel, consisting of three gifted channelers, will allow themselves to give voice to spirit this afternoon to discuss this most vital topic in today's world. Operating within a panel discussion format, the entities will speak to the audience and to each other, allowing for a question and answer period at the end for the audiences personal questions. Guaranteed to be a most fascinating afternoon! Call: 215-348-3428/232-8832 for information and registration. All workshops and channeling events will be audio-taped for your convenience. You can purchase these tapes after the events from the Ascordia Center. The tapes are $10 per 90 minutes. We also have available through our Trance-Formation tape series, Daniel and Ascordia audio-tapes from previous workshops and events. For more in formation, please call the Ascordia Center for a complete list of our tapes and transcripts 旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭 UNIVERSES by Edgar Bloom 旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭 Death never is silent when the waters are gone. Peacefully the universes stir on the red edge of the spiral galaxy where life never sleeps. A thousand civilizations have come and gone, in the blinking of an eye. Time is disturbed, and the blackness returns out of which is born...newness. Life is always being born where we do not believe it is possible: Yet, it lives there, where time is stilled,.... in a muted time-place. 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融 CHANNELER'S SUPPORT GROUP SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 Stepping Out of Your Spiritual Closet Wed., Oct. 27 - 7 PM An evening devoted to first time channelers An Evening with Melanie Lewandowski Wed., Nov. 17 - 7 PM Learn about the ancient art of Feng Shui with Ms. Lewandowski, Feng Shui practitioner, teacher and workshop leader. An Evening with Janet Ludlow Wed., Dec. 15 - 7 PM Ms. Ludlow will be channeling a New Testament prophet for the public this evening. An Evening with Amy Bortner Wed. Jan. 26, 1994 - 7 PM Amy Bortner, Director of the Ascordia Center, will be channeling the Ascended Master Daniel for the public this evening. The New Hope Channelers Support Group meets once a month at the New Hope Public Library. Refreshments are served. A small donation is requested. For more info., Call: Bill Tomaszewski at 215- 340-0534 青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩 NEW AGE BBS'S IN THE PHIAL. AREA ANTARRA NETWORK - 675-6302 AUDUBON BBS - 277-9642 DATAMAX-SATALINK - 443-5830 EMERALD ISLE BBS - 277-2013 FORETHOUGHT BBS - 277-8271 THE GARAGE BBS - 788-4662 THE GRAVEYARD BBS - 622-0309 LUVCATS LAIR BBS - 467-7409 MYSTIC MT.BBS - 884-7449 PAGA-WICCA - 943-7470 PAH QUE II BBS - 586-7441 RUNWAY BBS - 623-6203 SPYDER'S WEB BBS - 352-6284 栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩栩


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