Area 1, Msg#162, Apr-05-96 21:54 PM To: Bob Albert Subject: Hello... Paganism/Wicca is a n

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Area 1, Msg#162, Apr-05-96 21:54 PM From: Theophenie Settell To: Bob Albert Subject: Hello... Paganism/Wicca is a nature-based polytheistic religion, dating back to WAY before Christianity. We basically believe in a Goddess and a God(the Goddess being a three-fold Goddess(Maiden/Mother/Crone), and the God being also three- fold(Young Man/Father/Dying God). We have eight main holidays... dividing the year equally(the year being likened to a Wheel, or called the Year of the Wheel)... these days are Samhain(pronouced Sow-En) on November 1st(our New Year), Beltane(May 1st), Imbolc(February 1st), and Lughnasadh(or Lammas)(August 1st); these make the four major quarters.... then you have the lesser days... Spring and Autumn Euqinoxes and Summer and Winter Solstices. We do not believe in the Christian Devil(hence the hilarity of the thought of us being Satanists... how can we worship something we have no belief in???)... We live be the Rede(our only Law)... which says "an harm ye none, do what thou wilt"(pretty much the same as the Golden Rule). If you would like to learn more... the first book that I suggest for ANYONE wanting to know about Witchcraft as a religion(and know the truth, not the "green faced, old hag on a broomstick notion) is called "Witchcraft from the Inside" by Ray Buckland...ISBN # 1-56718-101-5 Blessed be, Ladyhawke


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