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THE TIME HAS COME TO STOP ULTRA-RIGHT WING ASSAULTS ON PERSONAL FREEDOM The Supreme Court has spoken! While the Court's recent ruling on abortion will not make the process technically illegal, it opens the door to a variety of other legal questions which could seriously restrict a woman's right to choose abortion. Without a doubt, the increased political pressure which will arise as a result of the Supreme Court's latest ruling, will have the effect of severely limiting a woman's options and in some instances even prevent women from receiving the help they so desperately need. Now that the individual states will have the right to regulate certain aspects of abortion, and in some instances, eliminate state sponsored abortion clinics, special interest groups are in the process of mobilizing their forces for an all out assault on abortion. Now more than ever individuals have a responsibility to speak out on an important issue and support a cause which will undoubtedly have a direct affect on the development of our nation throughout the 90's and on into the 21st century. Special interest groups comprised of extreme right wing zealots will continue to apply pressure to the various state legislatures in an attempt to have clinics closed in as many states as possible. If they are successful in their efforts these organizations will be directly responsible for endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. We must oppose radical organizations like Operation Rescue on every level possible as they threaten to compromise the personal freedom and social well being of all Americans. The Reverend Jerry Falwell, typically, is mobilizing his forces and directly soliciting funds from his followers as he gears up for an all out assault on personal freedom. He most certainly plans to use the donations he is receiving to build a war chest which he will ultimately use to finance propaganda and lobbying campaigns on a state level throughout the country. While we respect Rev. Falwell's right to lobby for whatever political change he feels necessary, we also have a right to oppose him every way possible. Now is your chance to make a direct political statement, oppose Rev. Falwell and support the pro-choice movement with one sweeping gesture. Rev. Falwell now has a special toll free number which has been set up to accept donations for his anti-abortion movement and disseminate propaganda on the pro-choice movement. Each time a caller dials this 800 number and reaches a Falwell volunteer on the other end, Falwell is billed for the call (approx. $0.80) per call. While 80 cents may not seem like much, it does add up if you make multiple calls a few times every day. And it doesn't cost the caller a cent! For the record, Falwell's anti-abortion number is 1-800- 345-8095. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: 1. Call this number as many times as possible throughout the day. Wait for someone on the other end to answer the phone, then hang up and dial the number again. It doesn't cost you anything but the time it takes to dial and wait for an answer. Each time you call, Falwell is billed. 2. Pass this number along to all of your friends and associates who feel as strongly as you do about a woman's right to free choice. URGE YOUR FRIENDS TO MAKE NUMEROUS CALLS DAILY UNTIL FALWELL IS FORCED TO DISCONNECT THE NUMBER!!!! 3. For those of you with modems and personal computer, which should be just about everyone who is reading this, set up your communications program to dial this number throughout the night, while you sleep. Most modems will be able to connect with Falwell at least 60 times an hour. If hundreds, or even thousands of people around the country did this every night for a month, Falwell would have to seriously curtail his anti-abortion fundraising activities. 4. The first time you call this number, ask to be put on the mailing list. Give an assumed name! Give several assumed names! In no time, you'll be receiving tons of junk mail. The printing and postage costs for each mailing can be quite expensive. Falwell spare's no expense with his mailings, because he assumes that a majority of the mail he sends out will produce cash donations. 5. Print these instructions and make copies to distribute around your community. Urge everyone you know to flood Falwell with calls! Now is the time for direct action. Falwell and others like him have declared war on personal freedom. Only you can return the favor by declaring war on Falwell and his narrow minded, fascistic viewpoint. ************************************************************ This public service message has been brought to you by THE WAYNE FOUNDATION -- A non-profit organization dedicated to


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