Title: ABC-TV's +quot;The Craft+quot; The Official Journal of the Alliance for Magical and

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Title: ABC-TV's "The Craft" From: AMER Intelligence The Official Journal of the Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions, Volume 1, Number 1. copyright 1991 by AMER and the respective authors. All rights reserved. (Permission to reprint has been granted by AMER.) Phone calls and letters from occultists across America pressured ABC-TV to remove an offensive new TV show called "The Craft" from their Fall lineup. Outrage greeted Paul Suliin's April announcement that the show had been scheduled. Among the offensive features of the show was its plot line: "A woman marries a man who is a Witch, although she doesn't know this. They have a baby, and she is told that it died at birth. However, what really happens is that the husband steals the baby, and it is passed from coven to coven all over the U.S. In each episode, the mother is in a different town trying to recover her baby from the Witches." Suliin, who is the head of Mensa's Pagan, Occult and Wiccan Special Interest Group (POWSIG), learned of the show from a pagan employee of ABC. Suliin alerted the pagan community through press releases, a phone tree, and extensive use of electronic bulletin boards. Thousands of pagans and other occultists, including Setians, wrote and called ABC demanding the cancellation of "The Craft". Paul Suliin called AMER president Chris Carlisle on May 24 to report that ABC had pulled the show from their lineup. ABC refused to confirm or deny that the volume of letters and phone calls had led them to this decision, but AMER is certain that the community's efforts were responsible for this cancellation. AMER has not yet received an "official" response to our letter to ABC. Despite the decision to cancel the series, and a second letter writing campaign, ABC went ahead and aired on September 8th, 1991 an edited version of the pilot retitled "To Save a Child." Although some of the most offensive parts had been removed, the basic premise of the movie remained unchanged. Those wishing to express their gratitude for the series cancellation, and displeasure at the airing of the pilot, can write to: Mr. Bob Iger President, ABC Entertainment 2040 Avenue of the Stars (5th Floor) Los Angeles, CA 90067 /end of article/


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