This is a brief description of the books by The Tibetan Master, Djwahl Khul, as given out

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This is a brief description of the books by The Tibetan Master, Djwahl Khul, as given out through Alice A. Bailey. The books may be obtained from Lucis Publishing, 113 University Place, NY NY 10003. Many computer files on the Bailey and other important works in the Western Esoteric tradition, as well as astrological and other computer programs are available a BBS run by a student of the teachings- The Seven Ray Institute BBS can be reached at 718-380-5750, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 1200-14400 BAUD. If the BBS ever moves, you can get the new number from The Seven Ray Institutes' headquarters, 201-798-7777. Initiation, Human and Solar The theme of 'initiation' appears in various relationships throughout this series of books. An initiation is an expansion of consciousness-a means of opening the mind and heart to a recognition of what already exists in reality. It is, therefore, a result of the ability to transcend those glamours and illusions which veil the truth and limit the consciousness. As a living process, initiation is experienced by all forms of life, from the universal to the particular. One of the great values of this book is that it does stretch the mind towars a new conception of the intense activity involved at all levels of consciousness on the planet to create condisions in which evolutionary growth can proceed. The work of the planetary Hierarchy, and of some of the responsible workers within the Hierarchy, is outlined in a way which brings everyday human life into focus as an outer expression of qualified purpose through the Ashrams of the Masters. The three departments of Hierarchy form important planetary focal points of cosmic energy flow, each one imbued with purpose and responsible for an aspect of the Plan of God. The inter-relationship and interaction of the many kingdoms and centres of consciousness are revealed aas tending towards the complete integration and alignment of our Planetary Logos within the systemic whole. ...Essentially the individual aspirant treading the Path of Discipleship is thrown back on his own inner spiritual resources as the only means by which progress can be made and consciousness expanded. This he does to the extent that he becomes sensitive and responsive to energy wielded and projected by Hierarchy. A disciple is "one who serves"-eventually one who serves "the One". So the vast, dazzling and glorious process of evolution and initiation opens out in the depths and in the silence of the soul, and the disciple learns to relinquish all self-seeking-even for personal spiritual experience-and becomes absorbed with others in the service of the Plan. Letters on Occult Meditation We have a recognised cleavage to be bridged in the workd today, usually known as the cleavage between "East and West", but termied more accurately between "Orient and Occident". Behind the differences in culture, tradition, religion, ideology and social custons, hovwver, there is a growing interchange of thought and mental understanding. One powerfule stimulation to this mental rapport may be in an increasing tendency for the westerner to cultivat the science of meditation long practiced in the East as an essential part of religious and spiritual experience. In this day and age, and as we maove on into mentally oriented age of Aquarius, with increasing numbers of men and women transferring from an emotional to a mental focus, the science of meditation as mind training techmique in concentration and invocation will become increasingly practiced in the West. However, there are deeper and more profound areas of life and consciousness to be penetrated and revealed in meditation. Meditation, in the occult sense, is not only a training technique for the mind, but a means of achieving alignment, union and identification with the sould, with the Christ, and ultimately with "the Father". As distinct from the experience of mystical union, occult meditation establishes a scientific process by which causes set in motion will product identifiable effects, which can be repeated at will. This is a technique to be mastered by the mind; it involves intense mental activity followed by an absolute stillness, with the ability so to control and order the mind that it engages in action or becomes stilled to "reflection" at will. The first purpose of this form of meditation os the conscious integration of soul and personality, so that the livingness of the soul may impress and influence the quality of the personality life. This draws a man steadily into that centre of consciousness within the planet we call the spiritual Hierarchy, the Kingdom of God; the spiritual Man then assumes control, and the divine potential is unfolded. Since we are dealing in meditation with energy flow which is literally fiery and impersonal, there are pitfalls and dangers to be understood and avoided; these, too, are discussed. And also the colours and sounds corresponding to the various ray energies which, occultly speaking, are vibrations of different frequencies. In looking towards the future, the author predicts the growing influence of the science of meditation, leading eventually to the establishing of schools of meditation under the guidance and instruction of intiated disciples. These schools will be of two kinds: one,preparatory; and the other actually training the student for initiation. The ultimate objective of these comprehensive training schools will be to provide qualified disciples for planetary service-the spontaneous effect of soul contact in the selflessly motivated disciple. "The motive may be epitomised in these few words: The sacrifice of the personal self for the good of the One Self. The method may be also be shortly put: Wise control of the personality, and discrimination in work and time. The resultant attitude will be: Complete dispassion, and a growing love of the unseen and the real. All this will be consummated through steady application to occult Meditation". A Treatise on White Magic Throughout the whole of this series of books runs a single thread uniting various aspects of life and specialised activities within the Plan for man. This is the thread of consciousness evolving in man through the efforts of the soul to contact and control its personality equipment; and evolving within the planet as the centre Hierarchy becomes increasingly able to impress the Plan on the minds of men. This book contains the Fifteen Rules for Magic, and for soul control, based on these words in the Bhagavad Gita: "Though I am Unborn, the Soul that passes not away, though I am the Lord of Being, yet as Lord over Mynature I become manifest, through the magical power of the Soul." The soul unmanifest is its essential being, manifest through the nature of its personality equipment, is always a source of mystery. It evades the analytical concrete mind; it reveals its true self to the illumined mind fused with the open heart, seeking not to grasp and to hold for personal progress, but to wield the magical power in service. The power of the soul is always available to the one who seeks, as an aspirant to accepted discipleship, to become of practical service in his own peculiar times, state and environment. The teaching in this book is based on four fundamental postulates which will: 1. Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental and emotional psychology. 2. Make clear the nature of the soul of man and its systemic and cosmic relationships. This will include its group relationship as a preliminary step. 3. Demonstrate the relations between the self and the sheaths which that self may use, and thus clarify thought as to the constitution of man. 4. Elucidate the problem of supernormal powers and give the rules for their safe and useful development. Through these underlying postulates runs the theme of ENERGY, of the one informing life as a centre of energy, pervading and uniting all within the divine flow. Man is essentially and inherently divine; and the sould, the centre of consciousness, the result of the pervasive union of Spirit with matter, is the means whereby man evolves a consciousness of divinity and unity, redeems the gross matter of his vehicles and liberates the pure flame of life energy from the limitation of form. The soul is the vital link, therefore, between God and man. The book closes with a rousing call to the soul in all aspirants: "I close with an appeal to all who read these instructions, to rally their forces, to renew their vows of dedication to the service of humanity, to subordinate their own ideas and wishes to the group good, to take their eyes off themselves and fix them anew upon the vision.... Let all students make up their minds in this day of emergency and of opportunity to sacrifice all they have to the helping of humanity....I call upon all of you to join the strenuous efforts of the Great Ones." A Treatise on Cosmic FIre Although this book was one of the first to be written by Alice Bailey in collaboration with the Tibetan, it is probably the most timeless, profound and least understood. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire deals with the underlying structure of occult teaching for the present era, with vast cosmic processes reproduced through all areas of life from universe to atom. It is, therefore, no book for the proof-demanding concrete mind, or for those who dabble in the spectacular and the phenomenal. The true student, however, the seriously applied aspirant will find his mind stimulated and his consciousness expanded. The book is dedicated to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and is said to be "the psychological key to the Cosmic Creation". Certainly in its revelation of relationship and correspondences throughout the Cosmos, all aspects of life unfolding through consciousness are included, based on the aphorism-"Having pervaded the entire universe with one fragment of Myself, I remain". The One Life manifests through all form within the universe as fiery energy; and the three main streams of cosmic energy, differentiated into seven systemic rays, are shown in relation to the three aspects of fire controlling all manifested life: Electric Fire, the Fire of Spirit; Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind; Fire by Friction, the Internal FIres. A large section of the book is directed to a detailed exposition of Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind, since this is the dominant energy to be understood and controlled during this second solar system. The cosmic Laws operating through the system are shown in relation to the lesser laws of planetary origin and the laws of nature, operating through substance, as distinct from the life and the consciousness of the planet. In her foreword to the book, the author mentions a five-fold purpose within its teaching; briefly (a) To provide a compact and skeleton outline of a scheme of cosmology, philosophy and psychology which may serve as a reference and textbook; (b) As an elucidation of the relation between Spirit and Matter, demonstration as consciousness; (c) To show the coherent development of all that is found within a solar system and to demonstrate that EVERYTHING evolves; (d) To give practical information about focal points of energy found in the etheric bodies of the Solar Logos, the macrocosm, and of man, the microcosm; (e) To give some information of the place and work of those sentient lives who form the essence of objectivity, and to indicate the nature of the Hierarchies of Existence who form out of their own substance all that is seen and known. These five objectives, and more, the book encompasses; for the effect in the individual consciousness is such that theories become transcended and the mind begins to experience through contemplative thought what the words on paper reveal to the intelligence. The finite human mind can touch its cosmic origins and its fiery essence when it opens to the three cosmmic Laws of Synthesis, of Attraction and of Economy. The fire of love, the flame of life within the heart, is the touchstone for all intuitive thought, and the alchemist to the dense materiality of gross substance. A Treatise on the Seven Rays (Volumes I - V) Esoteric Psychology - Vol. 1 lar system, our planet and all that lives and moves within its orbit. Of the specialised subjects presented in these books, two volumes are concerned with esoteric psychology-the first in relation to basic energy patters and structures; the second particularly applied to the soul and the personality of man and to the working out of the Plan for humanity. The "psyche" is, after all, the human soul, the centre of consciousness. Esoteric psychology begins with a consideration of the human being AS A SOUL, manifesting in the form of a personality, consisting of mental, emotional and etheric/physical substance. From the point of view of esoteric psychology, evolution is the evolution of consciousness, by which the imbedded fragment of the soul within the personality progressively identifies its sipritual source and becomes at-one with it. In this volume of Esoteric Psychology...the Seven Rays are shown as the Seven Creative Builders, each one imbued with purpose and power, functioning together as s synthesis in occult obedience to the purposes our Solar Logos. Such a detailed and comprehensive study of the ray energies influencing our planetary life and all kingdoms in nature is of inestimable value to the aspirant consciously preparing himself to become of planetary service as he learns to serve and to unite with his fellowmen. Esoteric Psychology - Volume II The second volume of Esoteric Psychology deals exhaustively with the ray qualities controlling the life, consciousness and appearance of a human being on the physical plane. Every man in his totality is subject to the laws of evolution by which he proceeds from the One to the many and back to the One, enriched by the experience of life in form and capable of contributing the results of that experience to the larger life which pervades him. Because the process of evolution is one of expansion in consciousness towards the centre of the One Life, and individual becomes increasingly identified with larger and larger areas of group consciousness; with the family and community group; with the nation; with the world and with the one humanity; with the soul and the ashramic group; and ultimately with those centres of consciousness we identify as Hierarchy, the planetary heart inspiring the Plan; and with Shamballa, the planetary head centre of purpose, will and intention. This is a long process of discipleship growth and of service response to the requirements of the Plan and the needs of humanity. This book, therefore, includes much comment and teaching of the utmost value to the disciple in training for world service, learning to take his place within that subjectively united and organised group of disciples discussed in this volume as "the new group of world servers". Group consciousness is a major goal for every aspirant to discipleship. The first part of the book dealing with the Egoic Ray, includes sections on (1) The growth of soul influence (2) The seven laws of soul or group life (3) The five groups of souls (4) Rules for inducing soul control The second part of the book, which deals with the Egoic, or soul, Ray includes sections on (1) The appropriation of the bodies (2) The coordination of the personality (3) Some problems of psychology (4) Diseases and problems of disciples and mystics The final part of this volume, Humanity Today, anchors these pervasive thoughts and erergies within the world arena. The world situation is viewed from the esoteric and Hierarchical angle and in relation the requirements of the dawning new age of Aquarius. A synthesis of thought and a unity of purpose must be established in the world in order to create conditions in which peace can prosper, and the Christ can reappear. Supreme effort was made by the Hierarchy to avert the 1939 outbreak of war, and to this end stimulation and evocative energies were literally forced into human consciousness through the agency of the new group of world servers. The requirements of the Plan for humanity were held up as the VISION, without which "the people perish". Choosing to learn the hard way, humanity is only now opening the eye of vision as the result of drastic experience. Disciples and world servers, therefore, face a superlative opportunity today to equip them selves for service to the Plan, to humanity and to Hierarchy, by applying the psychology of the soul to every aspect of their life environment. Esoteric Astrology Volume III This is the basis for the Astrology of the future. It will come into its own as the esoteric or soul factore begin to supersede the exoteric focus of the vast majority of professional and amateur astrologers today. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "Space is and entity". It is with the life of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms that esoteric astrology deals. This is the science which deals with those conditioning and governing energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found withing that field. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "Space is an entity". It is with the life of this entity and with the forces an energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons, that esoteric astrology deals. Esoteric astrology can be applied by the trained worker in a variety of ways; in medicine, psychology, science, education; to an evaluation of human problems, of the destin of nations, of a correct interpretation of world affairs, etc. It is necessary, however, that at this stage the application of esoteric astrology to human life should be recognized as experimental and tentative, so that each individual worker can adjust his thinking and his methods according to his own wrought-out experience. As with all other aspects of occultism and esotericism, accuracy and facility to work depend entirely on a consciousness evolving out of control by the personality into the life of the soul, out of separateness and self-centeredness into a realisation of unity, and absorption into a centre of group consciousness. One of the fundamental premises of this book is that while incoming astrological energies are received by all, each uses the energy in accordance at the level of consciousness that that person is at. This will explain many things which don't seem to work in traditional astrology. This book does not deal with the personality or fortune telling aspects of astrology, but rather with the cosmic and spiritual influences. (A suggestion here; the book does make extensive reference to the energies of the Seven Rays. For the best comprehension of the ideas related in this book, try to explore first what the rays are and have some fundamental idea of their qualities. You will find your understanding of the ideas enhanced thereby). Esoteric Healing - Volume IV There are probably more individuals and groups of people in the world of every shade of belief and capacity, devoted to the idea of healing than to any other single human need. Yet healing is and exact, and and exacting, science; and in modern society no physician or surgeon may practice the ancient progession of healing without the personal qualifications legally recognised by the State for the protection of the public. No doubt prayer and invocation can be effective under certain circumstances, particularly when the one who serves is pure and harmless in motive, and has enough understanding to cooperate with the soul purposes of the individual, so permitting the healing energy of the soul to flow more freely and effectively through the personality, or to proceed with the process of withdrawal, if that is its immediate purpose. Esoteric healing, however, includes far more than this; it is a science based on a number of requirements, including knowledge of the constitution of man and the nature of the various bodies, both dense and subtle. To this practical knowledge, the science of occultism contributes vital information of the energy factors, the karmic and ray influences, the psychology and astrology of the soul, and the laws and rules fundamental to the safe and successful practice of esoteric healing. With all this to encompass in understanding and in application, little wonder that this science is as yet in its infancy, still in the experimental stages, and with other aspects of escotericism due for major development only as the soul in man takes a stronger hold of all personality affairs. In this book the seven ray techniques of healing are discussed; the requirements for healing are given in detail; and basic causes of disease are shown. We learn, for example, that much disease can be karmic in origin; that certain diseases are inherent in the soil and in the substance of the planet; and that many others are psychological, arising in the emotional or mental bodies. Hence the need for a total and comprehensive understanding both of the patient and of the correct and safe methods of healing. We are also given a true understanding of death as the abstraction, or the withdrawal, of the soul from the body to continue life on its own plane without the limitation of the body, until a new cycle of incarnation and experience in form is necessary. In the effort to apply the teaching given in "Esoteric Healing", those whose destiny lies in this area of human service will begin to unfold the spiritual faculty necessary for the healing of the whole man. And this will increasingly concern groups of workers using the magnetic and radiatory power of group energy and invocation. The right practice of esoteric healing conforms, therefore, to the new age development of group consciousness, and the establishment of right energy relationships which underlie all aspects of esoteric training in the world today. Not only the potential healer, but all occultists will learn much from a study of "Esoteric Healing". The Rays and the Initiations - Vol. V The final volume in this treatise on the seven rays contains the fundamental spiritual structure on which the next presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teaching will build. The book is in two parts; the first part enumerates and details the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation. These are the rules for disciples and intiates, paralleling on a higher turn of the spiral, the rules for applicants contained in the book "Initiation, Human and Solar". The second part of this volume is concerned with the Rays and the Initiations, those nine major expansions of consciousness through which the intiate becomes progressively liberated from the various forms of our planetary life, ultimately proceeding upon his chosen Path of development and service within the universe. One of the outstanding principles unfolded through the pages of this book is that of the growth of the group ides-group service, group responsibility and group initiation. The possibility of group initiation seems to be one of the new emerging developments of the Aquarian era; therefore, the profound value to the disciple of Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation. These rules embody great trughs in symbolic form, into which the consciousness expands with the acceptance of occult obedience, and the meeting of all requirements on the Path of Initiation in a group penatrating together towards the centre of an ashram, and into the heart and will of the presiding Master. Because "the way to the innermost sanctum is the way of outer service", and because initiation is the effect of an increasing capacity to intuit the Plan, to register ashramic purpose and TO ACT ACCORDINGLY, "these rules are in reality great Formulas of Approach...approach to a specific section of the Path and not approach to the Iniator. I would have you reflect on this distinction. The initiate is becoming increasingly aware of the dynamics of the Science of the Service of the Plan. This distinctive realisation can only come when his fused and blended personality and soul expression of will has disappeared in the blazing light of the Divine Purpose." Much of this teaching, while beyond the grasp of the average student today, is invaluable in expanding the mind to contemplate the larger patterns and processes in which the individual function may be viewed in perspective. In dealing with such abstruse matters, the author again demonstrates a marvelous capacity to relate the deepest and most profound aspects of the Master's teaching to the life and the consciousness of the aspirant in the world today. Since there is no separation in life, and since the aphorisn "As above so below" applies in every particular throughout the cosmos, and recognisably within the solar and the planetary lives, there is great value in the clear deliniation of continuity. "Revelation concerns Oneness and nothing else. The practical nature of this truth is only recognised when the disciple attempts to do two things: To realise it individually and to bring the nature of planetary unity and of non-separateness to the minds and into the lives of men everywhere". ****************************************************************** The books above are, (IN YOUR HUMBLE SYSOPS' OPINION, FOLKS), the most important books in the series. They outline the scope, as well as the major work which the Tibetan has given out through Alice A Bailey (as a secretary, of course, NOT a medium or channel). Alice Bailey wrote many interesting books herself, which will be detailed later. The next section are other books written by the Tibetan master, Djwhal Khul, which are part of the series - these descriptions have been taken from the pamphlet "Thirty years work-the books of Alice A Bailey and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul", which is published by Lucis Publishing Company, 113 University Place, New York, NY 10003. (Any of the books mentioned here are available through them as well). In addition, they have a lending library, which is maintained through contributions only, devoted to the esoteric sciences. They have over 5,000 titles, and one can borrow books even through the mail. Write to them for further information. The Externalization of the Hierarchy The subject of human free will has always contrived to set men's mental teeth on edge. The fatalist automatically resigns himself to whatever befalls him, seeing in effects no cause attributable to his own action-or inaction; but resigned always to the working of an inexorable fate. The Christian counterpart tends to accept his lot as the working of God's Will in which he has no say or part. At the other extreme stands the rebellious independent, determine to exercise his right to free, self-willed action. This book, as one of its many values, shows the extent to which Hierarchy and other centres of life on the planet are dependent upon the unpredictable and often irresponsible factor of human free will. During the years leading up to the outbreak of World War II, every opportunity and every possible spiritual stimulation was offered to humanity in an effort to avoid precipitation of conflict on to the physical plane. disciples and aspirants to discipleship were asked to give special cooperation to the Hierarchy, and to make an all-out effort to provide adequate leadership to human thought and decision. All were left free, however, to determine their own limits, if any, and to decide their own actions. According to law, the Hierarchy-even at danger point-could not infringe human free will and dictate or impose a course of action based on their own deeper knowledge and more profound insight. Many of the spiritual factors surrounding the period of human history from 1919 to 1949 are presented in this book. The energies at work behind the world scene are shown; and identity revealed of certain great Beings magnetically attracted in service towards this planet at a climaxing moment in the evolution of our planetary life. These factors are an aid to our understanding of the interrelated energy patterns within the universe which operate according to law. But essentially they provide the esotericist with knowledge of available energy flow responding to planetary purpose and plan which can be contacted and given conscious and intelligent cooperation, particularly by those in whom the selfish, self-centered will has been transcended so that the spiritual will can be given more adequate expression. Some of these energy factors are particularly clear in the special "Messages" given over a period of many years at the time of the Festivals of Easter, Wesak (the Buddah's birthday), and the Christ. Many aspects of Hierarchical work, thought and planning are discussed in these Messages, with the Hierarchical effect shown of planetary evolution and initiation and its reflection into humanity. This achieved a climax at the time of the three Festivals in 1945, when a monentous decision was taken involving, among other results, the eventual externaisation of the Hierarchy and th reappearance of the Christ. The final section of the book discusses the "Stages in the Externalisation of the Hierarchy". It is often difficult for the human mind to imagine the problems facing those liberated from the restrictions of form. It is even more difficult to contemplate the effects in those so liberated of a free choice to reassume such a limitation. So we are helped to understand what the interdependence of life on this planet really signifies in terms of love, sacrifice and service by the part to the needs of the whole. Problems of Humanity The text of this book was first published in pamphlet form immediately after the second world war. It was intended to show the acute problems existing in seven main areas of human life following the devastating experience of global warfare. It is realised that the problems themselves had existed in a more or less inconspicuous form and with increasing effect on human society for numbers of years. The war served to precipitate incipient causes of disruption in human relationships and to reveal unacknowledged depths of evil and ignorance. The present paperback edition of "Problems of Humanity", published in 1964, is revised and edited to eliminate all out-of-date facts and information. Six basic problems continue, however, to confront humanity with opportunity for progress - - The psychological rehabilitation of the nations - The problem of the children of the world - The problem of capital, labor, and unemployment - The problem of racial minorities - The problem of the churches - The problem of international unity and the equitable distribution of the world's resources From these many other social and economic problems arise, essentially resulting from growth in human consciousness and progress in many underprivileged countries and communities towards freedom, equality and interdependence in a modern world. Recognition of causes within these problems, however, provides opportunity to those who love and serve their fellowmen. To deal with effects with understanding, compassion and intelligence, the first prerequisite is the ability for clear, unbiased thought-a form of meditative focus-so helping to create the "thoughtform of solution". All men and women of goodwill are concerned with the solution of these problems. They are particularly the concern of those accepting the self-discipline of training for discipleship on the new age, those world servers capable of relating esoteric trughs and spiritual realities to the field of service in which they are placed. The esotericist of today is a practical worker. His illumined consciousness makes available to him a source of energy supply which is inexhaustible and which orginates within the circulation energy of the One Life. He thus becomes a centre of energy transmission between Hierarchy and humanity, reflecting the soul, or Christ principle, throughout his service environment, illuminating and lifting the darkened areas of human consciousness. His knowledge of world affairs and human problems helps him to direct his energies where they can be of most service to the plan for man, and in the restoration of all relationships. "To put it scientifically and from the esoteric angle: spiritual impression has been interrupted and there has been interference with the divine circulatory flow. It is the task of disciples of the world to restore this flow and to stop this interference. This is the major problem facing spiritual people at this time." The Reappearance of the Christ "In every age I come back to deliver the holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness." So runs the well-known passage in the Bhagavad Gita, giving words to an eternal hope in the human heart. In this book the reappearance of the Christ is recognised as inevitable within the continuity of divine revelation. Not onlyh has God never left Himself without witness, but at definite periods in the history of human evolution, the "word of God", the projected potency of His vital life, has manifested in form inorder to establish the principles to be demonstrated during the coming cycle. There have been many such messengers over the ages, manifesting through one or another of the great world religions or followed by a new form of religion based on the new revelation. Divine revelation and the periodic appearance of messengers, or Avatars, occur, however, according to cosmic law, when certain conditions exist within the whole scheme affected by, and affecting, every part, large and small. Then a chain of events is set in motion which under law must eventually work out. The part that our little planet Earth plays in the intricate an smoothly functioning system of inter-relationships seems to be of vital importance at this time. The esoteric and planetary significances of the reappearance of the Christ are suggested in ths book as underlying causes for His Aquarian service to humanity. This is the beginning and end of an age-the beginning of Aquarius and the end of Pisces-marking also a major turning point in the evolution of human consciousness from individual need to the needs of humanity as a whole, from personal salvation to world service, and from materiality to spirituality. It seems that this climaxing transition must be "marked" in both its stages, beginning and end, byt the Christ Himself, and a principle anchored in human consciousness, which embodies not only the love of God established for the age of Pisces, but also the new potency for the future, the "Will" of God, into which only the Christ is as yet fully and perfectly absorbed. The imminence of the reappearance of the Christ is sensed and expected by many, belonging as He does to all humanity irrespective of differing religious dogma and doctrine. "He for whom all men wait" will Himself determine the manner and the timing of His appearance and the area of His work in a way which creates no divisions or separations between men, either religious, social or ideological. Not only does Hecome as the first Son of God, but as Head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the inner government of the planet. He is, therefore, a great workd executive, representing the Kingdom of God, and fulfilling a definite function in the world of men. He is coming to establish through precept and example in world service the principles on which a united, interdependent and interactive world may create its new material systems and spiritual institutions for the new civilisation. Preparration for the second coming is the responsibility of humanity; it is for those who know and accept the imminent return of the Christ to repare men's minds and hearts to recognise and receive Hime, and to create those conditions of balance and sipritual alignment which will ultimately draw Hime forth into our midst. For no matter what message or revelation the Christ may embody when He comes, no matter what principle or energy He may anchor on Earth for human use, He is not coming to save humanity from the results of its own sins, but once more to show humanity how to save itself in the new contitions and new opportunities with which the world is faced


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