-Here's the lowdown on +quot;ALTERNATIVE 3+quot; from a TV-movie compendium. +quot;ALTERNA

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-Here's the lowdown on "ALTERNATIVE 3" from a TV-movie compendium. "ALTERNATIVE 3" (GB 1977; 52m, colour) Amusing spoof do cumentary about the diasappearance of various high-IQ citizens, allegedly to form nucleus of a standby civilization on Mars against the coming End of the World. Sly parodies of fashionable breathless TV journalism sweetened the joke, ex- newscaster Tim Brinton held it all together with po-faced gravity and needless to say some supernature fanatics refuse to this day to accept that it was anything but gospel truth, although it was orignally scheduled for April 1st (1977). Written by David Amb rose; directed by Chris Miles; for Anglia. -Apparently the TV-movie was spawned by a book (or assuming the date is accurate, vice versa) o f the same name. Written by Leslie Watkins, it was published by Sphere Books Ltd. in 1978.


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