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MUFONET-BBS NETWORK - MUTUAL UFO NETWORK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS - WIRE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 =START= XMT: 09:18 Fri Dec 06 EXP: 09:00 Fri Dec 13 쿔CE MAN FOUND ON AUSTRIAN BORDER MAY BE 4,866 YEARS OLD, 쿞CIENTISTS SAY 쿣IENNA (DEC. 6) UPI - The corpse of the so-called Simulaun 쿔ce Man discovered in the fall in glacier ice on the 쿌ustrian-Italian border is between 4,616 and 4,866 years 쿽ld, ORF, the Austrian radio station, reported Friday. 쿟he report followed carbon-dating tests by universities and 퀂cientific institutes in Uppsala in Sweden and Paris on 쿲rass found at the site, ORF said. 쿚fficials at the University of Innsbruck who first received 퀃he body for examination said Friday that both institutes 쿴ad received half of the same sample. 쿟hey said the results could be considered accurate as those 쿬oming from both scientific institutes coincided. Tests are 쿬ontinuing on other plant life and samples of wood found on 퀃he site, Innsbruck university officials told ORF. 쿟he corpse was discovered in late September by mountain 쿬limbers on the Similaun Glacier. 쿞cientists have said it is one of the most important finds 쿽f the early Ice Age. The body was freeze-dried and remains 쿽f clothing and equipment found at the site indicated the 쿺an was equipped for high alpine areas at the time of his 쿭eath. =END=


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