By: Fredric Rice To: Al Cardinale Re: FOUNDED ON RESENTMENT ac+gt; I have read a number of

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By: Fredric Rice To: Al Cardinale Re: FOUNDED ON RESENTMENT ac> I have read a number of responses in this thread, and it almost becomes ac> amusing...except for the inherent sadness in the unwillingness of others ac> to let ideas, crazy or not flourish. Please try to be specific. 1) What ideas are not being "allowed to flourish?" 2) Who is presenting these oppressed ideas? 3) Who is oppressing the person or persons with the ideas? ac> Who are we to make judgements of any kind against the ideology of others? It is possible that you proceed from a slight misconception. You would like to believe that individual cultists are being personally attacked when they get their ignorance and misconceptions corrected. In actual fact it is their deadly occultism which is accurately depicted -- as anyone with a knowledge of world history can see. The reason why we have seperation of cult from State government is because it has been proven conclusivly that the two can not peacefully co-exist. The history of the world shows us what one can expect when the two are combined. You ask who are we to judge a theology. I ask you who are we to judge Chairman Mao, Stalin, and the ever-lovin' Hitler. When a theology is proven deadly, it must be judged guilty. ac> Certainly, I agree that we need some sort of moral footing ac> to releive ourselves of a world of anarchy Religion has already had enough time to prove itself worthy of setting a moral tone upon society. Religion has been and continues to be, however, the single worse oppressor of humanity ever contrived by humanity. Christianity has been and continues to be the single worse tyranny ever inficted upon humanity. Trying to claim that religion provides 'moral footing' is about as rational as asking Jim Jones to look after the refreshments. ac> but the pervasive lack of tolerance for the beleif of ac> others is profoundly ignorant in light of the arguement. 4) What argument, specifically? 5) Who is depicting a lack of tolerance? 6) Toward what is this person or persons depicting a lack of tolerance toward? ac> I think the root good of all religions are that ac> they are conduits to the same source of power. That's not accurate. Christianity and Islam are cults of resentment and were contrived to overthrow the ruleing class -- which included the intelligencia. They were concocted for the specific control of the ignorant and the disenfranchised. Previous to so-called 'monotheistic' religions, religions were contrived to explain-away the natural world and to provide some meaning for meaningless causes and effects. Many life-affirming religions came from the worship of nature and some of those exist today. Christianity isn't one of them. (In fact prior to mom-theism, the gods and goddesses were strong and healthy -- like the people who created them. The Christian gods are depicted as weak, nailed to crosses, and petty -- like those who created them.) You are trying to claim that all religions are equal at their base. That is in error. ac> What I find inherently disfunctional in all religions is that ac> they exist and need to, by design, control the thoughts and ac> action of those who adhere to particular beliefs. That's what the deadly ones were created for. ac> If one believes in a good God, isn't that enough? If they keep it to themselves, surely. No one here would deny them their right to believe whatever they wish and to express that belief -- provided it doesn't adversely impact the rights of others. --- * Origin: Jesus is my boy toy. (1:102/890)


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