By: To: Theistwatch-l THEISTWATCH APRIL 10, 1995 NOTE: This message was

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By: To: Theistwatch-l THEISTWATCH APRIL 10, 1995 NOTE: This message was originally in conference "Internet E-Mail" and was copied here by Robin Murray-o'hair. From: Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 08:27:43 -0500 (EST) Subject: Re: TheistWatch April 10, 1995 To: All Members: The following is a paraphrased article that appeared in the Oregonian, 9 April, 1995. "Sex ring preys on children, Wenatchee [Washington] prosecutors say." Some 50 adults, called "the circle" have allegedly sexually assaulted as many as 48 children. Reports claim that a minister and his wife are the most recent of 13 adults charged with sex abuse of children. Affidavits filed say that Friday nights at the minister's Pentecostal Church of God, after singing and listening to the Scriptures, the adults would order the children to undress and then have sex with them. Thus far, 5 have pleaded guilty, two others have been convicted. One woman testified that her husband had sex with two of their sons and two of their daughters. Some children involved were as young as age 4. The investigation is broadening, authorities think that they may only have reached the tip of the iceberg. There are more adults under scrutiny. A 10 year old year girl has claimed that several foster parents sexually abused her. Sexual abuse of children is rare, the article states, most often committed by men rather than women, also incest is rare, but rarer still are cases in which parents swap children and engage in sexual abuse. [End of Article} Obviously if the evidence proves that the minister and his wife are involved, that doesn't necessarily imply that all churches are that depraved, but what struck me was the number of women involved. Women have been considered, and still are considered, the nurturers of society; when their morals and integrity rupture there is not much left. When they as a group force their offspring to be sexually involved and participate themselves in nefarious acts of sexual abuse of children, there is something radically out of sync. Men, in general, have broken down morally a long time ago, indeed if we ever have been unbroken. But to see the amount of women engaging in that type of sordid activity is quite alarming. I think, although I do realize the incident is isolated, that this is another indication of the total break-down of society and civilization as we know it. I don't know how many of our members listen to commercial radio, but I rarely do, and when I do listen, I am struck by the loud, insulting commercials, becoming lately, more and more frequent and almost demanding one to buy their products. And I often wonder how people can take a steady diet of this kind of blatant commercialism and not get pissed off? And, I wonder how people can be totally immune to it? I also wonder if as a society we are becoming resistant as to what is right and what is wrong? Perhaps we are becoming a nation of sybarites, only concerned with our own pleasures, regardless of whom it may effect.


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