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(1989) Tue 20 Jun 95 23:49 By: J.J. Hitt To: All Re: Mormon Mania St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:309f 1ed4be20 -= The Book of Abraham REVEALED! =- (Poof!) I recently picked up a small paperback (The Mormon Papers, Harry L. Ropp, ISBN 0-87784-789-4) on the origins of the Mormon "scriptures". While most of the materal it covered I was familiar with there were some real jewels concerning the book of Abraham. This book was writen in 1977, some years after the rediscovery of the egyptian papyrus Joseph Smith "translated" the book from. The papyrus (along with Smith's orignal manuscript) was examined by philogist and Egyptolist Dee Jay Nelson in 1968. And here is Nelson's complete and entire translation of the papyrus: "[...] the pool of The Traveler, Khensu ... [Osirus Hor, who is true of word], born of Tai-Khebit, who is true of word likewise. After [...] seized, the arms with his heart are wrapped up with the Book of Breathings made by [Isis] and which is with writing on the insides and outside of royal linen. It is placed near and wrapped up on the left side in alignment with his heart. This having been done at the final wrapping for burial. If this book is made for him he (will) breathe like the soul[s of the gods] for ever and ever." That's it. The complete papyrus. 46 hieroglyphs which translate into less than 100 English words. Somewhat shorter than the 1,125 English words that Smith produced from the same 46 characters. Smith gets an average of 25 words per character (that's one hell of a compression ratio!). As luck would have it, Smith included the characters from the original in his manuscript. So we can get some idea of what he thought he was doing when he "translated" the text. Here's an example of how he did it: The Egyptian character: I I I --------- I I represents the demonstrative pronoun "THE" or "THIS". However, Smith got somewhat more than just "THIS" from it. Here's his translation of this single character (Abraham 1:11): "Now, this priest had offered upon this altar three virgins at one time, who were the daughters of Onitah, one of the royal descent directly from the loins of Ham. These virgins were offered up because of their virtue; they would not bow down to worship gods of wood or stone, therefore, they were killed upon this altar." Not bad... he got 59 words out of "THIS". In another section he got a whopping 136 words from the two characters used for the Egyptian word "pool". Nelson, a Mormon himself, renounced the LDS church in 1975. Quoteing from his letter of resignation: "I, Dee Jay Nelson, do hereby renounce and reliquish the preisthood which I now hold. "Following my translation (the first to be published) of the bulk of the hieratic and heiroglyphic Egyptian texts upon the Metropolitan-Joseph Smith Papyri Fragments three of the most eminent Egyptologists now living have published corroborating translations. These amply prove the fraudulent nature of the Book of Abraham, in which lies the unjust assertion that negros are unworthy of participation in the highest priveleges of the LDS Church. "We {he includes his family} do not wish to be associated with a religious organization which teaches lies and adheres to policies so blatantly opposed to the civil and religious rights of some citizens of the United States." --- EZPoint V2.2 * Origin: [Non Gratum Anus Rodentium] (1:106/9788.2) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 435 850 851 861 890 943 1326 147/7 270/101 280/1 9 25 31 SEEN-BY: 280/45 53 115 135 333 378 398 290/627 396/1 @PATH: 30873/2 106/9788 888 449 170/400 270/101 280/1 102/2 851


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