By: Shelby Sherman To: Jerry Wilcox Re: Priests fuck Kids! JW+gt; Shelby JW+gt; Seems to m

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By: Shelby Sherman To: Jerry Wilcox Re: Priests fuck Kids! JW> Shelby JW> Seems to me everytime someone posts about this particular statement the JW> story begins with a Priest from a particular diocese. Catholic no less. JW> In my church our chosen leader is called preacher or pastor. Never seen JW> any articals about preachers or pastors molesting children. If you have JW> please share them with me. Jerry Wilcox ARIZONA- Methodist minister gets 10 years for sexual abuse of girls. Three girls under the age of 14 were sexually abused in California over a 2 year period by a Methodist minister from Arizona. Rev. Carey Mavor, 46, of Phoenix Free Methodist Church pleaded guilty to one count of continuous sexual abuse and guilty to 2 counts of lewd acts with a child under 14. Mavor admitted to similar crimes with children in Arizona but no charges have been levied. He was sentenced to 10 years in a California prison. Source: Arizona Republic, 4/9/93 I have dozens more...


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