_._._._._ +quot;LILITH. Chief of the demonesses of Jewish tradition, Lilith preyed on newl

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_._._._._ "LILITH. Chief of the demonesses of Jewish tradition, Lilith preyed on newly born babies. Until a boy way eight years old, or a girl 20 days old, there was a danger that Lilith might steal in and kill the child. A typical precaution to keep her at bay was a magic circle containing the words 'Adam and Eve, barring Lilith', drawn in charcoal on the wall of the room where the child lay, with 'Sanvi, Sansanvi, Semangelaf' written on the door. "Lilith also attacked men who were sleeping alone, seducing them in their dreams and sucking their blood. It is this aspect of Lilith which is most prominent in the legends about her. It was said that Adam's first mate was not Eve but Lilith, who was formed by God out of mud and filth. Adam's offspring by her were demons. "Adam and Lilith were not happy together, because considered herself Adam's equal and objected to lying under him in their embraces. When he tried to force her into this subordinate position, she flew away. Adam complained to God, who sent three angels, named Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf. to bring her back. They found her beside the Red Sea, where she was coupling with lascivious demons and giving birth to a brood of demonic children called *lilin* or *liliot* at the rate of over a hundred a day. The angels told her to return to Adam but she refused, though she promised that if she saw the names of the angels written near a newborn child, she would spare him. "All this occured before the making of Eve, and it was only after Lilith had declined to go back to Adam that God created Eve. The legend shows how the two different creation stories in the early chapters of Genesis gave room for speculation. Genesis 5.3 which says that Adam fathered a son 'in his own likeness' on Eve was taken to support the belief that he had previously fathered children not in his own likeness, the demons. Lilith is the 'night hag' who lives in the wasteland with wild beasts and hyenas in Isaiah (34.14), and she may well be the 'terror by night' of Psalm 91. (See also INCUBUS AND SUCCUBUS)" -- MAN, MYTH AND MAGIC _._._._._ So, there's some of the story. Whew! This is really meaty stuff for socio/psycho/politico/sexuo/mythic analysis! Does "FemiNazi" ring a bell? This sounds JUST like the rantings of Pat Robertson and Rush Limbo, and anyone else denouncing "uppity wimmen". G'z... BTW, a doubtful reference [WITCHCRAFT, MAGIC AND THE SUPERNATURAL, Octopus Books, 1974] sez of Lilith: "Her ancestor in demonology, the *Lili* of Assyria, was believed to roam through the night hunting for mortal men." Khephera, do you know of this? And Z. Budapest writes in THE HOLY BOOK OF WOMEN'S MYSTERIES, PART II [1980]: "Lilith was originally associated with life, with the birth process, and with children. She was the protector of all pregnant women, mothers, and children... Here we see her with the owl, which she shares with Athena. She is winged herself because, she too is a spirit. On her head we see snakes, a familiar Goddess symbol of regeneration and wisdom." Z. Budapest's description refers to the same image as illustrates the LILITH entry in MAN, MYTH AND MAGIC, which is there labeled: "A Sumerian demoness, one of the predecessors of the Jewish Lilith: from a cult plaque". I see this as a naked winged woman with high pyramiding snake-hair and bird-claw feet, grasping a coiled-pipe(?) or yoke(?) in each hand, standing upon two crouching lionesses, with a tall owl standing at either side of her. She is wearing bracelets, long dangling earrings, and neck and breast adornments. Yum. Ric "I'm NOT going to enter all the INCUBUS/SUCCUBUS stuff" Carter ... All my demons are of my own devising. * Origin: Fast as Lightning! Mount Olympus (707) 528-1826 (1:2002/170)


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