By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: +quot;Lesbians Hurt Golf+quot; +quot;LESBIANS HURT WOMEN'S GOL

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By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: "Lesbians Hurt Golf" "LESBIANS HURT WOMEN'S GOLF," SAYS ANNOUNCER Will We Ever Get Over Judeo-Christian Homophobia? Not On This Round of Golf . . . by Conrad F. Goeringer The (Wilmington, DE) News Journal is quoting veteran CBS announcer Ben Wright as saying that "Lesbians in the sport hurt women's golf," and that women were handicapped in the game due to their anatomy. The interview took place at the McDonalds LPGA Championships. Wright, who has been with the CBS network covering golf for 23 years, reportedly said: "Let's face some facts here. . . . Lesbians in the sport hurt women's golf." He also accused gay women of flaunting their sexual preference, saying that on the LPGA Tour lesbianism "is not reticent. It's paraded. There's a defiance in them in the last decade." And Another Shot in the Trap . . . Wright ostensibly went on to say that "Women are handicapped by having boobs (sic). It's not easy for them to keep the left arm straight, and that's one of the tenants of the game. Their boobs get in the way." While Wright's theories on anatomy certainly give new twist to arguments against women in sports, the contention that "Lesbians hurt women's golf" is a rehash of Christian fundamentalist hostility toward gay men and women. In fact, centuries of religious condemnation against the homosexual population has resulted in discrimination, harassment, physical attacks and even death. Gay and Straight Women Victimized These remarks if indeed made by Ben Wright are aimed at both gay and heterosexual women. The argument that women cannot participate in many sports runs parallel with those which insist that traditional role models for women should be accepted, that if women are handicapped by biology in, say, golf, they may be less-than-capable in other endeavors such as science, business, or education. Some may see in Wright's statements the kernel of Judeo- Christian teachings about gays and women teachings which are promoted today by groups on the evangelical right. Inquiring Minds Want to Know . . . But if women hugging or kissing on the golf turf (or in the bedroom) worries Wright and others, perhaps we need an instant-replay of incidents in the manly sport of, say, football. Jubilant players, "beef on the hoof" linemen and physically-toned running backs, often embrace, pat each other on the back (or buttocks!), throw themselves into each other's arms and after the game frequently shower together. Does this convey some hidden meaning? Hopefully, Mr Wright if he made these statements will apologize to not only women golfers (who, despite boobs and lesbianism could probably out golf the 62-year-old, jowl- faced newshound) but to gay people everywhere. Here's a clear-cut case where Ben Wright is dead wrong. --30-- ----------------------------------------------------------- THEISTWATCH An educational service provided by American Atheists, P O Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. For information on American Atheists, e-mail: * WCE 2.0/2394 * American Atheists, P O Box 2117, Austin, TX 78768


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