[Marc Davenport also responded to my message. He characterized it as an +quot;attack+quot;

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[Marc Davenport also responded to my message. He characterized it as an "attack" and accused me of apparently advocating censorship, "since your protest against Leah's children's book seems to indicate you would like to see it cencored [sic]!" I should note that nowhere in my criticism have I ever indicated I would like to see *any* book, including _Ceto's New Friends_, suppressed. Criticism and censorship are two entirely different things. That I am highly critical of her book is no secret. That I am a strong supporter of free speech is clear from even a cursory reading of my personal web page. [The following is Leah Haley's response. I have made only minor cosmetic changes to her message (I deleted some extraneous white space and my original message, which was quoted in its entirety. The content of her response is unchanged.] LH> In response to the negative criticism of my book, *Ceto's New LH> Friends*: LH> LH> There are a lot of negative forces at work in the universe, LH> trying to stir up trouble. (I am writing about this very issue LH> in my next book.) LH> LH> To set the record straight, *Ceto's New Friends* is about an LH> alien, not about strangers. It is about a chalky-colored alien LH> (like the chalky-colored creatures described in *Lost Was the LH> Key*), not about a Gray. I believe that to teach children that LH> all aliens are horrible entities is to create unnecessary fear. LH> It would be like teaching children to fear all men because a few LH> are rapists, murderers, and kidnappers. LH> LH> Alien abductions are going to happen whether we like it or not. LH> If a child has been taught by his parents to be terrified of LH> aliens and the child is abducted, he is going to enter the LH> experience filled with fear, which will make his experience LH> worse. And not all contact experiences are negative ones, but LH> if a child has been taught to fear aliens and enters a contact LH> experience fearful, then his experience may be unnecessarily LH> negative. LH> LH> By the way, I have two children of my own, whom I have raised to LH> adulthood. They are basically physically, emotionally, LH> mentally, and spiritually well. I am certain that at least one LH> of them is an abductee, too, as she has conscious recollections LH> of abduction experiences. LH> LH> I have stated my position and have neither the time nor the LH> inclination to respond further. I must attend to my mission, LH> which is educating the public about the existence of these LH> creatures. LH> LH> I wish God's blessings upon all of you who are sincerely seeking LH> the truth. LH> LH> Leah A. Haley LH> -- Anson Kennedy, anson@mj12.com, MJ-12: It's not just a job, it's World Domination!


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