By: Fredric Rice To: Dave Ray Re: FOUNDED ON RESENTMENT FR+gt;+gt; As membership in the Ch

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By: Fredric Rice To: Dave Ray Re: FOUNDED ON RESENTMENT FR>> As membership in the Christanic cult declines across the board, PV> Gee, I don't know why you criticized Mr. Prewett a couple of PV> posts ago. You are just like him, except for a different flavor . . . dr> Of course it escapes you; you have been spoon-fed dr> to believe only what you and your masters believe. Hey, that's ___my___ imflamatory rhetoric! Go get your own! }:-} Prewett is a special case in that he subscribes to a very unusual conspiracy theory which contains within it an ironical twist. While the rest of the world has been building hundreds of variations on the conspiracy theory surrounding the assination of John F. Kennedy, he and another guy (last name of Webber) think that John F. Kennedy is still alive (or have risen from the dead -- take your pick) and is engaged in a conspiracy with Henry Kissinger to take over the planet. I called Mr. Webber (1-800-521-1123) some time ago (I can give you a date if you want to know when this was) and asked about some of his other conspiracy theories to see if Prewett had gotten his programming from Webber or somehow managed to develop the bizzare occult beliefs independantly (with 250 Americans, finding a match even as bizzare as Prewett's isn't entirely unheard of.) Webber wheezed over the phone (he seemed to have a medical condition) about how the Internet was going to be used as one of the toold to take over the planet, commenting about how 'evil' it all was because it's called _the_ Internet. (Of course it's called the Internet -- we can't call it 'a Internet.') Having dialed a WATS line into the clown, I knew that my phone number would appear on his billing sheet so I elected not to delve deeply into his occult beliefs about JFK and Henry Kissinger. I did find that his and Prewett's bizzare beliefs are part of a variation on the Christian doomsday ideology. And further research found other interesting parallels made between Kissinger and space alien cover-ups (in those, Kissinger 'sold out' the planet Earth to space aliens.) The only reason I can think of why bizzare conspiracy believers pick on Kissinger is because he ordered the Christmas bombing of Cambodia for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize.


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