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By: Tony Byers Re: South Carolina action This message was from HEAVY METAL to TONY BYERS, originally in conference MOSHPIT and was forwarded to you by TONY BYERS. ------------------------- Hi Tony, here's the info on what's happening in South Carolina that Lora was telling you about the other day.... Exported from SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System on 2-26-96 at 16:52:49 DATE......02-24-96 19:34:00 TO........ALL FROM......WISTERIA SUBJECT...Store in Trouble Crossposted from Witchaven Mailing List -------Begin File------ Date : Tuesday, 20-Feb-96 01:57 PM From: \America On-line: (Oohlalune) To: Lady Morgan Moonstone\PRODIGY: (QASX60D) Subject: Please read and pass on - discrimination Hello, friend! Sorry if you got this already - but it seemed important enough to me that I pass it on. Please read, and write, if possible! Thanks Oohlalune :) @@@@@@@@@@@ ------------------------------------------------------- RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION IN SOUTH CAROLINA---AGAIN From: Tenegis Greetings and Merry Meet, "A Circle of Light" is a shop owned and operated by me. We deal primarily in Wiccan religious material, although we have in our shop religious material from many other world religions including Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. We offer, incenses, oils, jewlery, herbs, clothing, and more. The shop has been operating perodically from an establishment known as "The Anderson Jockey Lot" since June. We became a permanent dealer on the second week of January. Today. 11 February 1996, a letter was hand delivered to me by an Anderson County Sheriffs Department Lieutenant. This is a reproduction of that letter in its entirity: To: Charles Chapman From: Ronnie Whitman Date: 2/11/96 Mr Chapman we try to operate the Jockey Lot as a family oriented environment. We have noticed the merchandise you are selling and have made a mangement decision that it is not family oriented type of merchadise. We feel that it is not in the best interest of the Jockey Lot to allow this type of material. You may still remain a dealer here if you change your line of merchandise, but we will not allow you to sell your current line of material. Signed by Ronnie Whitman" This is an outrage! They tell me that my material is not family oriented, but there are several dealers out there that sell semi-automatic assault rifles! What is so family oriented about those? There are dealers that sell enough blades up to and including hand and a half swords, again these are very family oriented type businesses. There are many dealers who sell Bibles and other Christian related materials. I submit that these businesses are selling, in essence, the same line of merchandise as we are selling. When I read the Constitution I thought there was supposed to be a freedom of religion clause. Freedom of religion means any religion! This sets my Pagan Blood to boil! Am I alone in this? The owner of "The Anderson Jockey Lot" is Richard McClellan. His address is 120 West Whitner Street, Anderson, SC 29624. His business telephone number is (864) 225-3707. My mailing address is "A Circle of Light", 111 Amy Street, Anderson, SC 29624. My home telephone number is (864) 231-7246. This information is for widest distribution possible. Please cross-post, forward, and copy this letter to as many places as possible. Blessed Be Tenagis --------------- From: Tenagis Greetings and Merry Meet, This is an update of the earlier letter I sent out. This morning at about 9:15 am local time, I called the office of Richard McClellan and left a message for him to call me. He did not return my call. I called again at about 2:15 pm local time. He, again, did not return my call. Lady Athena, by better half, went to his law office a bit later to confront him. She was there to ask what specifically that they deemed not to be family oriented material. When she was told that he was not there she showed the receptionist the letter and asked what she could do about this. The receptionist took the letter into the back to another individual and said, "You need to handle this. These are those devil worshipers out at the Jockey Lot." Lady Athena left the office of Richard McClellan and went to the law office of Scott Thomason. Scott was able to get Mr. McClellan on the telephone. During the conversation with Scott, Mr. McClellan told him that his concern was that we were selling "devil worshipping stuff." Scott told Mr. McClellan that he was representing us in another case and that what we were selling other than Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Native American stuff is Wiccan and definitely not "devil worshipping stuff." I am to make an inventory list of my material to give to Scott tomorrow. He will then draft a letter to Mr. McClellan concerning the issue and include the inventory list. Scott has asked that as many people as will to write Mr. McClellan expressing their distain and disapproval of the actions take by the management of the Jockey lot. Please send a copy to us so that we may keep it on file for use in the event of a court appearance. Scott has also asked that anyone who has had similar incidents that were successfully resolved send the details to his office. This will assist him in preparing and handling the case. He will need case numbers and details as possible. In fact he wishes to hear from as many religious discrimination cases as he can get in this arena. One of the prinicples on which this country was founded is the freedom of religion. What has occured here in this town SLMR 2.1a Being born again increases the chances of birth defects. * LAKOTA v1.5 --- Alexi/Mail 2.02b (#10000) * Origin: Get This...DIFFERENT DOES NOT EQUAL WRONG!! (1:352/266)


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