PsychoNet offers an Interplanetary Baron Realms Elite game. If you are familiar with BRE t

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PsychoNet offers an Interplanetary Baron Realms Elite game. If you are familiar with BRE then the only differance from the InterBBS play is that you play against other boards and try to avoid cival war on your board. It is a well designed game that works very well networked. The main reason for this text is to let everyone know how to join the game. If you follow the steps outlined here you should be setup and ready to go in no time. The steps to follow are: 1. You must be a part of PsychoNet and have a valid node number to enter. 2. Netmail 819:800/0 and say that you are joining the BRE leauge. 3. Grab a copy of BRE version 0.964 (if you havn't already done so) 4. You will have to reset the local game you are playing if you want to join so I would recomend just starting from scratch with the exception of saving your RESOURCE.DAT file. 5. Goto your BRE directory and type the following: BRE IPSETUP Answer all of the questions asked of you. When it asks for your node number please enter in your full node number (ex: 819:800/0 do not put 819/0) When it asks for your netmail dir and inbound dir put in the ones you use for your mailer (ex: C:\FD\NETMAIL) It will also ask you for the leauge number. Enter 819 for it. 6. After you have done the bre ipsetup edit a file called ROUTE.CFG. It might not be there so you might have to create it. All that should be in it is ROUTE * 1 7. Run the following program BRSCORES CONFIG Just press enter through all of it. 8. Add the following to your nightly events: BRE RECON BRE INBOUND BRE OUTBOUND BRE PLANETARY BRSCORES 9. After this I will send you a file called BRNODES.DAT which is kinda like a node list for BRE. Just put it in your main BRE directory. 10. Thats it! After all this has been completed you are set to go and you dont have to do anything else for it other than the nightly events. Note: When you receive the copy of BRNODES.DAT there might be another file titled BRNODES.###. Just leave it there. BRE will be sending mail all the time and it comes in files which are put in your inbound directory. When you run your nightly events BRE uses these and deletes them when it is done with them so there is no need to manually delete them or rename them. If you have any further questions about setting up BRE you can contact me through netmail at 88:88/0 or call the Eternal Heaven BBS and email me and I will notify the appropriate person handling BRE.


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