By: David Rice To: Jesse Jones Re: Holy Smoke! JJ+gt; A support forum?!? You gather here f

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By: David Rice To: Jesse Jones Re: Holy Smoke! JJ> A support forum?!? You gather here for support?!? To attack JJ> that which is sacred gleefully, taking joy in every wound? Actually, I come here for contrast, not support. It is very refreshing and revitalizing to express THE PAINFUL TRUTH for a few minutes every day, and then slip back into comfortable social lies for the sake of "politeness." One may not, and I will say SHOULD NOT, tell a co-worker that her idiot beliefs are silly, inane, and ultimately self-destructive. HOLYSMOKE is a haven for reason and rational thinking in a world full of insanity, superstition, imaginary fear, and ignorance that has been spawned by the theists' fear of the unknown, then fed by their own ego-gratification as "piousness." Here at work a great many of my co-workers wear Christian symbols, such as crucifixes, doves, or JESUS pins. They also tend to have psalms framed and displayed in their offices and cubicles. These same self-gratified, self-bloated egotistical "pious" HYPOCRITES get upset and complain when =I= wear a symbol for my religion, Wicca. This kind of BULLSHIT is fine for work where the minority can get shat upon in the name of "diversity," but here in HOLYSMOKE it is not tollerated: the freedom of religious expression found in HOLYSMOKE is a healthy tonic that so many others could greatly benefit from. You should thank God HOLYSMOKE exists, Jesse, instead of bitching and complaining about it. ... "Evidence" is a dirty word if you don't have any. Hector Plasmic *


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