By: Don Martin Re: Sex/Bombs and Gingrich Newt Gingrich is not behindhand at attributing t

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By: Don Martin Re: Sex/Bombs and Gingrich Newt Gingrich is not behindhand at attributing to the Democrats causal impact on individual instances of evil: he is on record as blaming Susan Smith's drowning of her two children as an effect of "a direct nexus" between the "acceptance of brutality" and "the counterculture and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society." When it was suggested that the bombing of the building in Oklahoma City might also be part of a "direct nexus" between a politics that identifies the government as "the enemy" and the actions of nutters like McVeigh, he found the idea "grotesque." So "grotesque" did he find it that he repeated that word several times, apparently on the principal we see frequently around here that if nonsense is repeated often enough, sombody might actually believe it. In this context, here is an item from The New Republic of May 15, 1995, p 11: The Company You Keep: Newt Gingrich's connection between Susan Smith, the woman who drowned her two young sons, and Democratic-inspired American decadence is now folklore. But here's a connnection Gingrich hasn't made yet. _The Post and Courier_ of Charleston, South Carolina, reported April 12 that one of the possible contributing factors to Smith's behavior was early sexual abuse. Her stepfather allegedly abused her repeatedly when she was a teenager. "She detailed one incident at about 5 a.m. one March morning when she woke up to find Russell (her stepfather) standing over her. Russell, a Christian Coalition member, had been out putting up campaign posters for presidential candidate Pat Robertson, the televangelist who founded the Christian Coalition, Smith said. He kissed her and then took her hand, thinking [she] was asleep and put her hand on his genitals and kissed her again." So what's the link between child abuse and Pat Robertson? None, of course. But we're waiting for Gingrich to comment. Personally, I find it interesting that at least one Pat Robertson supporter waxed so enthusiastic about his candidate that after spending the night putting up signs (for such candidates as that, a deed of darkness) he gets a hardon. I think all of us suspected that Mrs. Snith was the product of such a good, Christian upbringing, and surely her connection with Lyndon Johnson is no more compelling than that with Pat Robertson. I, too, await the comment of Mr. Gingrich. And while he is at it, he migh explain why any such connection between himself as promoter of the celebrated "Contract on America" and Timothy McVeigh must be considered any more "grotesque" than those between either Johnson or Robertson and Mrs. Smith.


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