By: Fredric Rice Re: German dowsing study The fragment of the german study on dowsing whic

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By: Fredric Rice Re: German dowsing study The fragment of the german study on dowsing which was posted here isn't the full story. As is typical of claims of the paranormal which are purported to find success, proper study of the materials found the claimants, "Sadly mistaken." Enright, James T. "Water Dowsing: The 'Scheunen' Experiments." Naturwissenschaften 82:360-369, 1995. Under a program to investigate "unconventional methods of cancer control," the German government sponsored a large-scale experimental investigation of water dowsing, conducted by two physicists from universities in Munich. This was no doubt the largest carful study of its kind eer undertaken, with some 10,000 individual tests using some 500 dowsers. The central element in the research involved double-blind tests of whether some 50 selected dowsers could correctly locate a hidden, movable water pipe from a distance of 4 tio 5 yards. At the end of the p[roject (1990), the researchers concluded that the reality of the skill of some of the dowsers had been established beyond reasonable doubt, a conclusion widely reported in the German press. Enright's article described a re-examination of the data underlying that interpretation. This analysis demonstrates that even the most "skillful" of the dowsers were unable to perform reproducibly at levgels above chance. Most of them cound have done better, on average, just by always choosing a location exactly in the middle of the test line. So much for that paranormal claim.


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