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By: Marty Leipzig To: Freddie Cash Re: Creation 101 Freddie Cash, on the outs with Inner Mongolia, said to LARRY SITES, LS>AK> Evolution cannot be proven scientifica LS>AK> for one, it violates the First Two Laws of Science. LS>AK>(Enery/Entrophy). LS>So does an uncreated creator, preach. LS>Nor for that matter can Creation be scientifically LS>AK>proven. But I will show how creationism is far more believable from LS>AK>the records we do have. Both tajke faith, but Creationsism not near LS>AK>as much. LS>What records? You have no records. You have no evidence. Evolution does. LS>Since you have no evidence or records, you are left with faith based on the LS>transmission of a religious superstition by a group of documented liars. LS>Creationism is ONLY more believable because it takes less knowledge, ie LS>more ignorance, not less faith. If you were to investigate the lying nature LS>of your religious superstition, you would be forced to admit that it takes LS>MORE faith to believe it in spite of the evidence against it than it does LS>to believe the truth - your religion is bunk! FC> Take a hard look at the Grand Canyon. I am a petroleum geologist. I have, many times. Have you? Obviously not. FC> try to explain that through FC> evolution. Evolution does not deal with sedimentology, stratigraphy nor depositional environments. Immolate your strawmen elsewhere, nescient. FC> How can a river erode sand and dirt and end up with FC> vertical rocks, The Paleozoic through Mesozoic section of the Grand Canyon displays a gentle 5-6 degree southwestern dip, while striking northwest-southeast. The Precambrian Vishnu schist, Brahma and Zoroaster Granites are meta-igneous rocks and do not display any sort of vertical attitude. The Precambrian Bass-Dox-Unkar Grand Canyon Series group dip to the southeast at 30-35 degrees, and are marked by a splendid example of an angular unconformity. So, where's all these vertical rocks? Or, are you referring to erosional structures as opposed to depositional-structural structures? Coherent rocks are cliff formers; fissile, easily eroded formations form slopes. You never have been there, have you? FC> when rivers (water period) erodes in a V shape? Look at a cross section of the canyon, you moron. It's a classical V-shape. You _never_ have been there, have you? FC> Why is FC> there such a large delta of sand/dirt and the end of the Grand Canyon FC> if it was eroded over millions of years? The Colorado River, which cut the canyon over a period of perhaps 5 million years, has been so impacted by man (dams and such) that the net transport mechanism of the river has been reduced to near nil. Although the empoundments, such as Lake Powell, are silting up rather nicely. FC> Shouldn't there be no delta? If you knew a single thing of geology and depositional processes, you'd know the answer to this extremely simple question. The answer is yes, there should be a delta as the Colorado debouches into the Sea of Cortez (there is a paleodelta, but it is palimpsest be the marine processes of the SOC); but I explained the reason one does not exist immediately above. FC> Why are there fossils that are younger near the top of the Canyon? Gee, could it mean that the rocks at the base of the canyon are older? There's an exquisite evolutionary sequence displayed in the canyon from the Cambrian of the Toroweap to the Permian of the Kiabab at the rim. Just like evolution says there would be. Ain't science grand? You should really try reading a science text rather than that ICR crapola sometime. You'd be amazed. FC> Why is it that they found a whale buried vertically in Australia (I FC> think) with "millions" of years of sediment around it? They did not, because it's all bullshit. Cite the journal where this was reported and demonstrate my error, if not. FC> How does one go about FREQ'ing a file? Click your heels together 3 times.


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