By: Norbert Sykes To: Jim Germiquet Re: Re: Your Daily Murder Your Daily Murder: 1% Presto

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By: Norbert Sykes To: Jim Germiquet Re: Re: Your Daily Murder Your Daily Murder: 1% Preston Simpson, 10% Jim Germiquet, 40% Sugars, & 49% Inert Materials. PS> Think about it. If you awoke one morning to the sound of gunfire and PS> discovered that your neighbor had invaded his neighbor's house, killed PS> everyone there except for that family's little girl, and taken her as PS> a slave, wouldn't *you* feel disposed to do something about it, before PS> he came after you? JG> I'd become his friend as soon as possible :-). A STRONG friend as JG> opposed to a snivelling cowardly friend. He would see the benefit of JG> forming an alliance with me and be wary of attacking me or betraying me JG> for his own safety. I find this to be an utterly despicable and cowardly reaction to the situation that Preston presented you with. And THAT is considered condoning it. As a matter of fact, if we look at the definition for condone, we can see that you condoned a lot: the killing of innocent women and children, the rape of virgins, even beating up or mass-murdering women. What a fearful and pathetic misogynist. condone (kuhn-dOHn') --verb: -doned, -doning To forgive, overlook, or disregard (an offense) without protest or censure. [Lat. condonare] --condon'er noun PS> You are living in a dream world, Jim. Though the average male of that PS> day and age could probably defeat the average female in single combat, PS> factor in the possibility of that female attempting to defend a child PS> and the situation gets much, much bloodier. JG> Oh yes please tell me of the amazon armies of egyptian or roman women JG> soldiers. Tell me how women of those times were feared by the men. I see, so might makes it right, eh? I thought all the neanderthals were extinct. JG> And of course you wouldn't want to be taking another mans woman for JG> your new bride. SO take only the virgins. And at the same time, you JG> continue the race through the virgins. PS> Rape is distasteful no matter the justification behind it. Even more PS> distasteful are the scrofulous toads who attempt such justification. PS> I congratulate you on being one of the very few people that I barely PS> know and utterly despise. JG> Just shows how shallow you are, to despise someone you barely know. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We _all_ now know you all too well. Meeting you could not possibly improve on your image. JG> Depends on how you view marriage. Perhaps they might consider it to JG> continue on a spiritual basis after physical death. Also a great way JG> to be safe from the passing on of STD's :-) So I assume you will be offing your wife and yourself shortly after your marriage, given that you think like this? PS> You're talking about killing innocent people, Jim. I hardly think that PS> it's a subject worth levity. JG> No I am talking about killing an aggressive nation that is intent on JG> destroying your own. War is hell, every one from the Indian Massacre's JG> of the earlie "civilized?" americans .. where do you think you got the JG> land your sitting on in your easy chair typing away. Had the americans JG> not slaughtered the indians, maybe you would be half indian sitting in JG> a teepee. To the slaughter in vietnam by "civilized?" americans and JG> tortured POW's courtesy of the american viet cong enemies. I see. Those women and children were aggressive; they needed to be killed because you couldn't turn your back on them, right? Oh, dangerous babies, armed with drool; dangerous mommies backed into a corner, ready to kill any Jew they could, is that it? What a putz. JG> It has nothing to do with "condoning" anything. I merely state what JG> I think may have been the reasons why these things were done in those JG> ancient times. Ah, but your other words show this to be a lie. Hitting women, killing women, raping women, killing children, perhaps even raping children (for who knows how young some of the virgins taken were?), all of these are things you have excused, condoned, or advocated. PS> And putting it under the banner of "God told us to" somehow makes it PS> better? If I murdered your children and sodomized your wife while you PS> were forced to look on and unable to do anything about it, would you PS> feel better if I told you I was acting on orders from God? The "I was PS> following orders" excuse didn't work at Nuremburg. Why should it apply PS> here? JG> No one is saying the people who lost the war would "feel better", they JG> would only be sorry that they hadn't been the victors of the slaughter JG> and would rather have taken the Israelites heads home as trophies. JG> War is a man made thing, not from god. It is man who has chosen to be JG> an aggressor and as such those being attacked must defend themselves. Avoid Preston's question & deny that your god encouraged war. Surprize. ... can no longer give her a backhand across the mouth. J.Germiquet --- Blue Wave/Max v2.12 [NR] * Origin: >> Ubik: Another goddamn BBS << (1:203/289.0)


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