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By: J.J. Hitt To: George Mooth Re: Our Daily Alien ::: "Alien" Vampires ::: An Encyclopedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) gives many examples of fairy abductions. The similarities between fairy abductions and UFO abductions is startling. People who reported interactions with fairies generally reported marks on their bodies consistent with reports of alien abductions. Fairy abductions and UFO abductions also exhibit striking similarities to activities of incubi and succubi. Almost always a thick drink is given to the abductee. The victim is paralyzed and then levitated away. The fairies traveled in circular globes of light which is also commonly reported in UFO abductions. Another similarity to the UFO abduction scenario is the bigfoot type creature which was called a "bogie" in fairy lore. Many so-called fairies and aliens look and act a lot like what have been described throughout history as demons. The point is that there is a tradition stretching back thousands of years of beings abducting humans and their offspring; these beings fly in globes of light, can paralyze their victims, induce amnesia about the event, force strange drinks on their victims, have sex with them and, in many cases, ultimately drive them to madness, physical ruin, or even take over their bodies for their own use. This possession can be permanent or semi-permanent. Possession takes place after a long period of wearing down of the will through repeated forced encounters which generally include draining of energy through sexual contact. Some occultists see any sexual activity as part of man's lower nature. Others see it as a sacrament. Cornelius Agrippa described copulation as "full of magical endowment," and Aratus said that: "As the physical union of man and woman leads to the fruit from the composition of eache, in the same way the interior and secret association of man and woman is the copulation of the male and female soul, and is appointed for the production of fitting fruit of the divine life." Many other occultists believe that the mysterious psychic energy producing all phenomena is sexual in nature. In point of fact, poltergeist activity is usually associated with a disturbed adolescent who is unable to "ground" their sexual energy. It is asserted that sexual currents of the libido are manifestations of an energy that can be transferred from one person to another. In this way, it is suggested, the old can draw the life force from young persons. For example, King David regularly slept with a young virgin when he had become old, and the same technique was used in classical Greece and Rome with some success. The Emperor Barbarossa was reported to have held young boys against his stomach and genitals in order to "savour and absorb their energy"; Pope Innocent VIII employed healthy young children to stroke him thereby transferring their energy to him. Some physicians of the past went so far as to hypothesize that the life energy was strongly concentrated in young blood and suggested that vampirism should be employed by those enfeebled by age. Legends of the vampire have persisted since the beginning of recorded history. The problem lies in sorting fact from fiction. The fact is that reports in Eastern Europe tell us that something called vampirism reached almost epidemic proportions in the 18th century. The stories are quite lurid and many of the details must be attributed to the terrified imaginations of superstitious peasants, yet much of the documentation is so detailed and the witnesses so reputable that it seems impossible that there is not something going on here. The question is, what is it? The idea of a corpse coming out of their coffin at night to suck the blood of the living seems pretty irrational and I think we can discard it as confused reports of a phenomenon of an entirely different nature. From beyond recorded history the ritual drinking and spilling of blood has been the vital element in sacrifice, gaining power and appeasing the gods. For life, one must have blood. But who are these "gods" and why do they want blood? For many years occultists have talked and written about demonic bloodsucking materialisations. Dion Fortune believed that the astral body can escape from a persons's living body and assume another form such as a bird, animal or vampire. Vampirism is believed to be contagious. This may be because the person who is vampirized, being depleted of vitality, is thought to be a psychic vacuum who then draws energy from the people they encounter in daily life. This energy is then available for the vampirizing entity on their next call to collect. This may be one of the reasons for repeated, seemingly routine alien abductions. The "screen" memory of reproductive examination could actually be covering a systematic robbing of life force through "sexual currents." The cultic vampire, created largely by Bram Stoker in 1897, carries overtones of sexuality that may be more than mere accident. The combination of violence, psychic seduction, sex and giving up of life force made vampirism very popular. There have been numerous individuals who have been called or have called themselves vampires; none of these perverts actually rose from the dead though they have committed murders and/or drunk blood. They were not vampires in the supernatural sense of the word. But, the connection between supernatural vampirism and sex is profound. We have to wonder what is the extraordinary fascination that vampirism has on the subconscious minds of most people? It seems to be the blend of sexual excitement, surrender to possession with the promise of immortality and thrilling evil. Sex and the supernatural: an unbeatable combination. British actor Christopher Lee explained the appeal of the vampire by saying: "He offers the illusion of immortality...the subconscious wish we all have of limitless power...a being of tremendous brain and physical strength..." But this writer thinks that there may be a more significant reason for this fascination; one that is deeper and more compelling. The illusion of immortality! That is very similar to what has been offered to many UFO abductees: "...Fred and James...both of them had been told that new bodies were somehow being made or prepared for us." (Turner, 1992) As part of an implanted screen memory, this would prove highly effective in overcoming resistance. One of the most common effects of vampiric activity is physical exhaustion without explanation. Contributing Editor to National Geographic, Thomas B. Allen researched the facts of the case of possession which inspired William Peter Blatty to write The Exorcist. In the original case, the young boy had nightly bouts with his demon and was generally normal and amnesiac in the daytime. The only symptoms were lethargy and spells of extreme tiredness. This phenomenon occurs frequently in UFO abduction scenarios as we see in the following: "Throughout the fall and winter, we felt literally under siege from forces and entities we couldn't fathom... the next morning, I simply couldn't wake up. No matter how hard I tried or how much tea I drank, I was in a daze the entire day, yet I had no reason to be so exhausted... " (Turner, 1992) "...but just as suddenly as she'd been exhilarated, she was drained of all her energy and almost fell to the ground in a faint...Megan collapsed on the couch, unable to speak or even open her eyes for almost half an hour." (Ibid.) Extensive clinical work in the field by numerous psychiatrists, psychologists and psycho-therapists as well as lay-counselors indicate that discarnate beings can influence the living by forming a physical, mental or spiritual bond. Almost invariably the forming of this bond is followed by physical, emotional and/or mental conditions and symptoms. These can include erratic or inconsistent behavior, intense emotions of fear, sadness, anger or guilt that are not appropriate to the life experience. Physical exhaustion and many disease processes have been cured by "exorcism" of attachment by discarnates. Discarnates attaching to living humans can seemingly influence the choice of marriage partners as well as the choice to engage in an extramarital affair. They may hasten death or prolong life. In most cases, the host is unaware of the presence of the alien energy. They may experience the thoughts, desires and behaviors of the outsider as their own. This is particularly true if the contact was made in early childhood and the influence has been present for a long time. In most cases the presence of an outside influence acts in very subtle ways or even produces no noticeable symptoms at all -- at least for a time. The victim will generally deny any such interference and can only be convinced in their own mind after the entity has been removed and the difference in the way they think and feel brings realization. Alien and other attachments do not, contrary to popular lore, require the permission of the host. While this may seem to deny the current popularity of the idea of creating one's own reality and concepts of free will, it is, in fact, a different conflict. There is a definite difference between belief and denial. With limited knowledge, many people are wide open to psychic intrusion. Belief or non-belief has no bearing on the reality of these beings. The popular concept is that "He who does not believe in demons will never be bothered by them." However, we must go to the Tibetan mystics for clarification on this point. "According to that [idea] it must also follow that a man who does not believe in the existence of tigers may feel confident that none of them would ever hurt him even if he were confronted by such a beast... Visualizing mental formations, either voluntarily or not, is a most mysterious process. What becomes of these creations? May it not be that like children born of our flesh, these children of our mind separate their lives from ours, escape our control, and play parts of their own? ...Must we not also consider that we are not the only ones capable of creating such formations? And if such entities exist in the world, are we not liable to come into touch with them, either by the will of their maker or from some other cause?... One must know how to protect oneself against the tigers to which one has given birth, as well as against those that have been begotten by others." (Lama Kushog Wanchen, quoted by Madame David-Neel, 1929) Referring again to the most common of all psychic phenomena, the poltergeist, there is an allied phenomenon of the invisible attacker. Raised scratch marks appear on the bodies of some poltergeist victims and on one occasion an investigating police officer saw cuts spontaneously appearing on the legs and chest of a screaming poltergeist victim. This is also extremely common, if not if fact a definite indicator, of demonic infestation, obssession and possession. The previously referenced case of UFO abduction researched by Karla Turner, Ph.D., contains elements of sex, poltergeist stigmata and possible vampirism: "...he woke up in his bed with a strange female alien being beside him. She was trying to get me worked up," he said. "She got on top of me and tried to make me respond, you know, sexually. But I kept refusing, I pushed her away and begged her to leave me alone... she was naked, though, and she felt really cold when she touched me." ..."I found these marks this morning," he pointed... three large puncture marks on the skin on the back of his calf arranged in an equilateral triangle." ...He was staying alone in a friend's apartment, collapsing in bed after hours of walking the streets alone, and when he awoke he was covered with bruises and scratches all over his back."(Turner, 1992) Many cases of alien interference are accompanied by what several investigators have called the "gorilla on the roof" syndrome. These are the bangs, thumps, bumps and strange knockings reported by numerous individuals from Whitley Streiber to Karla Turner. They are also considered to be initial manifestations of demonic obssession and quite common in poltergeist infestation. (All of this is beginning to sound like we need an exterminator.) Robert Curran writes about the Smurl family: "For more than a year, the Smurls had heard banging and pounding inside their walls..." Along with the "gorilla on the roof" we usually find the "ghost in the machine" or chair or bed or whatever. Karla Turner wrote regarding one of the principles in her book: "...I was sitting on the couch, and it was late at night. And all of a sudden, the couch started hopping up and down, and then this footstool started hopping, I mean, really hopping. It was shaking me!" "The whole bed started to shake, and when I tried to move, I found I was paralyzed. I couldn't even speak, but somehow I finally managed to whisper a prayer, asking the god of truth and love to make this frightening force go away. I repeated the prayer again and again, until the paralysis broke, but the bed shook even more violently as my strength increased... I tried to rouse Casey and tell him what had happened, but he rolled over sleepily without responding... at that point, three women came in and approached me. They held me comfortingly and told me, "You did the right thing, You passed the test." (Ibid.) Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt. --- Msgedsq 2.2e * Origin: Saint Elmo's Fire Hydrant (Houston) (1:106/9788.2)


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