By: Elliott Finesse Re: Design Questions Come on all you anti-evolutionists! You know evol

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By: Elliott Finesse Re: Design Questions Come on all you anti-evolutionists! You know evolution is false, so put on your ad hoc beanies and show us godless evilutionists the error of our ways. Just explain why the following demonstrates the "design" of your god and NOT evolution. (Of course we'll understand if it is too taxing to your faith). In "The Flight of the Iguana" David Quammen describes the bedbug Xylocaris Maculipennis and how it has adapted a curious way of reproduction, that of homosexual stabbing rape. Apparently some of the various bedbug species make use of a "mating plug" where once a male has mated with a female, the male "seals her shut" preventing other males from mating with her. Some species have adapted around this by stabbing rape, where the male impales the female and bypasses the mating plug. In Xylocaris Maculipennis, this has been taken one step further, where the male will impale and inseminate other males, and the rapist's genes enter the bloodstream to be carried to females by the victim. In this way, the rapist conceives by proxy. Can creationism explain this better than the theory of evolution? All the living birds, and all the known Cenozoic (65 million years ago to the present) fossil birds, are toothless. Most Mesozoic (225 to 65 million years ago) birds and dinosaurs possessed teeth. An experiment in the 80's revealed that chickens retained the genes for tooth formation by actually growing teeth in chicken embryos. The teeth were peg-shaped with a conical top, just like the fossil bird teeth. How come this fits so well with evolutionary theory if it is wrong? Hoofed mammals typically have toe bones in addition to those that bear the hooves. This is readily evident in cows, deer, pigs, and the like. For equids, two splints are sometimes present alongside the main toe bone. How does creationism explain this? Also, domestic horses are sometimes born with three-toed feet. Why? The fossil record explains it: Relatively recent fossil equids (2 million years) often had three-toed feet. The one-toed feet of modern horses is a (relatively) new development and they still retain the ability to produce three toes per foot. You got a better answer? Baleen whale fetuses have teeth while adult baleen whales are toothless. These teeth never erupt and are resorbed as the fetus grows. This also happens in anteaters and cows (calves have upper front teeth which they later resorb). Why? Why do flightless birds (dodos and penguins) have hollow bones just like flying birds? Flying birds need them to reduce weight. But hollow bones are completely unnecessary for their grounded cousins. Explain, please. --- TIMM 1.0.2 - The Ideal Mac Mailreader. * Origin: Hayward, CA//510-786-6560//28800 (1:215/130)


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