By: Fredric Rice To: John Hewett Re: Atheism +gt;+gt; It is clear that there are quite a n

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By: Fredric Rice To: John Hewett Re: Atheism >> It is clear that there are quite a number of atheists in this message >> area, and very rude atheists at that (as shown by the use of the term >> "fundie"). I do not intend to enter into these debates (I use the term jh> Something for you to ponder... I'm sure he laughed at the disjointed missive the first time he saw it. It came from a fundy who's: 1) Unwilling to admit he's or she's a fundy 2) Unwilling to give his or her real name 3) Too scared to stick around and be soundly deunked 4) Unwilling to admit that HolySmoke is the hurtful truth Each and every one of the hurtful heathens in this forum debunk the cultists who waltz through here on their own merits and by their own claims and arguments. The cultists try to convince themselves that they're being "flamed" and personally attacked so that they can try to convince themselves that the hurtful truth of their own debunking can be dismissed. But it can't be. The hurtful truth remains and it's here in HolySmoke. Moreover, cultists come in here thinking they're going to present new arguments that the heathens have never seen before and, upon quoting their occult mythologies, feel that the heathens will be 'saved' from their education. What happens is that the cultist finds his or her position undefendable. They devolve to running away (as 'Einstein' did) with a Swan Song, disjointed missive else they stick around to learn more in the hopes that they'll have the courage to escape from their self-imposed religious slavery (like Michael Hardly and Jesse C. Jones.) Rather than complain about the hurtful truth, John, you should be trying to help the cultists gain the courage they need to escape from their religions.


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