At 04:32 AM 4/10/96 CDT, you wrote: +gt;+gt;+gt;+gt; Speaking of which, I read a book on E

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At 04:32 AM 4/10/96 CDT, you wrote: >>>> Speaking of which, I read a book on Elvis sightings a few years ago and >>>> I'm amazed at how much better the evidence is for his resurrection than >>>> for Jesus's. >> I am amazed at this statement. Is Elvis's grave empty today? > Some say it is. I doubt it, but I can at least show you Elvis's grave. As an aside, MAD Magazine's April issue answers this question with a musical note from none other than the King himself rising out of his grave to sing for us, "Don't be fooled." (Sung to the tune of "Don't be Cruel.") There's a number' (and you know it's not...toll-free) With a tape of some guy...drawl-in', who's claim-in' to... be... me. DONT BE FOOLED! Cause it just ain't true! There's a girl in San...Di-e-go, Who's convinced that I...ain't...dead; Say's I drive a Win-ne-ba-go With a para-keet...named...Fred. DONT BE FOOLED! That's a rip-off Too! They're just play-in' with...with...your...head; Ev'rybody..knows The King is dead! There's a load of im-i-tat-ors Comin'off as El-vis...clones -- Mainly crum-my second rat-ers, Makin' mon-ey DONT BE FOOLED! That ain't noth-in' new! Makes no diff-rence how...they...sount; I'm still bur-ied Six feet underground! There's a book by; Says I live in Mam-moth...cave, And she swears in...the... "En-quir-er" Jimmy Hoffa's DONT BE FOOLED! Not a word is true! You can tell the, The King's got no Forwarding address! If you want an ex-plan-a-tion For the stor-ies they...contrive, Check the rise in...cir-cu-la-tion Ev'ry time I'm "proved"...a-live. DONT BE FOOLED! They're all conning you! Don't let it break...your...heart; Where...I've...gone There's no Top Forty Chart! I'm push-in' up...the...dai-sies, But the uproar just...won't...cease, 'Cause the world is full of...cra-zies Who won't let me! DONT BE FOOLED! This I'm tellin' you! DONT BE FOOLED! What they say ain't true!


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