By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Dornan/Lesbian Spear-Chuckers CANDIDATE TARGET OF +quot;EVERY

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By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Dornan/Lesbian Spear-Chuckers CANDIDATE TARGET OF "EVERY LESBIAN SPEAR-CHUCKER"? by Conrad Goeringer You probably won't recognize him name -- at least yet. He claims that he is a target of "every lesbian spear-chucker," and that they worked against him during a 1992 campaign. He has been called a "hate mongering political opportunist," a "liar," "anti-gay rights, anti-abortion" and a "demagogue." He once grabbed a fellow United States Congressman by his necktie and called him a "draft dodging wimp," and he was censured recently for charging that President Bill Clinton "avoided the draft three times and put teenagers in his place." He's California congressman Robert Dornan, and he is running for th GOP nomination to be President of the United States. Although his campaign lags far behind that of Senators Bob Dole and Phil Gramm -- and even that of California Governor Pete Wilson -- Dornan is popular in right-wing Christian evangelical circles and his home district. Despite his militarist rhetoric and complaints about the "moral meltdown" of America -- and his attacks on Clinton -- Dornan sat out the Vietnam War with a stint in the Air Force Reserve and never saw combat in Asia. He also has nasty things to say about homosexuals, immigrants and feminists. The immediate effect of the Dornan campaign is twofold. It gives additional power to right-wing religious elements in the Republican Party, who actually have a "choice" of competing candidates they can choose to support -- and play off against each other to see who is the more "religiously correct." Gramm and Dole are already spending million of dollars in the bids for the nomination, and trying to outdo each othe in staking out ideological positions on abortion rights, prayer in schools, gay rights and other issues. The Dornan candidacy could well serve to move their respective positions toward a more extreme posture i the hunt for delegate votes. And Dornan's bizarre rhetoric makes Dole and Gramm look respectable by comparison. A recent USA TODAY column by writer DeWayne Wickham compared him to a member of the "Know-Nothing" Party, the mid-19th century, semi-secret nativist movement. Wickham accused Dornan of using campaign rhetoric which included "the kind of code words bigots use to pit whites against blacks, heterosexuals against homosexuals, older immigrants against new arrivals." Dornan probably will not win the GOP nomination or occupy the Oval Office. His role, however, may prove to be equally threatening to civil liberties. "Know Nothing" Robert Dornan may end up making hatred and bigotry a respectable campaign issue in 1996. --end --


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