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Reply to message 573 By: Speaker to Fundies To: Michael Hardy Re: For the most part... St: Local ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:102/890.666@FidoNet 5913fc71 @REPLY: 1:3625/470.0 8832434D @PID: FM 2.02 dr> folks just ignored/ignore nonsense). Stating that "for the dr> most part, atheists do no good works" surely deserves dr> castigation. Such as claim is equal to stating "For the most dr> part, Jews/Negros/Christians/Muslims do no good works." mh> You and Fredric seem convinced that Christians do no good works. You are 'sadly mistaken.' I understand that some window dressing and spin doctoring is done by Christians in a vain attempt to justify the bath water. What we find, silly, is that good people do good works, bad people do bad works. Whether they are death cultists or better educated doesn't matter. People who are Christian and do good works are demeaned when it's claimed they're good because of the cultism. Pause a moment and read that again. Read it again until you start to understand. If it takes you a couple of weeks, take the time. mh> In fact, you both take delight in trumpeting every possible mh> *bad* work that can be linked to Christians, even if it mh> means sometimes greatly exaggerating the connections. The Christanic death cult is noting more than a way to justify tyrannies. Nothing more, nothing less. The death cult isn't needed for people to do good things and it's not needed for people to do bad things. It _is_ needed for people to justify the most inhuman acts imaginable and unimagined however: just what the death cult was created for and just what it's used for. Nothing more, nothing less.


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